Call Number Title Count
DK999 Alexopoulos Rights and passage : marking outcasts and making citizens in Soviet Russia, 1926-1936 / 1
DK999 Alstadt-Mirhadi The Azerbaijani Turkish community of Baku before World War I / 1
DK999 Alvis Religion and the rise of nationalism in East-Central Europe : a case study of Poznań, 1793-1843 / 1
DK999 Armstrong The Baltic nationalities between Germany and Russia, 1914-1918. 1
DK999 Barenberg From prison camp to mining town : the gulag and its legacy in Vorkuta, 1938-65 / 1
DK999 Bartlow The development of terrorism in the Russian revolutionary movement, 1860-1881. 1
DK999 Bittner Exploring reform : de-Stalinization in Moscow's Arbat district, 1953-68 / 1
DK999 Blank The unknown commissariat : the Soviet Commissariat of Nationalities 1917-1924 / 1
DK999 Bone Socialism in a far country : Stalinist population politics and the making of the Soviet Far East, 1929-1939 / 1
DK999 Burke Polish policy of the Central Powers during the world war. 1
DK999 Calinger The introduction of the Newtonian natural philosophy into Russia and Prussia (1725-1772). 1
DK999 Chen Sino-Russian relations in the seventeenth century. 1
DK999 Cohn Disciplining the party : the expulsion and censure of communists in the post-war Soviet Union, 1945-1961 / 1
DK999 Couch General Sikorski, Poland, and the Soviet Union, 1939-1943. 1
DK999 Dembkowski The union of Lublin: Polish federalism in the golden age. 1
DK999 Dittmer The Russian foreign ministry under Nicholas II : 1894-1914 / 1
DK999 Drzewieniecki Polish historiography from 1945 to 1958, with special attention to the history of the period 1772-1815. 1
DK999 Ellis Russo-German relations in 1939 : the territorial aspects of the pact and their significance. 1
DK999 Esper The land and government of Muscovy / 1
DK999 Gabis Russo-Finnish relations to 1940. 1
DK999 Girnius Russia and the continental blockade / 1
DK999 Giuliano Paths to the decline of nationalism : ethnic politics in Russia / 1
DK999 Gorecki Economy, society and lordship in early medieval Poland / 1
DK999 Hamburg Soviet military organization: a nation in arms. 1
DK999 Hanchett A study of Alexander Hertsen's Kolokol writings on the peasant problem July1, 1857-July1, 1861.
Moscow in the late nineteenth century: a study in municipal self-government.
DK999 Hargreaves Khrushchev and the permanent purge; a study in totalitarian politics. 1
DK999 Haselkorn The evolution of Soviet security strategy, 1965-1975 / 1
DK999 Hayes The intelligentsiia-in-exile : Sovremennye zapiski and the history of Russian émigré thought, 1920-1940 / 1
DK999 Hepler Soviet disloyalty. 1
DK999 Herman The influence of the land problem in Russia on the program of the Decembrist movement. 1
DK999 Hrycak From the iron fist to the invisible hand : writers, artists and the nation in Ukraine / 1
DK999 Hulbert Sixteenth-century Russian assemblies of the land : their composition, organization, and competence. 1
DK999 Jacobson An early history of Sogdiana 1
DK999 Jaffe The impact of the Polish insurrection of 1863 on the Russian political scene, 1
DK999 Joo Reverse double movement : the collapse of the Soviet Union / 1
DK999 Kaiser The transformation of legal relations in Old Rus' (thirteenth to fifteenth centuries) / 1
DK999 Karklins The interrelationship of Soviet foreign and nationality policies : the case of the foreign minorities of the USSR / 1
DK999 Khodarkovsky Where two worlds meet : the Russian state and the Kalmyk nomads in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries / 1
DK999 Klenbort Lenin on the state: theory and practice after October / 1
DK999 Kolkowicz The Soviet Union and the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 : a study of Soviet political and military activity aimed at the establishment of its hegemony over Poland, with particular emphasis on the developments relating to the Warsaw Uprising.
The Soviet Army and the Communist Party : institutions in conflict.
DK999 Kondrat Reaction of two national centers, the Social Democratic Party of the Kingdom of Poland and Lithuania and the Social Democratic Party of Latvia, to the Prague Conference (1912-1914) 1
DK999 Kristof Geopolitics of Northern Siberia. 1
DK999 Kruszewski Industrialization and changing society; a case study of the history and effects of the post-World War II population and boundary shifts on the structure of the newly created society in the Polish western territories. 1
DK999 Kutolowski Mid-Victorian Britain and the Polish Insurrection of 1863-64. 1
DK999 LaBelle Alexander Potresov and the Kalmykova circle; a study of the origins of Marxism in St. Petersburg. 1
DK999 Labelle Failure of the Dvorianstvo to establish a government of limited representation in 1730. 1
DK999 Lambros The Russian and Nazi revolutions : a comparison of stages / 1
DK999 Lemon Indic diaspora, Soviet history, Russian home : political performances and sincere ironies in Romani cultures / 1
DK999 Letwin The Soviet nationality program and its implications for world unity 1
DK999 Lincoln Nikolai Alekseevich Milyutin and problems of state reform in Nicholaevan Russia. 1
DK999 Lukasz The Ukraine at the Paris Peace Conference, 1919. 1
DK999 Maciuika The Baltic States under Soviet Russia: a case study in sovietization. 1
DK999 Martin An affirmative action empire : ethnicity and the Soviet State, 1923-1938 / 1
DK999 McCannon Red arctic : the political and cultural significance of the arctic in the Soviet Union, 1932-1939 / 1
DK999 Mijatovic The politics of Russian expansion in Central Asia / 1
DK999 Miller The formative years of P.A. Kropotkin, 1842-1876; a study of the origins and development of populist attitudes in Russia. 1
DK999 Mulvihill The United States and the Russo-Finnish War. 1
DK999 Myhrman Swedish nationality movement in Finland.
The Swedish nationality movement in Finland,
DK999 Nahirny The Russian intelligentsia: from men of letters to men of convictions. 1
DK999 Nakachi Replacing the dead : the politics of reproduction in the postwar Soviet Union, 1944-1955 / 1