Call Number Title Count
DU1099 Aiman American acquisition and development of minor Pacific Islands. 1
DU1099 Allen Some problems of modern naval strategy in the Pacific. 1
DU1099 Bashkow "Whitemen" in the moral world of Orokaiva of Papua New Guinea / 1
DU1099 Bennett An Archeological survey of the Island of Kauai 1
DU1099 Brookes Anglo-French rivalry in the Pacific Islands, 1815-1861. 1
DU1099 Davis The dissolution of the Institute of Pacific Relations, 1944-1961. 1
DU1099 Drummond Considerations on statehood for Hawaii 1
DU1099 Eggers The showplace of the South Seas : United States colonial impression management and the deculturation of American Samoa / 1
DU1099 Fallers The changing position of the mixed-bloods in the Marshall Islands. 1
DU1099 Feinberg Social structure of Anuta Island. 1
DU1099 Furlich The relations between French oceanic posessions and French Culture. 1
DU1099 Garrick Uses of military force in the Pacific area by France, Germany, Great Britain, United States, and Japan. 1
DU1099 Gershon Making differences cultural : Samoan migrant families encounter New Zealand and United States government bureaucracy / 1
DU1099 Glick The Chinese migrant in Hawaii : a study in accommodation.
The Chinese migrant in Hawaii : a study in accommodation /
DU1099 Golub Making the Ipili feasible : imagining local and global actors at the Porgera gold mine, Enga Province, Papua New Guinea / 1
DU1099 Gordon The emergence of New Zealand as a Pacific power. 1
DU1099 Hannemann Village life and social change in Madang Society 1
DU1099 Kaplan Land and sea of the new white men : a reconstruction of the Fijian Tuka movement / 1
DU1099 Kelly Bhakti and the spirit of capitalism in Fiji : the ontology of the Fiji Indians / 1
DU1099 Killen Pacific security alternatives seen through Australian eyes. 1
DU1099 Krizancic Tahiti royale : divine kings disguised as a rising French colonial elite / 1
DU1099 Labby The anthropology of others: an analysis of the traditional ideology of Yap, Western Caroline Islands. 1
DU1099 Ladenson The Japanese in Hawaii.
The background of the Hawaiian-Japanese labor convention /
DU1099 Landenson The Japanese in Hawaii. 1
DU1099 Lind Economic succession and racial invasion in Hawaii.
Economic succession and racial invasion in Hawaii ...
DU1099 McAllister The realtionship of Kahoolawe to the other Hawaiian Islands 1
DU1099 McDougall The shifting ground of moral community : Christianity, property and place in Ranongga (Solomon Islands) / 1
DU1099 Meller Hawaii: a study of centralization. 1
DU1099 Newlon Evolution of the United States' position in Micronesia. 1
DU1099 Oshimo The problem of Japanese assimilation in Hawaii 1
DU1099 Parmentier The sacred remains : an historical ethnography of Ngeremlengui, Palau / 1
DU1099 Riggs The exploration and pastoral occupancy of Australia. 1
DU1099 Rosenblatt Houses and hopes : urban marae and the indigenization of modernity in New Zealand / 1
DU1099 Scott Auhenua : land, lineage, and ontology in Arosi (Solomon Islands) / 1
DU1099 Shore A Samoan theory of action : social control and social order in a Polynesian paradox / 1
DU1099 Simandjuntak The Australian role in the Indonesian-Dutch dispute between July 21, 1947 and December 27, 1949. 1
DU1099 Smide British, German, and United States rivalry in the Samoan Islands 1
DU1099 Stasch Figures of alterity among Korowai of Irian Jaya : kinship, mourning, and festivity in a dispersed society / 1
DU1099 White The Japanese of Hawaii 1
DU1099 Wynn Hawaiian Islands Public opinion and the annexation of the Hawaiian Islands 1
DU1099 Zorn Australian policy in Southeast Asia, 1960-1966. 1
Dualtone 1 Wildwood flower 1
Dualtone 2 Lost in the lonesome pines 1
Dualtone 3s Guess things happen that way 1
Dualtone 4s Kiss my grass a Hillbilly tribute to Kiss / 1
Dualtone 5s A Hillbilly tribute to mountain love 1
Dualtone 6s Victoria Williams sings some ol' songs 1
Dualtone 7s December's child 1
Dualtone 8 The Lumineers 1
Dub Naxos 91 Capriccio in E Major, Op. 118 "Andante Introduction Excerpt" 1
Dubmission 1a Māyā 1
Ducale 1 I due Figaro / 1
DucThom 9 Deuxième panorama de musique concrète 1
DucThom DLT 93090 Panorama of "Musique concrète." [Works by Henry, Schaeffer, and Arthuys] 1
DucThom DUC 8 Panorama de musique concrète,1 1
Duke DWR 7306 The Art song in America. Vol. 2 1
Duke UP DWR 6417/18 The Art song in America 1
Dummy 1s Hang 'em high 1
Dummy CallNumber xxxxx 1
Dunhill 1 The real blues brothers 1