Call Number Title Count
GN999 Fertilizer has brought poison : crises of reproduction in Ngoni society and history / 1
GN999 Adams Methods and techniques in archaeology. 1
GN999 Albert The work of marriage and of death : ritual and political process among the Lak, Southern New Ireland, Papua New Guinea / 1
GN999 Armstrong State formation in Negro Africa. 1
GN999 Aronson Cultural stability and social change among the modern Ijebu Yoruba. 1
GN999 Avis Brachiation and human ancestry : an appraisal. 1
GN999 Ayres This side, that side : locality and exogamous group definition in Morehead area, Southwestern Papua / 1
GN999 Baer Growth of the cranial vault of the albino rat; an auconometric study.
Patterns of growth of the skull as revealed by vital staining.
GN999 Banks Malay kinship. 1
GN999 Barker Functions of the ancestral language among American immigrants and their descendants. 1
GN999 Barkow Hausa and Maguzawa : processes of group differentiation in a rural area in North Central State, Nigeria. 1
GN999 Bell Lithic analysis as a method in archaeology. 1
GN999 Benedict Hunting pattern of mind as expressed in certain aspects of clan totemism among the North American Indians.
Ula: an Anatolian town: the decline of a mediating center.
GN999 Bennett Hawaiian heiaus.
Hawaiian heiaus /
GN999 Bentley Kinship and social structure at Early Bronze IA Bab edh-Dhraʻ, Jordan : a bioarchaeological analysis of the mortuary and dental data / 1
GN999 Benton A description of crania from the Riviere aux Vase site, Macomb County, Michigan. 1
GN999 Bock An investigation of the genetic basis for structural relations in the anterior dentition. 1
GN999 Boon Dynastic dynamics : caste and kinship in Bali now. 1
GN999 Braidwood Artifactual materials of terminal food-gathering stage of North Africa and the Near East.. 1
GN999 Brandewie An internal analysis of the kinship system of the Mbowamb of the Central Highlands of New Guinea. 1
GN999 Bro Analysis of body build in 159 college women. 1
GN999 Brown Political organization and law in West Africa.
Dōzoku : a study of descent groups in rural Japan.
The prairie peninsula : an interaction area in the eastern United States /
GN999 Buckley Yurok realities in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries / 1
GN999 Cachel The origins of the anthropoid grade / 1
GN999 Carroll Nukuoro kinship. 1
GN999 Cartmill The orbits of arboreal mammals: a reassessment of the arboreal theory of primate evolution. 1
GN999 Chalip The framing of policy : explaining the transformation of American sport / 1
GN999 Chun Land is to live : a study of the concept of Tsu in a Hakka Chinese village, New Territories, Hong Kong / 1
GN999 Clark The Asturian of Cantabria: a re-evaluation. 1
GN999 Cole Culture change in the middle-upper pleistocene transition in Africa. 1
GN999 Conkey An analysis of design structure : variability among Magdalenian engraved bones from northcoastal Spain / 1
GN999 Conner Population structure and biological variation in the late woodland of Westcentral Illinois / 1
GN999 Cook Koster : an artifact analysis of two archaic phases in westcentral Illinois / 1
GN999 Coover Visualizing culture : the tropologies of montage and the ethnographic image / 1
GN999 Cortright The relative mass of hindlimb muscles in anthropoid primates : functional and evolutionary implications / 1
GN999 Crigger "A man is better than his birth" : identity and action in early Irish law / 1
GN999 Cross Palaeolithic flints from the heights back of Thebes, Egypt. 1
GN999 Culbert The ceramic sequence of the central highlands of Chiapas, Mexico. 1
GN999 Cunha Festivals and the social rhythm considered in the light of functionalistic theories. 1
GN999 Damas The structure of Igluligmiut local groupings. 1
GN999 Damon Physique and success in military flying. 1
GN999 Daniels By rites a man : a study of the societal and individual foundations of tribal identity among the Kipsigis of Kenya. 1
GN999 Davis-Roberts Mungu na mitishamba : illness and medicine among the Batabwa of Zaire / 1
GN999 De Genova Working the boundaries, making the differences : race and space in Mexican Chicago / 1
GN999 Deleporte The Trocadéro matrix : politics and practice in French ethnographic museums / 1
GN999 DeRaedt Myth and ritual: a relational study of Buwaya mythology, ritual and cosmology. 1
GN999 Deuel The application of a classificatory method to Mississippi Valley archaeology.
The application of a classificatory method to Mississippi Valley archeology.
GN999 DeVore Social behavior and organization of baboon troops. 1
GN999 Donoghue An Eta community in northern Japan: a study of intra-group relations. 1
GN999 Druke Structure and meanings of leadership among the Mohawk and Oneida during the mid-eighteenth century / 1
GN999 El-Zein The sacred meadows: a structural analysis of religious symbolism in an East African town. 1
GN999 Embree Suye mura : a changing economic order.
Suye Mura, a Japanese village /
GN999 Evett A test of generalizations regarding Mesolithic Europe : the Italian case / 1
GN999 Evins Reorganization and intensification on the Mesopotamian periphery : late prehistoric ceramic production and exchange in the Karababa Basin, Southeastern Turkey / 1
GN999 Fabian Charisma and cultural change: a study of the Jamaa Movement in Katanga. 1
GN999 Fallers Bantu bureaucracy: a study of role conflict and institutional change in the Soga political system. 1
GN999 Farquhar Knowledge and practice in Chinese medicine / 1
GN999 Foster Social reproduction and value in a New Ireland society, Tanga Islands, Papua New Guinea / 1
GN999 Fox Religion and society among the Tagbanuwa of Palawan Island, Philippines. 1
GN999 Frank The germanic or Nordic race theory. 1