Call Number Title Count
D999.A55 The conduct of reprisals by the German army of occupation in the southern USSR, 1941-1943 / 1
D999.B71 When the odds were even : an operational history of the Vosges Mountain Campaign : October 1944-January 1945 / 1
D999.D75 The military revolution and political change in early modern Europe / 1
D999.E18 The broken scales : balancing failure and the influence of domestic factors on alliance politics / 1
D999.L67 Omaha Beach : Americans at war / 1
D999.N65 Business conflict and the origin of the Pacific War / 1
D999.S2 A cautious patriotism : the American churches and the Second World War / 1
D999.S73 From the outside in : the effects of World War II on the American State / 1
D999.V19 Churchill's military histories : a rhetorical study / 1
D999.W82 Negotiating meaning : narrative politics and memories of the Holocaust in France / 1
D999 Adler The Voice of America and competing foreign broadcasts: comparison and evaluation. 1
D999 Armstrong The relations of Great Britain and Mehemet Ali, 1830-1841. 1
D999 Ashton Wilhelm Dilthey and his early critique of historical reason. 1
D999 Bain T. E. Lawrence: politics and imagery. 1
D999 Benedict Specific development of the British self-consciousness as affected by the war. 1
D999 Benjamin The consequences of history for life: a study of Friedrich Nietzsch's vision of history. 1
D999 Bridges An interpretation and application of the Yalta agreements in Eastern Europe. 1
D999 Brown The balance of power as construed by Canning and Castlereagh 1
D999 Buehrig American intervention in Europe, 1917.
American intervention in Europe, 1917 ...
D999 Burbank A history of the American air force prisoners of war in center compound, Stalag luft III, Germany. 1
D999 Bush The control of Japan since August, 1945 : an aspect of the diplomatic conflict between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. 1
D999 Calhoun The Nazi-Soviet Pact 1
D999 Call The psychology of the religious attitudes of the soldier 1
D999 Cameron American samurai : the influence of myth and imagination on the conduct of battle in the First Marine Division during the Pacific war / 1
D999 Carlson Organization and activities of the Chicago Chapter of the Fight for Freedom Committee.
A history of the Presbyterian party from Pride's purge to the dissolution of the Long Parliament.
D999 Castle The career of Guy of Lusignan to 1187: A study of politics in the Kingdom of Jerusalem in the eve of its conquest by Saladin. 1
D999 Clark Antecedents of early Christian historiography. 1
D999 Clover Geiseric the statesman : a study of Vandal foreign policy / 1
D999 Cost The historian Ordericus Vitalis 1
D999 Crosby The development and conception of Herder's Philosophie der Geschichte as embodied in "auch eine Philosophie der Geschichte." 1
D999 Culp The American Legion: a study in pressure politics. 1
D999 Dannenfelt Late Renaissance interest in the ancien Orient 1
D999 Delehanty Marc Bloch and scientific history. 1
D999 Deutsch The Balfour mission 1917: a study in inter-allied coordination. 1
D999 Dobbins Paul Tillich's philosophy of history. 1
D999 Dowell Appeasement or conciliation in global crises, 1938 to 1951. 1
D999 Downes Targeting civilians in war / 1
D999 Eadie The Pastores of 1251. 1
D999 Ebel "Heroes in the cause of God" : faith, suffering, and American soldiers' experiences of the Great War / 1
D999 Eidelberg History and political philosophy: an analysis of Nietzsche's essay "The use and abuse of history." 1
D999 Ermath History and self-understanding: Dilthey's critique of historical reason. 1
D999 Faissler European diplomacy in the Balkans, August 10, 1913 - June 28, 1914.
European diplomacy in the Balkan peninsula, August 10, 1913-June 28, 1914,
D999 Farr Some consideration on Western European Federation. 1
D999 Fornara The life of Herodotus. 1
D999 Foster Studies in America's news of the European War. 1
D999 Fransen Personal diplomacy : the European career of Jean Monnet / 1
D999 Friedman Limited wars in Europe, 1853-1871. 1
D999 Gengenbach Ranke : the development of the historian's craft / 1
D999 Gilpatrick Military strategy on the western front from 1871 to 1914
Military strategy on the western front from 1871 to 1914.
D999 Gingerick An edition and translation of Odo of Deuil's De profectione Ludovici VII in Orientem / 1
D999 Goldschmidt The European system between the two world wars. 1
D999 Gould The campaign of Vittorio Veneto, October 24-November 4, 1918. 1
D999 Green The adult moral agent : an historical figure and an interpretive model / 1
D999 Grossman The financing of the Crusades / 1
D999 Hafner Intervention in a "balance of power" system: case studies in nineteenth-century Europe. 1
D999 Hagen Poles, Germans and Jews; the nationality conflict in Prussian Poland in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. 1
D999 Harbourt The treatment of the world war in secondary school textbooks of England, France, Germany, and the United States. 1
D999 Harden The teaching of history in the state normal schools of the United States. 1
D999 Hillman The Palestine mandate : its historic origin and application until 1940. 1
D999 Hines Pere Joseph at the diet of Ratislon 1