Call Number Title Count
GT9999 Baclawski A study of the national and foreign influences upon the four outstanding types of Polish peasant costumes. 1
GT9999 Bailey Conventions of desire : courtship in 20th century America / 1
GT9999 Branagan Dominant color notes in women's dress in the XIX century. 1
GT9999 Carucci The renewal of life : a ritual encounter in the Marshall Islands / 1
GT9999 Coville A single word brings to life : the Maro ritual in Tana Toraja (Indonesia) / 1
GT9999 Cunningham A mind-altering substance : a study of symbolic attributes of hair / 1
GT9999 Foster Florentine costume from 1350-1550 1
GT9999 Freeman The wedding complex : sex norms and fantasy forms in modern American culture / 1
GT9999 Gilsdorf Interventus : the politics and ideology of intercession in the early Middle Ages / 1
GT9999 Gooch The costume of fools and clowns in the Elizabethan age. 1
GT9999 Hendrickson Handmade and thought-woven : the construction of dress and social identity in Tecpan Guatemala / 1
GT9999 Jacobs Sumerian, Babylonian and Assyrian costume. 1
GT9999 McCracken Dress and demeanor in the Elizabethan period : "and that was our difference" / 1
GT9999 Metzger Interpretations of drinking performances in Aguacatenango. 1
GT9999 Pierson A study of fashion movement as reflected in beard patterns. 1
GT9999 Popenoe "Girls' work is stomach work" : female fatness, sexuality, and society among the Azawagh Arabs (Moors) of Niger / 1
GT9999 Schwartz Men's clothing and the negro; a study of men's clothing as a communication medium and its implication for the American negro male. 1
GT9999 Smith Cabbage and cuisine : food in Russia before the great reforms /
A study of Aegean costume in the pre-Hellenic era.
GT9999 Stone Civic education, holidays, and the United States' regime : a comparative study / 1
Guarana 1 Ofertórios 1
Guardian 1s Gotta get over Greta 1
Gudari 1 Montevideo jazz dreams 1
GuestStar Jz 1 Julie London 1
Gugak 10874023 Flowing, deepening, and widening : textures of Korean traditional music. 1
Guidance 1 Hi-fidelity dub sessions presents Roots Combination 1
Guidance 2 Nuspirit Helsinki 1
Guild 1 Canticum novum choral & organ works / 1
Guild 2 Choral and organ works 1
Guild 3 Good Friday 1
Guild 4 The cloths of heaven songs & chamber works / 1
Guild 5 Missa in C minor for soli, chorus & orchestra / 1
Guild 6 Cello sonatas 1
Guild 7 Livre du Saint Sacrement 1
Guild 8 Vita abundans 1
Guild 9 La Passione & Stabat mater / 1
Guild 10 Elektra 1
Guild 11 Kartuli musika 1
Guild 12 All-Debussy concert & rehearsal, 1953 1
Guild 13 Violin concertos 1
Guild 14 Piano works 1
Guild 15 Tongues of fire 1
Guild 16 Gurrelieder 1
Guild 17 In memoriam Silja Walter 1
Guild 10395425 Connections / 1
Guild 10828583 Symphony no. 4 ; Rhapsody for orchestra / 1
Guild 11006983 Buson's ballet. 1
Guilt 1s Extenuating circumstances 1
Guizhou 1 Ren yu zi ran de he sheng People and nature in harmony. 1
Gunvant 1a Tāro vikalpa tuṃ 1
GV 1 Aspects religieux de la danse dans les civilisations archaiques de l'Afrique du Sud-Est / 1
GV1 A short and plaine dialogve concerning the vnlawfulnes of playing at cards or tables, or any other game consisting in chance. Offered to the religious consideration of all such as make conscience of all their waies ...
Fußballjournalismus : Eine medienethnographische Analyse redaktioneller Arbeitsprozesse.
The Recreative magazine
GV1.C88 Cultural co-operation. Joint study. 1
GV1.C88 no.1 Cultural needs and aspirations : a cross national study. 1
GV1.F94 Fry's magazine; the illustrated monthly of sport, travel and outdoor life ... 1
GV1.J86 Journal of leisure research. 1
GV1.M2 McGill University publications. Series XVIII (Physical education). 1
GV1.N5 The New York clipper annual ... containing theatrical, musical and sporting chronologies ... 1
GV1.P53 Play & culture studies. 1
GV1.P84 Porter's Spirit of the times. A chronicle of the turf, field sports, literature and the stage. 1
GV1.R3 Recreation. 1