Call Number Title Count
BS9999.A648 The civic responsibility of Israelite and Judaean kingship / 1
BS9999.C35 Confronting death : the story of Gethsemane in Mark 14:32-42 and its historical legacy / 1
BS9999.C63 "He meant to pass them by" (Mk 6:48) : the aloofness of Jesus in Mark / 1
BS9999.D553 Paul on marriage and celibacy : the Hellenistic background of 1 Corinthians 7 / 1
BS9999.G42 Jesus and the anomalous frightful : Mark 4:35-6:56 / 1
BS9999.H15 Habakkuk among the prophets / 1
BS9999.H735 The godly polity in the light of prophecy : a study of Eusebius of Caesarea's Commentary on Isaiah / 1
BS9999.J24 Logos and law in the Letter of James : the law of nature, the law of Moses, and the law of freedom / 1
BS9999.K15 Punishment displacement in the Hebrew Bible / 1
BS9999.K274 The authentication of missionaries and their message in the longer ending of Mark (Mark 16:9-20) / 1
BS9999.K62 The author of John and the gospel of Mark / 1
BS9999.L42 Archaic features of Canaanite personal names in the Hebrew Bible / 1
BS9999.L85 Simile, metaphor, and the Song of Songs / 1
BS9999.M348 Metaphor and composition in 1 Peter / 1
BS9999.M49 Paul and the rhetoric of reconciliation : an exegetical investigation of the language and composition of 1 Corinthians / 1
BS9999.N69 "Where are you from?" (John 19:9) : Johannine characterization and the significance of origin / 1
BS9999.O93 Suffering from 'aleph to taw : the imagery of suffering in the book of Lamentations / 1
BS9999.P235 The mission discourse in the gospel of Matthew / 1
BS9999.R29 The "strong" and the "weak" in Rome and in Paul's theology / 1
BS9999.R302 The mission of Jesus according to the Gospel by John. 1
BS9999.S69 Leshon Limmudim : the poetics of allusion in Isaiah 40-66 / 1
BS9999.T61 Daniel and the revolutionaries : the use of the Daniel tradition by Jewish resistance movements of late second-temple Palestine / 1
BS9999.W23 Paul's offer of leniency (2 Cor 10:1) : populist ideology and rhetoric in a Pauline letter fragment (2 Cor 10:1-13:10) / 1
BS9999.W25 The authority of the scriptures for Christian theology : resources from the evangelical, African American, feminist and womanist traditions / 1
BS9999.W61 Love your enemies : sixteenth century interpretations / 1
BS9999.W74 Present patterns, past tense : structuring history, law and society in London, British Library Cotton Claudius B.iv / 1
BS9999 Adsett The dying and rising God of the Psalter. 1
BS9999 Ahearne-Kroll Joseph and Aseneth and Jewish identity in Greco-Roman Egypt /
The suffering of David and the suffering of Jesus : the use of four psalms of individual lament in the passion narrative of the Gospel of Mark /
BS9999 Aldinger The Paulist concept Holy Spirit. 1
BS9999 Alexanian The Armenian version in Luke and the question of the Caesarean text / 1
BS9999 Amy The Messianic hope in Israel previous to the exile. 1
BS9999 Anderson Jesus' conception of God.
The Fatherhood of God.
An exegesis of Romans III : 21-26.
Over and over and over again : studies in Matthean repetition /
BS9999 Andrews The genesis of the ethical teaching of Paul. 1
BS9999 andrews The Aramaic relative particle and the problem of translation Greek 1
BS9999 Archibald The Epistle to the Hebrews 1
BS9999 Arndt The early apologists and the New Testament canon. 1
BS9999 Arnott Biblical criticism and constructive theology: an essay in the history of biblical interpretation in the twentieth century. 1
BS9999 Asher Polarity and change in 1 Corinthians 15 : a study of metaphysics, rhetoric, and resurrection / 1
BS9999 Aston Miracles of the Fourth Gospel. 1
BS9999 Atkinson The feasts of passion week. 1
BS9999 Aubrey A sketch of the development of the idea of God in the pre-exilic prophets. 1
BS9999 Baab The character of the Greek translation Genesis. 1
BS9999 Bailey Dikaiodynē theou. A study in interpretation. 1
BS9999 Baker The condition of the exiles in Babylon. 1
BS9999 Baldwin Whose Acts of Peter? text and historical context of the Actus Vercellenses / 1
BS9999 Ball Jesus and the law. 1
BS9999 Balzer The relation of Jesus to Judaism and John the Baptist according to the fourth Gospel. 1
BS9999 Barclay The Pauline doctrine of immortality. 1
BS9999 Barnds The background of form-criticism. 1
BS9999 Barnett The religious aspects of Jesus' ethical teaching.
The use of the letters of Paul in pre-Catholic Christian literature.
The religious aspect of Jesus' ethical teaching /
BS9999 Barr A comparison and contrast of the Canaanite world view and the Old Testament world view. 1
BS9999 Barrett The Messianic element in the Psalter. 1
BS9999 Barrick The word bmh in the Old Testament / 1
BS9999 Barta The poetical element in the book of Micah 1
BS9999 Bartel The Chinese Bible: being a historical survey of its translation, 1
BS9999 Barton The Jewish idea of immortality prior to 160 B.C. 1
BS9999 Bassford The teachings of Jesus on the character of God as a basis of ethical conduct. 1
BS9999 Beardslee Man in history in the thought of Paul. 1
BS9999 Beare The First epistle of Peter : introduction, translation, and commentary. 1
BS9999 Beath Statesmanship of the prophets 1