Call Number Title Count
DD999 Abraham Intra-class conflict and the formation of ruling class consensus in late Weimar Germany / 1
DD999 Asch Walter Frank: a study in Nazi historiography. 1
DD999 Bailey Erich Ludendorff as quartermaster general of the German Army, 1916-1918. 1
DD999 Bartholomew Revolution in Bismarck's alliance policy: the theoretical rationale of the Austro-German alliance of 1879. 1
DD999 Bauer Ludwig Windorst as a political leader /
Ludwig Windorst as a political leader.
DD999 Bayley The election of the sovereign in Germany during the thirteenth century : with special reference to the period 1245-57 / 1
DD999 Beachy The soul of commerce : credit and the politics of public debt in Leipzig, 1680-1831 / 1
DD999 Becker The Schleswig-Holstein question: a legal problem and the political efforts towards its solution, illustrating the disturbing effect of anomalies in the "balance of power" international system. 1
DD999 Berdahl "Where the world ended" : identity, differentiation, and unification in the German borderland / 1
DD999 Bergerson A history of neighborliness in Alt-Hildesheim, 1900-50 : custom, transformation, memory / 1
DD999 Betts The pathos of everyday objects : West German industrial design culture, 1945-1965 / 1
DD999 Boyer Spirit and system : mass media, journalism, and the dialectics of modern German intellectual culture / 1
DD999 Brady Jacob Sturm of Strasbourg (1489-1553) and the political security of German Protestantism, 1526-1532. 1
DD999 Brummer Blood and iron in the sand : colonialism, politics and culture in German Southwest Africa / 1
DD999 Bucholz Hans Delbruck : military historian. 1
DD999 Burke, Frank Prince Henry of Prussia and the Revolutionary era. 1
DD999 Calkins Hugo Haase, a political biography. 1
DD999 Carden From Potsdam to the London conference : Britain's policy in Germany, 1945-1947. 1
DD999 Cernius Stresemann in historical perspective 1
DD999 Cherno German movements for rapproachement with France, 1925-1930 1
DD999 Choi Melancholy cosmopolitanism : love, labor, and loss in Theodor W. Adorno and Thomas Mann / 1
DD999 Cline Mannheim: a cultural center of the eighteenth century. 1
DD999 Coetzee The Deutscher Wehrverein : associational life and political activism in Wilhelmine Germany / 1
DD999 Collins The Reichstage Peace Resolution of July, 1917 1
DD999 Crane Collecting and historical consciousness : new forms for collective memory in early nineteenth-century Germany / 1
DD999 Craven Kuhlmann or Ludendorff? Failure of a bureaucracy, 1917-1918
The German Social Democratic Party during the chancellor crisis.
DD999 Creswell The roots of the Cold War order in Western Europe : the United States, France, and German rearmament, 1950-1954 / 1
DD999 Dorn The conflict of humanitarism and reasons of state under Frederick the Great. 1
DD999 Drzewieniecki The German-Polish frontier: 1945-1958. 1
DD999 Galli German reunification: a discussion of G. F. Kennan's disengagement proposal. 1
DD999 Gasman Social Darwinism in Ernst Haeckel and the German Monist League : a study of the scientific origins of National Socialism. 1
DD999 Gewehr The enlightened despotism of Frederick the Great 1
DD999 Goldstein Power and the visual domain : images, iconoclasm and indoctrination in American occupied Germany, 1945-1949 / 1
DD999 Granieri America's Germany, Germany's Europe : Konrad Adenauer, the CDU/CSU, and the politics of German Westbindung, 1949-1963 / 1
DD999 Grathwol DNVP and European reconciliation, 1924-1928 : a study of the conflict between party politics and government foreign policy in Weimar Germany. 1
DD999 Gruenewald The role of the bourgeoisie in Upper Silesia prior and up to the plebiscite of 1921 / 1
DD999 Hahn Chronicle of Zuisfalten (with notes) 1
DD999 Halperin Anglo-German naval rivalry before the world war. 1
DD999 Hanrieder Alfred Rosenberg: race, religion, state power. 1
DD999 Hanser Church and state in Bavaria, 1799-1806: an absolutist reform in the age of revolution. 1
DD999 Hanshew Negotiating terror : political violence and democracy in 1970s West Germany / 1
DD999 Harcaj The Oder-Neisse Line: power, tradition, revolution in the wartime confrontation of Britain and Russia in Middle Europe. 1
DD999 Hartshorne The German universities and the government ...
The German universities and national socialism.
DD999 Heerwagen The Rhineland during the French occupation. 1792-1793. 1
DD999 Hirsch The Saar plebiscite
The Saar territory.
DD999 Hogg "In the good vote--our deliverance" : political Catholicism in Silesia from the eighteen-sixties to the eighteen-nineties / 1
DD999 Holland The second Berlin crisis, 1958-1961, with special reference to its newspaper coverage. 1
DD999 Jensen "Unity in antinomy": the hermeneutics of Friedrich Meinecke. 1
DD999 Johnson The secular activites of the German episcopate, 919-1024. 1
DD999 Kern The new liberalism in Wilhelminian Germany. 1
DD999 Koch An English translation of Bruno's "Liber de Bello Saxonics" (1076-81) with introduction and notes. 1
DD999 Kovacs Nation in arms and balance of power : the interaction of German military legislation and European politics, 1866-1914 /
Nation in arms and balance of power : the interaction of German military legislation and European politics, 1866-1914.
DD999 Lambros The new question of Alsace-Lorraine, 1918-32. 1
DD999 LaPlante The influence of the tradition of the episcopal office on tenth-century archbishops of Mainz / 1
DD999 Lauer The Significance of the town wall in the development of the medieval city. 1
DD999 Lennox The German Social Democratic Party and the mass strike issue, 1902-1906. 1
DD999 Leonhardt Nazi conquest of Danzig : / 1
DD999 Lieberman From recovery to instability : municipal politics and social provision in Weimar Germany, 1924-1930 / 1
DD999 Lifton Joseph Gorres and political Catholicism 1
DD999 Linger West German civil-military relations : the role of the West German military in national defense policy formation / 1