Call Number Title Count
DA999.B26 "The board did think fit and order" : the structure and function of the privy council of Charles I, c.1625-41, with special reference to the personal rule / 1
DA999.B46 The boundaries of Irish national identity : the emergence of the Irish-Ireland ideal, 1890-1912 / 1
DA999.B694 'Touching that which we would have done after our death' : legal and social aspects of will-making in Tudor England / 1
DA999.C44 The changes and chances of this mortal life : the vicissitudes of high churchmanship and politics among the clergy of Sussex, 1700-1745 / 1
DA999.D21 Landscapes of law : the channel tunnel and English legal identity in the new Europe / 1
DA999.H17 Becoming British Sikhs : the politics of identity and difference in post-colonial England / 1
DA999.H18 Partisan conflict and the law in the English borough corporation, 1660-1727 / 1
DA999.H63 Thomas Power O'Connor, 1848-1929 / 1
DA999.M53 Transformations of the British state, 1603-1951 / 1
DA999.P31 Urban patronage in early modern England : corporate boroughs, the landed elite, and the crown, 1580-1640 / 1
DA999.R82 William Henry Cavendish Bentinck, Third Duke of Portland : the years of opposition, 1738-1794 / 1
DA999.S45 Church, university, Enlightenment : the moderate literati of Edinburgh, 1720-1793 / 1
DA999.S79 The lord lieutenancy in England, 1625-1688 : the crown, nobility, and local government / 1
DA999.V66 The dean and chapter of York Minster : 1558-1603 / 1
DA999 Abrahamson William Prynne: a constitutional monarchist. 1
DA999 Anderson Interest in the Scottish highlands in eighteenth century English literature and its relation to the works of Sir Walter Scott. 1
DA999 Appel The Bures estate in the sixteenth century. 1
DA999 Arnold The political character of Henry IV in Froissart, Holinshed, Hall, Daniel, and Shakespeare. 1
DA999 Asch From Peaceful change to appeasement: a study of Anglo-German Relations 1933 to 1936 1
DA999 Baker Ramsay MacDonald: his break with the British labor party in 1931. 1
DA999 Barnard The political career of Nicholas Bacon. 1
DA999 Bartlett Insurgent politics : London, the Darfur crisis and the new landscape of transnational political action / 1
DA999 Bisbee Domestic policy of the first British Labor government. 1
DA999 Boltz David's sling : democracy and national defense, Britain and France, 1933-1940 / 1
DA999 Borzo The Times (London) and Anglo-Canadian relations, 1819-1849. 1
DA999 Bradley Aneurin Bevan's concept of foreign policy. 1
DA999 Brillman Bengal tiger, Celtic tiger : the life of Sir Antony Patrick MacDonnell, 1844-1925 / 1
DA999 Brown Joseph Chamberlain as an empire builder. 1
DA999 Brumley Minor wars and interventions of the British Empire 1
DA999 Bush British press and parliamentary opinion about the United States and the Soviet Union : 1946-1950. 1
DA999 Calhoun Radicalism and socialism in the English reviews, 1883-1900. 1
DA999 Camic Social experience and cultural change : family, schooling, and professions in eighteenth-century Scotland / 1
DA999 Capua Feudal courts and the common law in twelfth and thirteenth-century England / 1
DA999 Carlson A history of the Presbyterian party from Pride's purge to the dissolution of the Long Parliament. 1
DA999 Cash The sad birth of royalism : politics and parties in the Long Parliament, 1640-1642 / 1
DA999 Churchill The Anglo-Russian convention of 1907 /
The Anglo-Russian Convention of 1907 /
The Anglo-Russian convention of 1907.
DA999 Cohen Correspondence of Nicholas and Edmund Bacon 1
DA999 Conger Ship money under Elizabeth 1
DA999 Conklin Medieval English minstrels, 1216-1485.
Medieval English nunnery schools.
DA999 Cornelius Mediaeval ideals that survive in the Elizabethan courtier's education. 1
DA999 Curran Michael Collins and the Irish Free State.
Kitchener and conscription
DA999 Curry Edward VIII and the British Monarchy. 1
DA999 Daniel The purpose and conception of history during the reign of Henry VIII as shown by Edward Hall's Chronicle of England. 1
DA999 Darnell The political career of Thomas Howard, third duke of Norfolk, from 1525 to 1547. 1
DA999 Davidson Social life of England, 1066-1350 1
DA999 Davis Robert Harley as secretary of state, 1704-1708 /
Robert Harley as secretary of state, 1704-1708.
Diplomatic negotiations between Oliver Cormwell and the court of Sweden
DA999 Dean Parallels in the views of Ireland. 1
DA999 Drake Value systems, social structure and race relations in the British Isles. 1
DA999 Druse The impact of Merovingian Gaul upon seventh century England. 1
DA999 Duncan The influence of foreign affairs upon the political parties of Great Britain during the general election of 1935. 1
DA999 Edgell Parliament and the Curzon Ultimatum to Russia of 1923 1
DA999 Eisen Lord Althorp: a study of his political life with special reference to the years 1830-1834. 1
DA999 Emmert Winston Churchill on empire.
The political thought of Winston Churchill.
DA999 Field The London of the Spectator papers. 1
DA999 Fitzsimons William Camden : herald, teacher and scholar. 1
DA999 Frace The foundations of Enlightenment : transformations in religious toleration, orthodoxy, and pluralism in early modern Scotland, 1660-1752 / 1
DA999 Fradenburg The Battle of Naseby 1
DA999 Freeman The religious policy of John Pym. 1
DA999 Friedlaender Growth in the resources for studies in earlier English history, 1534-1625. 2
DA999 Frisch The theoretical basis of Burke's attitude toward the French Revolution. 1