Call Number Title Count
DC999 Abelow "La victoire en chantant"; treatment and exchange policies of the French governments for foreign prisoners of war during the wars of the French Revolution: the Armée des Pyrénées Orientales, 1792-1795. 1
DC999 Acomb Anti-English opinion in France 1763-1789.
Anti-English opinion in France, 1763-89. The sovereignty of the nation (1781-89) ...
DC999 Allen The French Left and Soviet Russia to 1936 : interaction between French party alliances and Franco-Soviet diplomacy. 1
DC999 Amann A French revolutionary club in 1848: the Société démocratique centrale; 1
DC999 Apt Louis-Philippe de Ségur: an intellectual in a revolutionary age. 1
DC999 Bailey Lafayette and Republicanism, 1814-1823. 1
DC999 Benjamin French propaganda in the Franco-Prussian war. 1
DC999 Benkoil Louis Barthou and French security, 1934. 1
DC999 Berger Military and financial government in France, 1648-1661 / 1
DC999 Borza The Bacaudae: a study of rebellion in late Roman Gaul. 1
DC999 Bull Religion and particularism in Navarre and Bearn, 1599-1620. 1
DC999 Cade A study of Tres Galliae during the period of Julius Caesar and Augustus with reference to economic, social, religious, and political life. 1
DC999 Camiscioli Reproducing the French race : immigration, reproduction, and national identity in France, 1900-1939 / 1
DC999 Camp Mazarin and the Devots. 1
DC999 Carey The liberals of France and their relation to the development of Bonaparte's dictatorship, 1799-1804. 2
DC999 Carson A critical decade of the philosophe movement, 1740-1749. 1
DC999 Centner The diplomacy of France in July, 1914. 1
DC999 Cole Michel de l'Hospital (1505-73) Advocate of Toleration 1
DC999 Conheady The saints of the Merovingian dynasty : a study of the Merovingian kingship / 1
DC999 Cordier The reconstruction of southern France after the Albigensian crusade.
The economic and social factors in the causes and results of the Albigensian crusades (1208-71) /
DC999 Couse The historical consciousness of the Doctrinaires as represented by Pierre Paul Royer-Collard, François Guizot, and Victor Cousin. 1
DC999 Crawford Regency government in early modern France : gender substitution and the construction of monarchical authority / 1
DC999 Crummey The Society for Christian Morality, 1821-25. 1
DC999 Davidson Becoming secular? : Making Islam French, 1916-1982 / 1
DC999 Dean The colonial armies of the French Third Republic : overseas formation and continental deployment / 1
DC999 DePorte Pierre Laval and the Franco-Soviet Pact of May 2, 1935.
The foreign policy of France under Charles De Gaulle.
DC999 Dickey The English government in Calais during the Hundred year's war. 1
DC999 Enos Robespierre and the idea of virtue. 1
DC999 Evjen English propanganda against Napoleon, 1802-1805 1
DC999 Fajn The journal des hommes libres de tous les pays, 1792-1800. 1
DC999 Falter French political orientations in 1958; the Republic and Charles De Gaulle. 1
DC999 Freidson A study of medieval queenship: Capetian France, 987-1237. 1
DC999 Friend Regicide and indulgent: a study in the motivation of some conventionists in the trial of Louis XVI. 1
DC999 Funk The career of Henry of Guise, 1576-1588
The movement of reform and revolt in mid-fourteenth-century France.
Robert Le Coq and Étienne Marcel ...
DC999 Gerson Pays and nation : the uneasy formation of an historical patrimony in France, 1830-1870 / 1
DC999 Ghobar The Anti-Robespierrist legend 1
DC999 Gingyera-Pinycwa The Napoleonic Wars and the balance of power in Europe (1782-1815): a historical test case application of Professor Morton A. Kaplan's theory of international politics. 1
DC999 Glazier Lamartine revolutionist: theory and practice. 1
DC999 Godfrey The organization, procedure, and personnel of the French revolutionary tribunal /
The organization, procedure, and personnel of the French revolutionary tribunal.
DC999 Gordon The impact of the discoveries on sixteenth century French cosmographical historical thought.
The idea of sociability in pre-revolutionary France /
DC999 Gregory Napoleon III in French historiography and French writing: changing the conceptions o f Nepoleon III, 1848-1948 1
DC999 Hall The struggle for the laic school in France: a study in the fixing of political loyalty. 1
DC999 Harper The cities of Gaul from the third to the seventh century. 1
DC999 Henderson Napoleon Bonaparte and French novelists, 1799-1815 1
DC999 Herndon The financial policy of the Mirabean 1
DC999 Hofman Anatomy of conspiracy : the origins of the theory of the philosophe conspiracy, 1750-1789 / 1
DC999 Holstun Discontent with Roman Rule in Gaul, 14-284 A.D 1
DC999 Horning Lafayette and the Greek war of independence, 1821-1833 1
DC999 Hsu Composing a national past : texts, monuments, and the political use of history in nineteenth-century France / 1
DC999 Huseman La personalité littéraire de la Noue / 1
DC999 Isherwood Music in the service of the royal absolutism: France in the seventeenth century. 1
DC999 Joynes Jansenists and ideologues : opposition theory in the Parlement of Paris, 1750-1775 / 1
DC999 Kates The cercle social : French intellectuals in the French Revolution / 1
DC999 Kay The effect of the Viking raids on the French monasteries. 1
DC999 Ladenson French policy in the Near East, 1875-1881 1
DC999 Lane The policy of the French Right toward the Franco-Soviet Mutual Assistance PAct of 1935. 1
DC999 Le Sueur French intellectuals and the Algerian war : decolonization, violence, and the politics of identity / 1
DC999 Lo Prete A female ruler in feudal society : Adela of Blois (ca. 1067-ca. 1137) / 1
DC999 Logue The career of Léon Blum to 1914. 1
DC999 Lucas British opinion and the Blum government, 1936-1937 1