Call Number Title Count
DF999 Bachvarova From Hittite to Homer : the role of Anatolians in the transmission of epic and prayer motifs from the Near East to the Greeks / 1
DF999 Becker Ionia and Athens; studies in secularization. 1
DF999 Borza Diodorus Siculus : a study of the seventeenth book / 1
DF999 Boyle The Athenian courtroom : politics, rhetoric, ethics / 1
DF999 Bradford A prosopography of Lacedaemonians from the death of Alexander the Great, 323 B.C. to the sack of Sparta by Alaric, A.D. 396 / 1
DF999 Bubelis Dignity and power : Athenian sacred treasurers from Solon to the Persian Wars / 1
DF999 Chaconas Greek foreign policy, 1914-1917. 1
DF999 Chappel Pagan social life in first century Corinth. 1
DF999 Charles Statutes of limitations at Athens ... 1
DF999 Clark Benefactions and endowments in Greek antiquity. 1
DF999 Cronin The Athenian jury in action. 1
DF999 Dorjahn The Athenian political amnesty of 403 B.C. 1
DF999 Epps The place of Sparta in Greek history and civilization. 1
DF999 Fauber Archaic Kerkyra : an historiographical examination of the formation and formulation of an ancient Greek polis / 1
DF999 Fitzgerald Limitations on freedom of speech in the Athenian assembly / 1
DF999 Flanagan Thucydides on the political soul : pericles, love of glory, and freedom / 1
DF999 Garner Aspects of law and society in Athens in the fifth and fourth centuries B.C. / 1
DF999 Gottesman A branch on the altar : supplication and symbolic capital in ancient Greece / 1
DF999 Harrell Public arbitration in Athenian law ...
Public arbitration in Athenian law /
DF999 Holum The Regency of Pulcheria, A.D. 414-423 / 1
DF999 Horn Postwar recovery in Greece. 1
DF999 Johnstone Social relations, rhetoric, ideology : the people's power and the Athenian courts / 1
DF999 Kalogeras Byzantine childhood education and its social role from the sixth century until the end of iconoclasm / 1
DF999 Karavites Greece, its role in America's foreign policy, 1940-1946. 1
DF999 Kent The temple estates of Delos, Rheneia, and Mykonos. 1
DF999 Lavezzi Prehistoric investigations at Corinth, 1968-1970. 1
DF999 Lehmann Aristocratic relations in early Greece / 1
DF999 Marchand Archaeology and cultural politics in Germany, 1800-1965 : the decline of Philhellenism / 1
DF999 McGlew Tryannos and eleutheria : tyranny's political character and contribution to the classical polis / 1
DF999 Mechau The Melian dialogue and Thucydides; an inquiry into Thucydides' understanding of the debate at Melos. 1
DF999 Moyer At the limits of Hellenism : Egyptian priests and the Greek world / 1
DF999 Niedzielski The Athenian family from Aeschylus to Aristotle / 1
DF999 Niyogi Gender, politics, and rhetoric in Byzantium, 1025-1081 / 1
DF999 Noonan Political thought in Greek Palestinian hagiography (ca. 526-ca. 630) / 1
DF999 O'Neill Ancient Corinth. 1
DF999 Olster The politics of usurpation in the seventh century : the reign of Phocas / 1
DF999 Oost Roman policy in Epirus and Acarnania in the age of the Roman conquest of Greece / 1
DF999 Papalas Studies in Roman Athens : 29 B.C. to A.D. 180 / 1
DF999 Parker The Aetolian league and Roman expansion in Greece, 220-196 B.C. 1
DF999 Petrolias The resettlement of the Greek refugees, 1923-1930. 1
DF999 Ralph Ephesis in Athenian litigation ... 2
DF999 Ramsay Diplomacy and propaganda of the Peloponnesian War / 1
DF999 Robertson The administration of justice in the Athenian empire, 1
DF999 Roebuck A history of Messenia from 369 to 146 B.C. ... 1
DF999 Rombotis The Klephts in modern Greek poetry; an inquiry into a Graeco-Turkish cultural conflict ... 2
DF999 Stavrakas The Byzantine provincial elite : a study in social relationships during the ninth and tenth centuries / 1
DF999 Sullivan Thucydides politicus : the political dimension of Thucydides' History of the Peloponnesian War / 1
DF999 Sutton Images of history : the past in the present on a Greek Island / 1
DF999 Tierney Corinthian power politics. 1
DF999 Tritle Phocion the Good : a study in Athenian politics in the fourth century B.C. / 1
DF999 Tyley The institution and working of ostracism. 1
DF999 Urdahl Foreigners in Athens : a study of the grave monuments / 1
DF999 Willis The nationalist movement in Crete (1897-1913) 1
DF999 Wiseman Corinthian trans-Isthmian walls and the defense of the Peloponnesos / 1
DF999 Woodfin Pyrrhus as a representative of Alexandrian imperialism. 1
DFriedman 1 The water in the well / 1
DFriedman 2 Shirim al galgalim / : songs on wheels / 1
DFriedman 3 Shanah tovah = A good year : songs for Jewish holidays / 1
DFriedman 4 Miracles & wonders / 1
DFriedman 5 And you shall be a blessing / 1