Call Number Title Count
BX10999.B63 Love and the transformations of will in the writings of Bernard Lonergan / 1
BX10999.D26 The ordination of the Baptist minister 1
BX10999.D66 The middle Byzantine lectionary : textual and pictorial expression of liturgical ritual / 1
BX10999 Adams Nathan Söderblom as an historian of religions. 1
BX10999 Aghahowa Charisma and formalism: a study of worship in two congregations / 1
BX10999 Ahlgren Teresa de Jesus : a case study in mystical creativity and inquisitional censure / 1
BX10999 Airhart The eclipse of revivalist spirituality : the transformation of Canadian Methodist piety, 1884-1925 / 1
BX10999 Akin The standing order, Congregationalism in Connecticut, 1708-1818. 1
Bx10999 Andrews Savonarola. 1
BX10999 Appleby American Catholic modernism at the turn of the century / 1
BX10999 Arden The interrelationships between cultus and theology in the history of the Lutheran church in America. 1
BX10999 Ash The social construction of historical reality : an intellectual biography of William Warren Sweet / 1
BX10999 Atwater A critical and comparative study of the problem of conscience : a study of the theological thought of Emil Brunner in relation to the psychoanalytic thought of Sigmund Freud. 1
BX10999 Awes Elementary religious education in the Lutheran church. 1
BX10999 Bachmann The rise of "Missouri Lutheranism". 1
BX10999 Backlund Survival factors of the Mission Covenant Churches of Chicago 1
BX10999 Bagley The Epworth league in the Methodist Episcopal church, south. 1
BX10999 Baglyos In this land of liberty : American Lutherans and the young republic, 1787-1837 / 1
BX10999 Baily Interdenominational cooperation 1
BX10999 Baker The church and the struggle for democracy in Alto-Peru and Bolivia.
English Baptist origins.
BX10999 Bales Barclay's Apology in context : the Quaker understanding of revelation in seventeenth-century England / 1
BX10999 Bangs Arminius and reformed theology. 1
BX10999 Barker "A mirror of piety and learning" : Caritas Pirckheimer against the Reformation / 1
BX10999 Barnhart The evolution of Social Consciousness in Methodism. 1
BX10999 Barrett Personalistic liberalism : the ethical and political thought of Karol Wojtyla/John Paul II / 1
BX10999 Bartlow The low-church movement in Elizebethan Anglicanism. 1
BX10999 Beaver Symbol and boundary : religion, family and community in northern Gloucestershire, 1590-1690 / 1
BX10999 Beck A history of monastic disendowment prior to Henry the Eighth. 1
BX10999 Becker "How we do things here" : culture and conflict in local congregations / 1
BX10999 Beckwith The Wee free church of Scotland 1
BX10999 Behan The Oxford movement, 1833-1845 1
BX10999 Bell Rise of the social interest in the Methodist church. 1
BX10999 Bennett The doctrinal contribution of the denomination known as the Christian Church 1
BX10999 Benson Pietism in Sweden 1
BX10999 Bernhardt The influence of Borden Parker Bowne upon theological thought in the Methodist Episcopal Church. 1
BX10999 Biggar Moral reason and responsiveness to God : a critical analysis and reconstruction of Karl Barth's concept of hearing God's command / 1
BX10999 Bingham A study of life and influence of John Smyth, the English Se Baptist. 1
BX10999 Bjork Neither German nor Pole : Catholicism and national ambivalences in Upper Silesia, 1890-1914 / 1
BX10999 Blacklidge Church and community: a case study of the Jackson Boulevard Christian Church 1
BX10999 Blough Social attitudes of the Church of the brethren 1
BX10999 Bobbitt The Baptists in Rhode Island 1
BX10999 Bonnot Pope John XXIII : a study in administrative leadership / 1
BX10999 Boren The history of the Disciples of Christ in Texas, 1824-1906.
Early history of the Disciples of the Christ in Texas
The background of literature in the preaching of Phillips Brooks
BX10999 Bosley The problem of transcendence and immanence in the theology of Wilhelm Herrmann. 1
BX10999 Bost Samuel Davies : colonial revivalist and champion of religious toleration. 1
BX10999 Bouchard The bishop of Auxerre in the twelfth century : spirituality and administration / 1
BX10999 Bousman Inclusive membership in the churches of the Chicago Baptist assoctioation. 1
BX10999 Boyd The attitude of the Methodist Episcopal Church in South Carolina towards the social movements prior to 1860. 1
BX10999 Braden Religious aspects of the conquest of Mexico. 1
BX10999 Brady Rights, the common good and Roman Catholic social thought / 1
BX10999 Brauer Francis Rous, Puritan mystic, 1579-1659 : 1
BX10999 Breakenridge The influence of their historic origins upon the Disciples of Christ in Canada as seen in current union conversations with the United Church of Canada / 1
BX10999 Brewer Beyond utility : the role of the nun in the education of American Catholic girls, 1860 to 1920 / 1
BX10999 Brink Joseph Smith : a study in analytical psychology / 1
BX10999 Brown Thomas Chalmers and the godly commonwealth in Scotland / 1
BX10999 Brumbaugh Nineteenth Century tendencies in the Church of the Brethren. 1
BX10999 Buehrer The Origin and history of time limit in Methodist itineracy.
Methods of frontier expansion of the Methodist church in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.
BX10999 Buehring The beginnings of Lutheranism in Ohio 1
BX10999 Burley Origin and history of New Israel, a modern Russian Sect 1
BX10999 Burrows The Roman Catholic magisterium on other religious ways : analysis and critique from a postmodern perspective / 1