Call Number Title Count
BT9999.B67 With what sort of body : pastoral concerns with and Pauline perspectives on the nature of life after death / 1
BT9999.B748 Toward a new Christian theology of nature : a critical comparison of Rosemary Radford Ruether, Joseph Sittler, and Juergen Moltmann / 1
BT9999.B79 Genetic intervention : a theological and ethical response / 1
BT9999.C24 "A seed of religion" : a study in the theologies of Calvin and Schleiermacher / 1
BT9999.C29 The light of the word : a comparative study of the phenomenon of revelation / 1
BT9999.C78 Luther, Paracelsus, and the spirit / 1
BT9999.H51 American Protestantism and the rise of American sociology : a contextual study of varieties of secularization / 1
BT9999.H81 Reclaiming the covenant : the eco-justice movement as practical theology / 1
BT9999.K42 The role of divine incomprehensibility in von Balthasar's The glory of the Lord / 1
BT9999.K74 Beyond God the father--toward a trinitarian theology of the cross : the challange of Mary Daly and resources in the works of Jürgen Habermas and Paul Ricoeur for contemporary christian theology / 1
BT9999.L48 Toward a contemporary wisdom Christology : a study of Karl Rahner and Norman Pittenger / 1
BT9999.M21 The doctrine of the incarnation in Hans Urs von Balthasar : the Christologial-mystical analogies as key to his interpretation / 1
BT9999.M23 God the center : moral objectivity in Jonathan Edwards and H. Richard Niebuhr / 1
BT9999.M44 The challenge of tragedy for the human good : the Augustinian proposals of Reinhold Niebuhr and Hannah Arendt / 1
BT9999.M62 Ethics and transcendence : Rosemary Ruether, Sharon Welch, and Reinhold Niebuhr / 1
BT9999.P82 God's wounds : structure and dynamism in the Christian symbol of divine suffering / 1
BT9999.S39 The content and coherence of Roman Catholic encyclical social teaching : 1740-1987 / 1
BT9999.W87 Humanity has been a holy thing : toward a contemporary feminist Christology / 1
BT9999.Z18 The testimony of the conscience in the theology of Martin Luther and John Calvin : a comparative study / 1
BT9999 Aden The vicious inevitability of sin: a theological and a psychoanalytic study of human bondage. 1
BT9999 Anderson Theodicy in a new key : the problem of consent to the negative in a technological culture /
A comparison of John Calvin's conception of salvation with that of John Wesley.
BT9999 Ariel American premillennialism and its attitudes towards the Jewish people, Judaism and Zionism, 1875-1925 / 1
BT9999 Aune The cultic setting of realized eschatology in the early Church. 1
BT9999 Ayscue The doctrine of the English deists. 1
BT9999 Baehr A theological interpretation of the process of recovery from alcoholism. 1
BT9999 Bain The compatibility of rational and irrational action in the theology of Saint Thomas Aquinas and the ego psychology of Heinz Hartmann. 1
BT9999 Banks Limitation and self-worth in psychotherapy and salvation. 1
BT9999 Barnes A preliminary study of the relationship of the worship of the mother-goddess in Mediterranean lands to the worship of Mary, mother of Jesus 1
BT9999 Barrett A study and comparison of the theological material and method of William Newton Clarke and P. Lobstein. 1
BT9999 Bartlett Criteria for the sign "God" in empirical religious inquiry / 1
BT9999 Bateson A historical treatment of the doctrine of Chiliasm. 1
BT9999 Bauer The philosophy of religion of Karl Barth. 1
BT9999 Becker The self-giving God : trinitarian historicality and kenosis in the theology of Johann von Hofmann / 1
BT9999 Behner The personal and social aspects of the atonement.
The theology of the early evangelical movement.
BT9999 Benne Toward a theory of responsibility : a critique of four proposals. 1
BT9999 Bennett Crisis, revitalization, and religious politics in Portugal (1917-1932) : the Fatima apparitions and the Catholic counter revolution / 1
BT9999 Blakemore The definition, in recent psychology of religion, of the structure and function of faith. 1
BT9999 Blanchard Revaluations of Jesus studied in the modernist movement of the Church of England.
The Kingdom of God.
BT9999 Bloesch Reinhold Niebuhr's re-evaluation of the apologetic task. 1
BT9999 Bockus The self and Christ : a study of Carl Jung's psychology of the self and its bearing on Christology. 1
BT9999 Bosley The place of tentativeness in current Christian theism.
The place of tentativeness in theology.
BT9999 Bovington Modern conceptions of the mystical presence of Christ in the believer. 1
BT9999 Bradshaw The evolution of the Nicene creed / 1
BT9999 Bream The cross : a study in historical revelation. 1
BT9999 Brennan Faith and illness : the need for a new pastoral theology of illness / 1
BT9999 Browne God as creator and redeemer. 1
BT9999 Buckley Brief exposition of Augustine's tract on Trinity. 1
BT9999 Buhring Resistance and redemption : concepts of God, freedom, and ethics in African American theology and Jewish theology / 1
BT9999 Burwell Differences between the Alexandrian and the Antiochan schools of theology. 1
BT9999 Cahill Euthanasia : a Catholic and a Protestant perspective / 1
BT9999 Cairns The concept of eternity. 1
BT9999 Caldwell The social attitude of modern premillenialism. 1
BT9999 Calkins A comparative study of the conceptions of God as presented by Hocking and Jones. 1
BT9999 Campbell The development of the social gospel in the student volunteer movement of America ... 1
BT9999 Carr Questioning idols : divine countenance in trauma and conversion / 1
BT9999 Castelein Standing on the promises of God : the contribution of fundamental theology to Peter Berger's quest for non-projected transcendence / 1
BT9999 Chan The theological imagination of Choan-Seng Song : a constructive study of Christian theology in Asia / 1
BT9999 Chopp The interruption of interpretation : the function and claims of suffering in liberation and political theologies / 1
BT9999 Cobb The independence of Christian faith from speculative beliefs. 1
BT9999 Cole The psychology of the fundamentalist movement.
Some principles of an empirical theology.