Call Number Title Count
F9999 Abbott The divergent development of Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Chicago, and Galena, 1840-1860 : economic thought and economic growth. 1
F9999 Abercrombie The politics of sacrifice : an Aymara cosmology in action / 1
F9999 Ablon Relocated American Indians in the San Francisco Bay Area: concepts of acculturation, success, and identity in the city. 1
F9999 Abramoske The Missouri congressional delegation and the public lands, 1820-1828. 1
F9999 AcuÞa The industrial bourgeoisie as a political actor : the logic of its organization and strategies in Argentina (from its XIX century origins to the present) / 1
F9999 Adams A history of Maya art of the old empire.
The Loyalists of Yale and Harvard in the American Revolution.
Contributions to the study of Maya art and religion.
The pursuit of power in Black America in the nineteenth century : a study of the emergence of Black politically oriented voluntarism.
F9999 Adelman John Adams and the fisheries. 1
F9999 Adkinson Conceptions of property among North American Indians. 1
F9999 Adler A study of the potential influence of a "World Affairs" program in a selected community. 1
F9999 Aftandilian Animals, agriculture, and religion among Native Americans in precontact Illinois : an interdisciplinary analysis of perception and representation / 1
F9999 Agria A comparison of the legislative and judicial records of Sherman Minton. 1
F9999 Aguilar Rivera The liberal cloak : emergency powers in nineteenth-century Mexico / 1
F9999 Ahn Some demographic and socio-economic correlates of ideal age at marriage in the Negro ghettos of Chicago. 1
F9999 Aikens Plains relationships of the Fremont culture: a hypothesis based on excavations at two Fremont-Promontory sites in northern Utah. 1
F9999 Aiseirithe Piloting the car of human freedom : abolitionism, woman suffrage, and the problem of radical reform, 1860-1870 / 1
F9999 Aitchison Geographic factors in the history of Dubuque County, Iowa. 1
F9999 Akagi The history of the division of common lands in Massachusetts. 1
F9999 Albares The structural ambivalence of German ethnicity in Chicago / 1
F9999 Albro Hazarding popular spirits : metaforces of political culture and cultural politicking in Quillacollo, Bolivia / 1
F9999 Alegria Cacicazgo among the aborigines of the West Indies. 1
F9999 Alexander North Carolina faces the Freedmen: race relations during Presidential Reconstruction, 1865-1867.
Southern arguments on slavery, 1820-1830.
F9999 Alfonso The presidential leadership of Theodore Roosevelt in Philippine policy. 1
F9999 AljovŁn de Losada Representative government in Peru : fiction and reality 1821-1845 / 1
F9999 Allee The Gentleman farm site and the Fisher-Heally series in northern Illinois. 1
F9999 Alonso Gender, ethnicity and the constitution of subjects : accommodation, resistance and revolution on the Chihuahuan frontier / 1
F9999 Ames Presidential communications management in the Nixon administration / 1
F9999 Anastasio Intergroup relations in the Southern Plateau. 1
F9999 Anderson Northern Arapaho knowledge and life movement /
The German vote of Milwaukee in the 1860 election.
The Neuvo Laredo-Mexico City highway in its natural and cultural setting.
The attitude of the Protestant Church in the North toward some aspects of reconstruction.
The Swedes of Lindsborg, Kansas and their cultural institutions: Bethany College and the "Messiah chorus."
The Couronians and the West Indies.
The slavery issue as a factor in Massachusetts politics, from the compromise of 1850 to the outbreak of the Civil War.
Yula, Yucatan, Mexico : terminal classic Maya settlement and political organization in the Chichen Itza polity /
Race and politics in North Carolina, 1872-1901 : the "Black second" congressional district /
F9999 Andrews The state of Illinois as a target of interests.
Archbishop Hughes and the civil war.
F9999 Annis God and production in a Guatemalan town / 1
F9999 Antczak Thought and character : the rhetoric of democratic education / 1
F9999 Anthony The administrative theory and practice of William H. Taft as president. 1
F9999 Aponte-Colon Democratic breakthrough and regime survival in the Caribbean basin : a macro-historical approach / 1
F9999 Arends A socio-cultural study of the relocated American Indians in Chicago. 1
F9999 Armstead The history of blacks in resort towns : Newport, Rhode Island and Saratoga Springs, New York 1870-1930 / 1
F9999 Armstrong Senator Taft and American foreign policy : the period of opposition. 1
F9999 Arndt No middle ground : Ho-Chunk powwows and the production of social space in native Wisconsin / 1
F9999 Arnold The matter of understanding : ritual ecology and the Aztec Tlālocān landscape / 1
F9999 Arredondo 'What! the Mexicans, Americans?' : race and ethnicity, Mexicans in Chicago, 1916-1939 / 1
F9999 Arrington American interpretatiotns of liberty. 1
F9999 Arthur Joshua V. Himes and the cause of Adventism, 1839-1845. 1
F9999 Asher Coming under the law : indian/white relations and legal change in Washington Territory, 1853-1889 / 1
F9999 Attig American policy toward China: June, 1950- June, 1951.
Institutional history of the Northwest Territory, 1787-1802.
Western flavor in the lower South, 1815-50.
F9999 Atwater The Connecticut agents in Great Britain. 1
F9999 Auld America and the mandated territories. 1
F9999 Austin Symbols and ideologies of class in urban Jamaica: a cultural analysis of class. 1
F9999 Baber The construction of empire : politics, law and community in Tlaxcala, New Spain, 1521-1640 / 1
F9999 Bacon Hierarchy transformed : intergenerational change in Chicago's Asian Indian community / 1
F9999 Bacote The Negro In Georgia Politics, 1880-1908. 1
F9999 Bahde Race and justice in the heartland : three nineteenth-century lives / 1
F9999 Baker Pro-slavery arguments of southern religious leaders as illustrated by the Old School Presbyterians.
Clerical opposition to Jefferson in New England, 1800-1809.
New England and the national public lands, 1829-41.
F9999 Balanoff A history of the black community of Gary, Indiana, 1906-1940 / 1
F9999 Balayan The Armenians in the United States of America. 1
F9999 Balcomb The social position of the Peruvian Indian under the Incas, the Spanish and the Republic. 1
F9999 Baldwin The influence of the New England clergy on the constitutional doctrines of the American revolution.
Variation within the vanguard : Protestants and the Mexican Revolution /
F9999 Barber Walter Lippmann's conception of foreign policy during World War II.
The slavery controversy and the Presbyterians.
F9999 Barker The social functions of language in a Mexican-American community. 1
F9999 Barnett Ideological development in the American southern electorate, 1960-1964. 1
F9999 Barns The attitude of Illinois on secession, 1860-61. 1
F9999 Baron Economic development and American foreign policy, 1865-1892. 1