Call Number Title Count
DB1099 A Mediterranean city-state: a study of Dubrovnik elites, 1592-1667. 1
DB1099.B15 Class and nation : national integration, class mobilization, and identity in the German-Bohemian workers' movement, 1870-1911 / 1
DB1099.B49 Political culture and state identity : the reconstruction of Austrian social democracy, 1945-1958 / 1
DB1099.B89 From silence to defiance : Jews and queers in contemporary Vienna / 1
DB1099 Amann Ignaz Seipel: an ideological profile. 1
DB1099 Anderle The Slovak issue in the Munich crisis of 1938. 1
DB1099 Bluhm The Austrian idea : a study of the ideology of the Christian corporative state of Austria, 1934-1938. 1
DB1099 Cernicek Czechoslovak-Russian relations, 1914-48, in the foreign policy of Dr. Eduard Benes 1
DB1099 Chada The Czech national revival; the age of romanticism ...
The Czech national revival : a survey of the cultural and political history of the Czechs from 1815 to 1870.
DB1099 Chamberlin The circumstances surrounding the coup d'etat in Czechoslovakia in 1948. 1
DB1099 Divita The role of Woodrow Wilson in the Tyrol border dispute 1918-1919. 1
DB1099 Evans The foreign policy of Czechslovakia. 1
DB1099 Fehervary In search of the normal : material culture and middle-class fashioning in a Hungarian steel town, 1950-1997 / 1
DB1099 Feinberg The rights problem : gender and democracy in the Czech lands, 1918-1945 / 1
DB1099 Fiechter The Austrian attempt to create a Central European customs union, 1849-1853. 1
DB1099 Grischany The Austrians in the German Wehrmacht, 1938-45 / 1
DB1099 Haas Metternich: reorganization and nationality, 1813-1818. 1
DB1099 Hanebrink In defense of Christian Hungary : religion, nationalism, and antisemitism in inter-war Hungary, 1919-1944 / 1
DB1099 Hanser Austrian army reform, 1859-1874. 1
DB1099 Healy Vienna falling : total war and everyday life, 1914-1918 / 1
DB1099 Kaminsky The Hussite movement in history. 1
DB1099 Lansing Czechoslovakia's foreign policy, 1939-1945 : a study in futility / 1
DB1099 Lutz The Vienna Aula in 1848. 1
DB1099 Maurer Austro-Prussian diplomatic rivalry, 1805-1812. 1
DB1099 Mears Relations between Austria and Brandenburg during the Northern War (1655-1660) 1
DB1099 Melton Pedagogues and princes : reform absolutism, popular education, and the dialectics of authority in eighteenth century Prussia and Austria / 1
DB1099 Moore The Austrian provisional government of 1945 1
DB1099 Novak The ethnic and political struggle in Trieste, 1943-1954. 1
DB1099 Reigle The abrogation of the Austrian Concordat 1867-1870. 1
DB1099 Reisky-Dubnic Anti-American propaganda in Czechoslovakia and a proposal for successful counter psychological warfare. 1
DB1099 Rogerson Slovak Republicans and Slovak Populists 1923-1925 / 1
DB1099 Schwegler Confronting the devil : Europe, nationalism, and municipal governance in Slovakia / 1
DB1099 Stein The problem of Trieste since World War II. 1
DB1099 Steinberg The meaning of the Salzburg Festival : inventing cultural tradition in the first Austrian Republic / 1
DB1099 Weber The Vienna Wagner-Verein: politics for art's sake. 1
DB1099 Weintraub Czechoslovakia and the Runciman Mission. 1
DB1645.D8 B47 1984 Dubrovnik / 1
DB2000.A28 Acta regionalia. 1
DB2000.A55 Almanach rukopisné obrany. 1
DB2000.C650 1983 Vereinswesen und Geschichtspflege in den böhmischen Ländern : Vorträge der Tagungen des Collegium Carolinum in Bad Wiessee vom 25. bis 27. November 1983 und vom 23. bis 25. November 1984 / 1
DB2000.C94 Czech journal of contemporary history. 1
DB2000.F64 Folia historica Bohemica. 2
DB2000.P34 Paginae historiae : sborník Státního ústředního archivu v Praze. 1
DB2000.P73 The Prague yearbook of contemporary history. 1
DB2000.P76 Prostor. 1
DB2000.R63 Ročenka Československého dokumentačního střediska. 1
DB2000.R67 Ročenka Československé republiky. 1
DB2000.S267 Sborník prací Pedagogické fakulty Masarykovy univerzity v Brně. Řada společenských věd. 2
DB2000.S56 Slovo k historii. 1
DB2000.S88 Studies in postmedieval archaeology. 1
DB2000.Z99B53 Bibliografický katalog ČSFR. Zahraniční bohemika.
Národní bibliografie České Republiky. Zahraniční bohemika = National bibliographie [sic] of the Czech Republic. Foreign Bohemica.
Česká národní bibliografie. Zahraniční bohemika = Czech national bibliography. Foreign Bohemica.
DB2001.F44 2012 Jiekesilafu / 1
DB2001.M312 2012 Masaike jian guo shi / 1
DB2002.N48C94 1939 The Czechoslovak Pavilion. 1
DB2002.P7B87 1987 Průvodce historickou expozicí Národního muzea / 1
DB2002.P7N370 1987 Monuments of the Czech national past : a guide through a National Museum exhibition on view in the Lobkovic Palace at Prague Castle / 1
DB2002.P73N37 1989 Památky národní minulosti : katalog historické expozice Národního muzea v Praze v Lobkovickém paláci / 1
DB2003.C93 1962 Abstracts : the First Congress of the Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences in America, Inc. : Washington, D.C. : April 20-22, 1962. 1
DB2003.C93 1964 Abstracts of papers : the Second Congress of the Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences in America, Inc. : Columbia University, New York, N.Y. : September 11-13, 1964. 1
DB2003.C93 1964b Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences in America = Společnost pro vědy a umění - SVU : Second Congress : September 11th-13th, 1964 : Columbia University, Ferris Booth Hall, Broadway & 114th Street, New York City : program. 1