Call Number Title Count
BR9999 Studies in the elasticity of demand for steel. 1
BR9999.C12 Augustine's construction of figurative exegesis against the Donatists in the Enarrationes in Psalmos / 1
BR9999.C61 Russian peasant religion and its repression : the Christ-faith [Khristovshchina] and the origins of the "flagellant" myth, 1666-1837 / 1
BR9999.K17 Revolutionary millenarianism in the modern world : from Christian Identity to Gush Emunim / 1
BR9999.L26 Historicality and repentance : a philosophical reconstruction of Reinhold Niebuhr's Christian anthropology / 1
BR9999.S677 Paradise Joe's : Seattle Pacific, evangelical religion, and American culture / 1
BR9999 Allen Luther's German Bible. 1
BR9999 Altizer Nature and grace in the theology of St Augustine. 1
BR9999 Anderman Transformation : a participant-observation study of the transformation of values and symbols in a local congregation / 1
BR9999 Anderson Divine aid for life on earth in Christianity down to 180 A.D. 1
BR9999 Andrews The father's discipline : religious ideas and social roles in Clement of Alexandria / 1
BR9999 Antommaria Not quite good enough : a critical reading of Paul Ramsey's medical indications policy / 1
BR9999 Arnot The religion significance of early adolescence. 1
BR9999 Atwood The attitudes of Negro ministers of the major denominations in Chicago toward racial division in American Protestantism. 1
BR9999 Baepler The Biblical interpretation of Tertullian. 1
BR9999 Baker The function of religion in relating specific and ultimate objectives in socio-economic conflict ... /
The function of religion in relating specific and ultimate objectives in socio-economic conflict.
BR9999 Barker A study of the impact of Detroit Industrial Mission upon five selected areas of Detroit industry and labor : 1964-1968 / 1
BR9999 Barkwell The clergy reserves in upper Canada : a study in the separation of church and state, 1791-1854. 1
BR9999 Barr The status of churches in Pennsylvania in 1775. 1
BR9999 Bartak The beginnings of Protestant thought in Bohemia. 1
BR9999 Bartley Itinerary in the middle and the southern American colonies, 1740-1776. 1
BR9999 Barton Persecution to toleration : a case of conscience / 1
BR9999 Beck Status of the church in Georgia during the Revolutionary War.
The religion value of the fourth gospel.
Status of the church in Georgia during the revolutionary war.
BR9999 Becker A critical study of client-centered therapy with reference to its assumptions and its contributions to the Christian doctrine of man. 1
BR9999 Beckman The right wing and the Christian faith. 1
BR9999 Beker Prophecy and the Spirit in the Apostolic Fathers. 1
BR9999 Bennett Christianity, secularism, and human welfare : a study of Christian social service in postwar Britain. 1
BR9999 Benton Primitive Christian organization. 1
BR9999 Berg Interreligious dialogue : the option of faith / 1
BR9999 Bergendoff The Protestant churches and American foreign relations since 1914. 1
BR9999 Bergman Public religion in revolutionary America : Ezra Stiles, Devereux Jarratt, and John Witherspoon / 1
BR9999 Berkey An estimate of Luther's theology after four hundred years. 1
BR9999 Bernhard Charles Chauncy: colonial liberal, 1705-87. 1
BR9999 Bertram The human subject as the object of theology: Luther by way of Barth. 1
BR9999 Black The economic factor in the German reformation. 1
BR9999 Blackwell The comical as a theological concept / 1
BR9999 Blakemore Sociological behaviorism and religious personality /
Religious experience in terms of sociological behaviorism.
The Christian attitude toward criminal punishment.
BR9999 Blodgett The separation of church and state in Massachusetts. 1
BR9999 Blough Missionary methods of early Christianity. 1
BR9999 Bode The social and economic ethics of the early English reformers. 1
BR9999 Bohle Some religious factors in female sex delinquency. 1
BR9999 Borland The Cursor Mundi and Herman's Bible. 1
BR9999 Bornstein The Bianchi of 1399 : popular devotion and orthodoxy in late medieval Italy / 1
BR9999 Boulton The end of liturgy : Karl Barth, Martin Luther, and a theology of invocation / 1
BR9999 Breyfogle Two loves, two cities : intellectus and voluntas in Augustine's political thought / 1
BR9999 Brimson The effect of immigration on religion. 1
BR9999 Brown The contribution of John Hooper to the English reformation. 1
Br9999 Brown The contribution of John Hooper to the English reformation. 1
BR9999 Bruce Ideological characteristics associated with the renunciation of religion : a study of apostate college youth. 1
BR9999 Brumfield Religion as being interpreted in Nashville among Negroes. 1
BR9999 Buck Agitation for Welsh disestablishment. 1
BR9999 Burden Reborn Chinese : persistence, transformation, and religious experience in North China, 1860-1937 / 1
BR9999 Burgess The problem of Scripture and political affairs as reflected in the Puritan revolution : Samuel Rutherford, Thomas Goodwin, John Goodwin, and Gerrard Winstanley / 1
BR9999 Burns Is there any one permanent type of Christian experience. 1
BR9999 Campbell A study in the relation of theology and sociology: the method of correlation applied to ministers' conceptions of the relation between church and culture.
Jewish persecution of the Christians during the first two centuries.
BR9999 Carleton Southern church leadership in the emergence of sectionalism and schism, 1800-1850 / 1
BR9999 Carlson The interpretation of Luther in modern Swedish theology /
The interpretation of Luther in modern Swedish theology.
Toward a post-inclusivist theology /
BR9999 Carman The emperor Julian and the religious question. 1
BR9999 Chandler Place of William Law in the religious life and thought of England in the 18th century.
The social basis of Augustine's doctrine of sin and salvation.
BR9999 Clague Exodus and resurrection, the appropariation of a historical faith / 1