Call Number Title Count
BV9999.B82 The Lord's prayer reinterpreted : an analysis of this cultic didache by Clement of Alexandria (Stomateis VII) and Tertullian (De oratione) / 1
BV9999.E76 The great revival in Bourbon County, Kentucky / 1
BV9999.E91 Pragmatism and idealism in the professions : the case of Richard Clarke Cabot, 1869-1939 / 1
BV9999.H756 The soul as virgin wife : Meister Eckhart and the Beguine mystics, Mechthild of Magdeburg and Marguerite Porete / 1
BV9999.M25 Nobility and annihilation in Marguerite Porete's Mirror of Simple Souls / 1
BV9999.N23 The soul's society : genre, community, and identity in early Stuart devotional literature / 1
BV9999.R81 Christian statesmanship in the first missionary-ecumenical generation / 1
BV9999.W372 Being and becoming before God : a theological ethical account of right self love / 1
BV9999.W87 "The poor woman" : a critical analysis of Asian theology and contemporary Chinese fiction by women / 1
BV9999 Aaron The religious basis of collective action in rural and urban life. 1
BV9999 Ackiss The county work of the Young Men's Christian Association in the United States 1
BV9999 Anderson The political ethics of Karl Barth and Reinhold Niebuhr.
The urban revivalists, 1880-1910.
A comparative analysis of the methods of sermon preparation and delivery of twenty contemporary preachers.
The behavior of Protestantism in an urban industrial area.
The attitude of rural young people toward the church.
Construction of a curriculum guide on one-world living for intermediates.
Free spirits, presumptuous women, and false prophets : the discernment of spirits in the late Middle Ages /
BV9999 Appleton The Center for Adult Learning: description and critique of a project in adult Christian education. 1
BV9999 Armstrong Modern mission methods after a century of work in Burma. 1
BV9999 Arnold The place of theology in the modern university in the thought of John Henry Newman and William Adams Brown. 1
BV9999 Ashby Christian missions and their approach to contemporary primitive cultures.
Results in England of the evangelical revival.
BV9999 Aston Curriculum content of religious education for later adolescence. 1
BV9999 Ault An analysis of the process of therapy through counceling in terms of creativity, with implications for a pastoral theology. 1
BV9999 Azlein The rural church: a story of change. 1
BV9999 Bachmeyer The communication of ethical insight to moral agents : an assessment of contemporary theological ethics. 1
BV9999 Baldus The use of the Bible in modern preaching. 1
BV9999 Baldwin Preaching as group counseling. 1
BV9999 Barber A study of six senior high school young people's societies of Elgin, Illinois. 1
BV9999 Barnes John R. Mott : a conversionist in a pluralist world / 1
BV9999 Barnett An adult program for a rural church. 1
BV9999 Barton A church program as determined by the character of its membership. 1
BV9999 Basinger Arthur E Holt: the man and his social ethics. 1
BV9999 Beahm Factors in the development of the student volunteer movement for foreign missions. 1
BV9999 Bechtold Opportunities, selection and training for religious vocations. 1
BV9999 Beckman The rhetoric of religious experience in Mechthild of Magdeburg's Fliessende Licht der Gottheit / 1
BV9999 Beebe Confession as a technique in the care of souls. 1
BV9999 Bell The problem of preaching.
Preaching to town and gown.
BV9999 Bentley Prayer and naturalistic theism. 1
BV9999 Bernard The modern development of religious education in the Protestant Episcopal church. 1
BV9999 Berry The home life in the American city.
City missions.
BV9999 Beynon The twentieth century minister. 1
BV9999 Billman The religious use of motion pictures 1
BV9999 Birdwell Person perception and its implications for Christian education. 1
BV9999 Bjornberg Church work as a profession for women. 1
BV9999 Blakeway Developments and tendencies in week day religious education. 1
BV9999 Blocker The educational value of giving. 1
BV9999 Blough Materials for the rural adult Bible class. 1
BV9999 Blyth A study of the use of the ideas of God and Jesus at kindergarten-age level. 1
BV9999 Bolin The religious adjustments of the newcomer girl in Chicago. 1
BV9999 Botkin The theological and literary requirements of a contemporary Christian Passion play: the drama of Christ, tragedy, yet more than a tragedy. 1
BV9999 Bower Desecration of the Sabbath in our cities. 1
BV9999 Boyack Evelyn Underhill's interpretation of the spiritual life. 1
BV9999 Boyer The rural community from the pastoral point of view. 1
BV9999 Bracken The student work of the Y.M.C.A. 1
BV9999 Breshears Influence of recent curriculum trends upon group graded lessons. 1
BV9999 Brinton A history of the missionary efforts of the Methodist Episcopal church in the Eastern South America conference. 1
BV9999 Britt The educational aspect of the YMCA of North America. 1
BV9999 Brokaw The Sunday school in the Protestant Christian churches of China. 1
BV9999 Brown The problem of the country church. 1
BV9999 Browne Gracious acts : ritual and protestant worship / 1
BV9999 Bryan The mass movement towards Christianity in India. 1
BV9999 Bullock The use of radio transcriptions in the church school curriculum. 1
BV9999 Bundy Fall from grace : religion and the communal ideal in two suburban villages, 1870-1917 / 1
BV9999 Burdick Elements of power preaching. 1
BV9999 Burkhart The rise of the Christian priesthood.
The supervision of state young people's work.