Call Number Title Count
DG398 Arthurs A revolution in the idea of Rome : excavating modernity in fascist Italy / 1
DG398 Banta The alleged murder of Britannicus ... 1
DG398 Bell Roman society from Commodus to Alexander Severus. 1
DG398 Blake The influences which formed Nero's character ... 1
DG398 Brunson The literary evidence bearing upon the position of the freedman in the first century, A.D. 1
DG398 Calnan Provincial assemblies in Roman Africa during the early empire. 1
DG398 Canepa The two eyes of the earth : competition and exchange in the art and ritual of kingship between Rome and Sasanian Iran / 1
DG398 Dowrie The proconsulship of Cicero in Cilicia. 1
DG398 Edbrooke Prosopographical studies in the Roman Empire in the fourth century A.D. 1
DG398 Elder The Annals of Tacitus (I-VI; XI-XVI), as a source for Roman private life. 1
DG398 Giblett The life of Marcus Aurelius 1
DG398 Gresley Trades, professions and callings in Cisalpine Gaul as seen in the inscriptions. 1
DG398 Haass Trades in the inscriptions of Campania. 1
DG398 Hammond Women in public affairs under the Julio-Claudian dynasty. 1
DG398 Harkness Contrib Christianity abolition of Roman games 1
DG398 Hayworth The barbarian invasions 1
DG398 Herrling The Romanization of Raetia,
The Romanization of Raetia.
DG398 Howe The pretorian prefect from Commodus to Diocletian (A.D. 180-305).
Lucius Calpurnius Piso Caesoninus, as governor of Macedonia (57 to 55 B.C.)
DG398 Howell Social and moral conditions in the Roman Empire in the days of the Apostle Paul. 1
DG398 Hughes Flavius Stilicho: patriot or traitor? 1
DG398 Ionnou Public and municipal administration in the Roman provinces under the Empire (with special reference to the Province of Asia) 1
DG398 Jashemski The origins and early history of the proconsular and the propraetorian imperium 1
DG398 Jones The Roman farm in the last century of the Republic.
Aspects of religious syncretism in Rome, first century A. D.
DG398 Kadish Street gangs in the late Roman Republic. 1
DG398 Lucki The colonate in Frankish Gaul
The colonate under the late Roman empire ...
The Gallo-Roman colonate and the Germanic invasions
DG398 Maxey Occupations of the lower classes in Roman society / 1
DG398 McAllister The Roman senate in the reign of Tiberius. 1
DG398 McGeachy Quintus Aurelius Symmachus and the senatorial aristocracy of the West-- 1
DG398 Messner Republic to empire : a study of Rome in transition / 1
DG398 Mulkey Ethical standards among Roman women in the last half of the first century A.D. 1
DG398 Novak A late Roman aristocratic family : the Anicii in the third and fourth centuries / 1
DG398 Reynolds The Roman familia, as seen in Livy I-X. 1
DG398 Riley Roman private life as revealed in the histories and minor works of Tacitus. 1
DG398 Scott Roman porticoes. 1
DG398 Shepherd The tribunes of the Plebs, from 287 to 167 B.C. 1
DG398 Simons Roman dress in the age of Domitian. 1
DG398 Spilman The historical tradition of the conspiracy of Sejanus. 1
DG398 Sulanke The Roman imperial cult: a social-historical study 1
DG398 Vansickle The coregency and the succession in the early Roman Empire 1
DG398 Webster Virtus and libertas: the ideals and spirit of the Roman senatorial aristocracy from the Punic wars through the time of Augustus. 1
DG398 Westington Atrocities in Roman warfare to 133 B.C. 1
DG398 White The mechanism and the instrumentalities of Roman international intercourse under the empire. 1
DG398 Woods The cults of the city of Rome as seen in the inscriptions C I L VI, pars prima and additamenta. 1
DG398 Zeisel The revolt of Magnentius (A.D. 350-353) 1
DG401.A547 Annali di storia moderna e contemporanea / 1
DG401.A63 Annuario politico italiano. 1
DG401.A7 Archivio storico italiano. 1
DG401.A7 v.2 Diario delle cose avvenute in Siena dai 20 luglio 1550 ai 28 giugno 1555 scritto 1
DG401.A73P670 L'Archivio storico italiano : organizzazione della ricerca ed egemonia moderata nel Risorgimento / 1
DG401.B65 Bollettino di archeologia / 1
DG401.C6 Il Contemporaneo. 1
DG401.D66 Domani; rivista trimestrale. 1
DG401.G49 Giornale storico degli archivi toscani che si pubblica dalla Soprintendenza generale agli archivi toscani. 1
DG401.I7 Italia; annuario dell'economia, della politica, della cultura. 1
DG401.I72 L'Italia nella politica internazionale. 1
DG401.I7235 Italian history & culture / 1
DG401.I74 Italian quarterly. 1
DG401.I76 Italien-jahrbuch. 1
DG401.I765 Italies literature, civilisation, société. 1
DG401.I77 Italy; documents and notes. 1