Call Number Title Count
GB9999 Abodeely Post-project evaluation of local flood protection. 1
GB9999 Ahearn Proportion of land in flood plain in the United States: critique of existing data. 1
GB9999 Al-Khashab The water budget of the Tigris and Euphrates Basin. 1
GB9999 Amstadter Water utilization in the Colorado section of the Arkansas drainage basin. 1
GB9999 Bastin River terraces. 1
GB9999 Brennan River basin geomrphology of driftless areas. 1
GB9999 Brown The geography of Antigua. 1
GB9999 Clark A review of recent research on arid landforms in the United States. 1
GB9999 Clem Preglacial drainage of the upper Mississippi basin. 1
GB9999 Cramer The Allegheny High Plateau. 1
GB9999 Crane Small dam replacement in south-central Massachusetts. 1
GB9999 Gladfelter Meseta and campiña landforms in central Spain : a geomorphology of the Alto Henares Basin. 1
GB9999 Grumbine Formation of high salinity shelf water on polar continental shelves / 1
GB9999 Hahn The Milwaukee Marsh. 1
GB9999 Harders Physical characteristics of the Muslim city. 1
GB9999 Helgren Rivers of diamonds : an alluvial history of the Lower Vaal Basin, South Africa / 1
GB9999 Hoskins Seismic reflection observations on the Atlantic continental shelf, slope, and rise southeast of New England / 1
GB9999 Hulbe Heat balance of West Antarctic ice streams, investigated with a numerical model of coupled ice sheet, ice stream, and ice shelf flow / 1
GB9999 Jones Geography of Northern Patagonia. 1
GB9999 Just Karst and karst regions in the United States. 1
GB9999 Kates The seasonality of flood events. 1
GB9999 Khalaf The water resources of the Lower Colorado River Basin. 1
GB9999 Khashab The water budget of the Tigris and Euphrates Basin. 1
GB9999 Koons The origin of the sand mounds of the pimpled plains of Louisiana and Texas. 1
GB9999 Leathers The Southern Appalachian Mountain Region: land and climate associations. 1
GB9999 Loy The coastal geomorphology of western Lake Superior. 1
GB9999 Marcus Climate-glacier studies in the Juneau Ice Field region, Alaska. 1
GB9999 McFarland The geography of the driftless part of Indiana. 1
GB9999 Mitchell Community response to coastal erosion : individual and collective adjustments to hazard on the Atlantic shore / 1
GB9999 Murray Effects of particle size and wave state on grain dispersion. 1
GB9999 Olinger Domestic water use in the Española Valley, New Mexico: a study in resource decision-making. 1
GB9999 Page Physiography of the New-Kanawha river system. 1
GB9999 Perry Some extraordinary drainage features of Southeastern Ohio. 1
GB9999 Philbrick The geography of education in the Winnetka and Bridgeport communities of metropolitan Chicago / 1
GB9999 Rockwell Theoretical free oscillations of the Great Lakes / 1
GB9999 Schneider The seasonality of floods in the United States. 1
GB9999 Sergienko Surface melting on ice shelves and icebergs / 1
GB9999 Shea Hydrologic, thermal, and chemical processes related to fracture controlled hydrothermal water-rock interaction / 1
GB9999 Sheaffer A geographic approach to stream classification. 1
GB9999 Theiler Effects of flood protection on land use in Coon Creek Watershed. 1
GB9999 Turnbull Barometric effects on tabular iceberg drift in the Ross Sea, Antarctica / 1
GB9999 Vernon Land patterns of western Allegan county, Michigan. 1
GB9999 Weigend Water supply of central and southern Germany. 1
GB9999 Wescoat Integrated water development : water use and conservation practice in western Colorado / 1
GB9999 White Human adjustment to floods. 1
GB9999 Wood Federal flood hazard mapping in the United States. 1
GB9999 Worcester The Physiography of Colorado ... / 1
gb 97076998 Pollution control in the south and north : a comparative assessment of environmental policy approaches in India and the Netherlands / 1
gb 98075066 Mathematics and its applications in engineering and industry / 1
GBRec 1 New York 1
GC 1 Mid-Atlantic Ridge / 1
GC1 Continental drift, emphasizing the history of the South Atlantic area : a UNESCO/IUGS symposium held at Montevideo, Uruguay on 16-19 October, 1967.
Physical oceanography
Methods in oceanography
GC1-1581 The Sea Floor : An Introduction to Marine Geology /
Oceanic Internal Tides: Observations, Analysis and Modeling : a Global View /
GC1.A28 Trudy Instituta okeanologii = Transactions of the Institute of Oceanology.
Trudy Instituta okeanologii im. P.P. Shirshova.
GC1.A3 Trudy. 1
GC1.B6 Bollettino di oceanologia teorica ed applicata. 1
GC1.B66 Boletín del Instituto Español de Oceanografía. 3
GC1.B8 Bulletin de l'Institut océanographique. 1
GC1.B8 no.1439 Le Pacifique, l'océan, ses rivages et ses îles = The Pacific, the ocean, its shores and islands : actes du colloque / 1
GC1.B9 Bulletin of marine science. 1