Call Number Title Count
DT999 Anam-Ndu Warrant for dissent : a study in ethnic identity, conflict and change in the cross-river state of Nigeria / 1
DT999 Anderson The Moroccan crisis, 1904-1906. 1
DT999 Aregay The settlement of the status of Eritrea, 1941-52. 1
DT999 Auslander Fertilizer has brought poison : crises of reproduction in Ngoni society and culture / 1
DT999 Barrett Sacrifice and prophecy in Turkana cosmology / 1
DT999 Bastian The world as marketplace : historical, cosmological, and popular constructions of the Onitsha market system / 1
DT999 Beahm Factors in the spread of Islam in the central and western Sudan. 1
DT999 Benjamin Social and political development in Ghana to 1966. 1
DT999 Bettis Sudan's experience with democracy. 1
DT999 Bienen The party, the state and economic development in Tanganyika. 1
DT999 Bishop Talking shop : Egyptian engineers and Soviet specialists at the Aswan High Dam / 1
DT999 Bowman The politics of cocoa: agrarian group development in Ghana. 1
DT999 Brumberg The university intelligentsia and the struggle for democracy in contemporary Egypt / 1
DT999 Burke Archaeological texts and contexts on the Red Sea : the sheikh's house at Quseir al-Qadim / 1
DT999 Cantori The political implications of Islam in the middle belt of Northern Nigeria. 1
DT999 Carney The land frontiers of Tunisia. 1
DT999 Carr Pastoralism in crisis : the Dasanetch and their Ethiopian lands / 1
DT999 Carter Hellenistic state of Egypt in relations to its trade industries 1
DT999 Corcoran Portrait mummies from Roman Egypt / 1
DT999 Crabbs The historians of Egypt, 1798-1922. 1
DT999 Darte gold coast cheiftainship under British rule. 1
DT999 De Vries Attitudes of the ancient Egyptians toward physical-recreative activities. 1
DT999 Dichter The problem of how to act on an undefined stage : an exploration of culture, change, and individual consciousness in the Moroccan town of Sefrou--with a focus on three modern schools / 1
DT999 Dorman The monuments of Senenmut : problems in historical methodology / 1
DT999 Durham Images of culture : being Herero in a liberal democracy (Botswana) / 1
DT999 Edgerton Ancient Egyptian ships and shipping.
Ancient Egyptian ships and shipping ...
DT999 El-Dissouky Elephantine in the Old Kingdom. 1
DT999 el-Nadoury A study of the documents concerning Egyptian-Syrian relations during the first part of the Egyptian Empire. 1
DT999 Elder The United States and the Berlin Congo conference of 1884-85. 1
DT999 Elias Coffin inscription in Egypt after the new kingdom : a study of text production and use in elite mortuary preparation / 1
DT999 Elim An analysis of Nasser's policy toward Israel. 1
DT999 Engberg The Hyksos reconsidered. 1
DT999 Featherstonhaugh The origins of the European view of West Africa in the literature of travel and description, 1450-1750 / 1
DT999 Feely Communal politics in Western Nigeria. 1
DT999 Ferme "Hammocks belong to men, stools to women" : constructing and contesting gender domains in a Mende village (Sierra Leone, West Africa) / 1
DT999 Fiske Making up society : four models for constructing social relations among the Moose of Burkina Faso / 1
DT999 Fleming The Egyptian problem before the United Nations. 1
DT999 Friedman The Race to Lake Chad: British, French, and German Imperialist Ventures in West Africa 1
DT999 Garnand The use of Phoenician human sacrifice in the formation of ethnic identities / 1
DT999 Giffen Fashoda, the incident and its diplomatic setting. 1
DT999 Gingyera-Pinycwa Some dimensions of pre-independence politics in Uganda, 1952-62 : a case study based on the Catholic Church and politics in northern Uganda in the decade 1952-1962. 1
DT999 Gomez Malik Sy, Bokar Saada, and the Almaamate of Bundu / 1
DT999 Graeber The disastrous ordeal of 1987 : memory and violence in rural Madagascar / 1
DT999 Gran A study in the indigenous origins and early development of modern culture in Egypt: the life and writings of Shaykh Ḥasan al-ʻAṭṭār (1766-1835) 1
DT999 Gray The Sonjo: an irrigation-based society of East Africa. 1
DT999 Greene The Carthaginian countryside : archaeological reconnaissance in the hinterland of ancient Carthage / 1
DT999 Grootaers A history and ethnography of modernity among the Zande (Central African Republic) / 1
DT999 Gyeui-Ofosu A new political order: the factors that led to the decline of the political power of chiefs and the establishment of parliamentary government in Ghana. 1
DT999 Hansen Motherhood in the mother of the world : continuity and change of reproductive concepts and practices in Egypt from ancient to modern times / 1
DT999 Harrold Economic discourse in Algeria and its counter-practices / 1
DT999 Heidorn The fortress of Dorginarti and Lower Nubia during the seventh to fifth centuries B.C. / 1
DT999 Hickey A public "house" but closed : "fiscal participation" and economic decision making on the Oxyrhynchite estate of the Flavii Apiones / 1
DT999 Higier The distribution and legitimation of political authority in a primitive kingdom. 1
DT999 Hill Imperial nomads : settling paupers, proletariats, and pastoralists in colonial France and Algeria, 1830-1863 / 1
DT999 Hinnant The gada system of the Guji of southern Ethiopia / 1
DT999 Holmes Economic and political organizations in the Gold Coast, 1920-1945. 1
DT999 Hopkins Government in Kita; social institutions and processes in a Malian town. 1
DT999 Horn The relations between Egypt and Asia during the Egyptian Middle Kingdom. 1
DT999 Hutchinson The Nuer in crisis : coping with money, war, and the state / 1
DT999 Ibrahim Egyptian-American relation, 1967-1970 : the view from Egypt / 1