Call Number Title Count
DS999 Abbassi The rise of nationalism in Persia. 1
DS999 Abdul-Amir Archaeological survey of ancient settlements and irrigation systems in the middle Euphrates region of Mesopotamia / 1
DS999 Abu Izzeddin Taha Husain and the dawn of Islam / 1
DS999 Adams Monarchy and political change : Thailand under Chulalongkorn (1868-1885) /
Level and trend in early Sumerian civilization.
The modern reform movement in Egypt and the Caliphate.
DS999 Adcock Religious freedom and political culture : the Arya Samaj in colonial north India / 1
DS999 Ahmed The many histories of Muhammad B. Qasim : narrating the Muslim conquest of Sindh / 1
DS999 Akhtar Subaltern resistance in Jabal Nāblus, 1840-60 / 1
DS999 Albert The development of the city in ancient Babylonia and Assyria.
The Hebrew City in Old Testament times.
The ancient city and its site ...
DS999 Alexander The international status of the Upper Jordan River. 1
DS999 Algaze Mesopotamian expansion and its consequences : informal empire in the late fourth millennium B.C. / 1
DS999 Ali Regime of pleasure in early India : a genealogy of practices at the Cola court / 1
DS999 Alizadeh Mobile pastoralism and the development of complex societies in highland Iran : the evidence from Tall-i Bakun A / 1
DS999 Allen Anglo-Chinese relations, 1919-1927.
The Ottoman Caliphate : Its importance for the leadership and unity of Islam.
Suffering through a national uprising : the cultural politics of violence, victimization and human rights in Palestine /
DS999 Altaweel The land of Ashur : a study of landscape and settlement in the Assyrian heartland / 1
DS999 Amir-Mokri Redefining Iran's constitutional revolution / 1
DS999 Amyot The Chinese community of Manila : a study of adaptation of Chinese familism to the Philippine environment / 1
DS999 Anderson Treatment of Indian women.
The life of science in India: a comparative ethnography of two research institutes.
DS999 Ansari The history of Khuzistan, 1878-1925; a study in provincial autonomy. 1
DS999 Appadurai Worship and conflict in south India : the case of the Srī Pārtasārati Svāmi Temple, 1800-1973 / 1
DS999 Arfaee The geographical background of the Persepolis tablets / 1
DS999 Arjomand Shi'ism, political organization and societal change in pre-modern Iran : 1338-1850 / 1
DS999 Arkel Taiwan's transition to democratic rule / 1
DS999 Arkin "It's the French and the Arabs against the Jews" : identity politics and the construction of adolescent Jewishness in France / 1
DS999 Armstrong State and social transformation in North Korea, 1945-1950 /
The archaeology of Nippur from the decline of the Kassite Kingdom until the rise of the Neo-Babylonian Empire /
DS999 Arnold American economic enterprises in Korea, 1895-1939. 1
DS999 Ausejo The Philippines in the sixteenth century. 1
DS999 Axel Promise and threat : a historical anthropology of the Sikh diaspora / 1
DS999 Baer Cultural change : a study of changes in the objects and rituals of Iranian Jews / 1
DS999 Bamba Japanese Army and Chinese Communism, July, 1937 - December, 1941. 1
DS999 Barakat Thawrat al-Buraq in British mandate Palestine : Jerusalem, mass mobilization and colonial politics, 1928-1930 / 1
DS999 Bardizian Armenia's claim to distinct political recognition 1
DS999 Barkey The state and peasant unrest in early 17th century : the Ottoman empire in comparative perspective / 1
DS999 Barnett The politics of cultural nationalism: the D.M.K. in Tamil Nadu, South India.
The structural position of a South Indian caste: Kontaikkatti Velalar-s in Tamilnadu /
DS999 Barnhart Violence and the civilizing mission : native justice in French colonial Vietnam, 1858-1914 / 1
DS999 Barrientos The development of Philippine foreign relations. 1
DS999 Barrow Charted histories in colonial India, 1760-1900 / 1
DS999 Barth The spread of the Southern Mongoloids; a study of human migration 1
DS999 Bate Metaittamil : oratory and democratic practice in Tamilnadu / 1
DS999 Bates Yemen and its conquest by the Ayyubids of Egypt (A.D. 1137-1202) / 1
DS999 Baylson Territorial allocation by imperial rivalry : the human legacy in the Near East / 1
DS999 Beal Consumerism and the culture of consumption : class, national identity, and gender among Jordanian elites /
The organization of the Hittite military /
DS999 Beck Local organization among Qashqa'i nomadic pastoralists in Southwest Iran / 1
DS999 Bedford Temple and community in early Achaemenid Judah / 1
DS999 Belzer The emergence of a new state - Israel - into the field of foreign relations. 1
DS999 Ben-Bassat Local feuds or premonitions of a bi-national conflict? : a reexamination of the early Jewish-Arab encounter in Palestine at the end of the 19th century / 1
DS999 Bensimon Political and economic developments in Shantung Province, 1914-1919 / 1
DS999 Benson The interest of foreign powers in Manchuria. 1
DS999 Bergman The evolution of Israeli parliamentary institutions. 1
DS999 Bernstein Political change in Thailand. 1
DS999 Bhatt Caste, class and politics : an empirical profile of social stratification in modern India. 1
DS999 Biderman American prisoners of war in Korea: reinterpretations of the data. 1
DS999 Bierman Art and politics : the impact of Fatimid uses of Ṭirāz fabrics / 1
DS999 Blake Dar-ul-Khilafat-i-Shahjahanabad: the Padshahi Shahar in Mughal India: 1556-1739. 1
DS999 Blecher Leader-mass relations in rural Chinese communities : local politics in a revolutionary Society / 1
DS999 Bloch-Smith Judahite burial practices and beliefs about the dead / 1
DS999 Borden Galilee in the time of Christ 1
DS999 Borman The Praque student Zionist movement : 1896-1914. 1
DS999 Bowen The history and structure of Gayo society : variation and change in the highlands of Aceh / 1
DS999 Bowie Peasant perspectives on the political economy of the northern Thai kingdom of Chiang Mai in the nineteenth century : implications for the understanding of peasant political expression / 1
DS999 Braidwood The comparative archaeology of early Syria: from the time of the earliest known village cultures through the Akkadian period. 1