Call Number Title Count
D999.A55 The conduct of reprisals by the German army of occupation in the southern USSR, 1941-1943 / 1
D999.B71 When the odds were even : an operational history of the Vosges Mountain Campaign : October 1944-January 1945 / 1
D999.D75 The military revolution and political change in early modern Europe / 1
D999.E18 The broken scales : balancing failure and the influence of domestic factors on alliance politics / 1
D999.L67 Omaha Beach : Americans at war / 1
D999.N65 Business conflict and the origin of the Pacific War / 1
D999.S2 A cautious patriotism : the American churches and the Second World War / 1
D999.S73 From the outside in : the effects of World War II on the American State / 1
D999.V19 Churchill's military histories : a rhetorical study / 1
D999.W82 Negotiating meaning : narrative politics and memories of the Holocaust in France / 1
D999 Adler The Voice of America and competing foreign broadcasts: comparison and evaluation. 1
D999 Armstrong The relations of Great Britain and Mehemet Ali, 1830-1841. 1
D999 Ashton Wilhelm Dilthey and his early critique of historical reason. 1
D999 Bain T. E. Lawrence: politics and imagery. 1
D999 Benedict Specific development of the British self-consciousness as affected by the war. 1
D999 Benjamin The consequences of history for life: a study of Friedrich Nietzsch's vision of history. 1
D999 Bridges An interpretation and application of the Yalta agreements in Eastern Europe. 1
D999 Brown The balance of power as construed by Canning and Castlereagh 1
D999 Buehrig American intervention in Europe, 1917.
American intervention in Europe, 1917 ...
D999 Burbank A history of the American air force prisoners of war in center compound, Stalag luft III, Germany. 1
D999 Bush The control of Japan since August, 1945 : an aspect of the diplomatic conflict between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. 1
D999 Calhoun The Nazi-Soviet Pact 1
D999 Call The psychology of the religious attitudes of the soldier 1
D999 Cameron American samurai : the influence of myth and imagination on the conduct of battle in the First Marine Division during the Pacific war / 1
D999 Carlson Organization and activities of the Chicago Chapter of the Fight for Freedom Committee.
A history of the Presbyterian party from Pride's purge to the dissolution of the Long Parliament.
D999 Castle The career of Guy of Lusignan to 1187: A study of politics in the Kingdom of Jerusalem in the eve of its conquest by Saladin. 1
D999 Clark Antecedents of early Christian historiography. 1
D999 Clover Geiseric the statesman : a study of Vandal foreign policy / 1
D999 Cost The historian Ordericus Vitalis 1
D999 Crosby The development and conception of Herder's Philosophie der Geschichte as embodied in "auch eine Philosophie der Geschichte." 1
D999 Culp The American Legion: a study in pressure politics. 1
D999 Dannenfelt Late Renaissance interest in the ancien Orient 1
D999 Delehanty Marc Bloch and scientific history. 1
D999 Deutsch The Balfour mission 1917: a study in inter-allied coordination. 1
D999 Dobbins Paul Tillich's philosophy of history. 1
D999 Dowell Appeasement or conciliation in global crises, 1938 to 1951. 1
D999 Downes Targeting civilians in war / 1
D999 Eadie The Pastores of 1251. 1
D999 Ebel "Heroes in the cause of God" : faith, suffering, and American soldiers' experiences of the Great War / 1
D999 Eidelberg History and political philosophy: an analysis of Nietzsche's essay "The use and abuse of history." 1
D999 Ermath History and self-understanding: Dilthey's critique of historical reason. 1
D999 Faissler European diplomacy in the Balkans, August 10, 1913 - June 28, 1914.
European diplomacy in the Balkan peninsula, August 10, 1913-June 28, 1914,
D999 Farr Some consideration on Western European Federation. 1
D999 Fornara The life of Herodotus. 1
D999 Foster Studies in America's news of the European War. 1
D999 Fransen Personal diplomacy : the European career of Jean Monnet / 1
D999 Friedman Limited wars in Europe, 1853-1871. 1
D999 Gengenbach Ranke : the development of the historian's craft / 1
D999 Gilpatrick Military strategy on the western front from 1871 to 1914 /
Military strategy on the western front from 1871 to 1914.
D999 Gingerick An edition and translation of Odo of Deuil's De profectione Ludovici VII in Orientem / 1
D999 Goldschmidt The European system between the two world wars. 1
D999 Gould The campaign of Vittorio Veneto, October 24-November 4, 1918. 1
D999 Green The adult moral agent : an historical figure and an interpretive model / 1
D999 Grossman The financing of the Crusades / 1
D999 Hafner Intervention in a "balance of power" system: case studies in nineteenth-century Europe. 1
D999 Hagen Poles, Germans and Jews; the nationality conflict in Prussian Poland in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. 1
D999 Harbourt The treatment of the world war in secondary school textbooks of England, France, Germany, and the United States. 1
D999 Harden The teaching of history in the state normal schools of the United States. 1
D999 Hillman The Palestine mandate : its historic origin and application until 1940. 1
D999 Hines Pere Joseph at the diet of Ratislon 1