Call Number Title Count
G9999 Anderzhon Geographic field work in community study. 1
G9999 Chen Geographical works by Jesuits in Chinese, 1584-1672. 1
G9999 Colby The geography of southeastern Minnesota / 1
G9999 Duddy The ability of children to use geographic source materials. 1
G9999 Eisen Educational land use in Lake County, Ohio. 1
G9999 Elkins The use of sound films in geographical instruction. 1
G9999 Fink Listening to the learner : an exploratory study of personal meaning in college geography courses / 1
G9999 Flemington Some geographic abilities of high school seniors. 1
G9999 Graves Conditions of travel in Western Europe, 650-1050, as reflected in the Acta Sanctorum. 1
G9999 Greene Teaching the regional concept : a missing link in the high school geography curriculum. 1
G9999 Gritzner The West African Sahel : human agency and environmental change / 1
G9999 Gross Educational land use in the River Forest-Oak Park community. 1
G9999 Guzman Negative bias and image making in Puerto Rican school materials on the geography of "the island." 1
G9999 Hanson Analysis of high school text books in geography. 1
G9999 Hladik Geography in transition in the public high schools of Chicago--1959. 1
G9999 Johannes Geographic field study for acoustically-handicapped children. 1
G9999 Johnson Meanings associated by third-grade children with selected geographic terms. 1
G9999 Koelsch The enlargement of a world: Harvard students and geographical experience 1840-61. 1
G9999 Lankford Regionalization, theory and alternative algorithms. 1
G9999 Martin The geography of Du Page County, Illinois. 1
G9999 Mitsuhashi Geographic concepts of high-school students. 1
G9999 Mueller The ability of high-school pupils to associate geographic terms and imagery. 1
G9999 Parker The status of geography in the reorganized curriculum. 1
G9999 Parks Geography in the public high schools of Chicago, 1968-1969: a teacher's view. 1
G9999 Sammells Touristic narratives and historical networks : politics and authority in Tiwanaku, Bolivia / 1
G9999 Shapiro "One crop worth cultivating" : tourism in the Upper Great Lakes, 1910-1965 / 1
G9999 Swain The role of college and university geography departments in improving the teaching and course content of high-school geography. 1
G9999 Van Andel Descripto orbis Terrae or expositio totius mundi et gentium. 1
G9999 Van Tilburg Educational land use in the territory of Hawaii. 1
G48001616z .S49 A map of part of the Isthmus of Darien, whereon is traced the adventurers expedition / 1
G75402002 .U5a Yemen 1
G87902002 .U5 Guinea 1
G.H.B. GHB 58 Freewheeling 1
G.H.B. GHB 153 Leon Oakley and his Flaming Deuces 1
` GT1040.Z33 2013 Moda kak politika v Rossiĭskoĭ imperii / 1
GA1 The Cartographical presentation of biological distributions a symposium with the Systematics Association : papers read at the Royal Geographical Society on 6 March 1950. 1
GA1-1776 ArcGIS for Environmental and Water Issues /
Basic Principles of Topography
Spatial Techniques for Soil Erosion Estimation : Remote Sensing and GIS Approach /
GeoComputational Analysis and Modeling of Regional Systems /
GA1.G34 Geografiia i matematika : materialy k tretʹemu Vsesoiuz. mezhved. soveshch. "Mat. metody v geografii" / 1
GA1.G55 Globen: meddelanden utgivna av Generalstabens litografiska anstalt Stockholm. 1
GA1.H34 Harvard papers in theoretical geography: geography and the properties of surfaces series. 1
GA1.M62 Discussion paper. 1
GA1.N28 1972 Mathematical methods and modern geography. 1
GA1.P75 Polski przegląd kartograficzny. The Polish cartographical review ... La Revue cartographique polonaise ... 1
GA 1.13:GGD-99-110 Federal grants more can be done to improve Weed and Seed Program management : report to the Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, State, the Judiciary, and Related Agencies, Committee on Appropriations, U.S. Senate / 1
GA1.5/2:GAO-09-206 Older workers enhanced communication among federal agencies could improve strategies for hiring and retaining experienced workers : report to Congressional requesters / 1
GA1.5/2:GAO-09-248 Clean coal DOE's decision to restructure FutureGen should be based on a comprehensive analysis of costs, benefits, and risks : report to Congressional requesters / 1
GA1.5/2:GAO-09-434 Environmental Protection Agency major management challenges : report to the Subcommittee on Interior, Environment and Related Agencies, Committee on Appropriations, House of Representatives / 1
GA3.A3L6M3 Examen d'un memoire posthume de M. Letronne et de... 1
GA3.A72M95 Erdmessung, Grad, Meile und Stadion nach den altarmenischen Quellen : ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Erdkunde und der Kulturbeziehungen zwischen Hellenismus und Armeniertum / 1
GA3.S4913 2000 Mathematical geography and cartography in Islam and their continuation in the Occident / 1
GA4.A51 Geographical conversion tables. Tables de conversion géographiques. Geographische Umrechnungstafeln. Geograficheskie tablitsy perevoda. Tablas de conversiones geográficas. 1
GA4.G2 Geographic tables and formulas, 1
GA4.I6 Report of the Special Committee on Conversion Tables / 1
GA4.S59 Smithsonian geographical tables, 1
GA4.S6 Smithsonian geographical tables, 1
GA4.S61 Smithsonian geographical tables / 1
GA4.V2 Beiträge zur kürzesten und zweckmässigsten Behandlung geographischer Ortsbestimmungen mit Hülfstafeln / 1
GA5.D5 1910 Der "Deutsche Ptolemaus" aus dem ende des XV. jahr-hunderts... 1
GA5.D555 1997 La Cosmographie du Ravennate / 1
GA5 .G5313 2014 An eleventh-century Egyptian guide to the universe : the Book of curiosities / 1