Call Number Title Count
BQ10999.H32 Disappearing in the crowd, or how Taiwanese pilgrimages became culture / 1
BQ10999.K55 Wisdom divine : the visual representation of Prajñā in Pāla-period Buddhism / 1
BQ10999.M59 Why do Americans practice Zen Buddhism? / 1
BQ10999.W23 Rethinking Buddhist missions / 1
BQ10999 Arnold Mīmāṃsakas and Mādhyamikas against the Buddhist epistemologists : a comparative study of two Indian answers to the question of justification / 1
BQ10999 Beise A critical analysis of Buddhist inclusivism towards religious others / 1
BQ10999 Blackburn The play of the teaching in the life of the Sasana : Sārārthadīpanī in eighteenth-century Sri Lanka / 1
BQ10999 Borchert Educating monks : Buddhism, politics and freedom of religion on China's southwest border / 1
BQ10999 Capper Why do Americans practice Tibetan Buddhism? / 1
BQ10999 Carbine An ethic of continuity : Shwegyin monks and the Sāsana in contemporary Burma/Myanmar / 1
BQ10999 Chou The translation of the Dazhidulun : Buddhist evolution in China in the early fifth century / 1
BQ10999 Collier Ornamenting intentions : intention and implication in Buddhist hermeneutics / 1
BQ10999 Deegalle Mahinda Baṇa : Buddhist preaching in Sri Lanka (special focus on the two-pulpit tradition) / 1
BQ10999 Egge Sacrifice and purification : the meanings of religious giving in Theravāda Buddhism / 1
BQ10999 Gifford Picturing the path : the visual rhetoric of Barabudur / 1
BQ10999 Gold Intellectual gatekeeper : Sa-Skya Paṇḍita envisions the ideal scholar / 1
BQ10999 Harrison Encountering Amida : Jōdo Shinshū sermons in eighteenth century Japan / 1
BQ10999 Nance Models of teaching and the teaching of models : contextualizing Indian Buddhist commentary / 1
BQ10999 Pagis Cultivating selves : Vipassana meditation and the microsociology of experience / 1
BQ10999 Rotman Monks, merchants, and a moral economy : visual culture and the practice of faith in the Divyāvadāna / 1
BQ10999 Shirkey The moral economy of the Petavatthu : hungry ghosts and Theravāda Buddhist cosmology / 1
BQ10999 Turner Buddhism, colonialism and the boundaries of religion : Theravada Buddhism in Burma, 1885-1920 / 1
BQ10999 Veidlinger Spreading the dhamma : the written word and the transmission of Pali texts in pre-modern Northern Thailand / 1
BQ10999 Wilson Charming cadavers : horrific figurations of the feminine in Post-Aśokan Buddhist literature / 1
BQV190.C265 Julii Caponi ... Institutiones canonicæ, juxta familiarem tractandi juris canonici rationem & methodum. 1
BR 1 The Sixteenth century journal 1
BR1 A svvete and devovte sermon of holy saynt Ciprian of mortalitie of man. The rules of a Christian lyfe made by Picus erle of Mirandula,
The theology of Saint John Damascene's De fide orthodoxa.
The Adviser, or, Vermont evangelical magazine
Herald of gospel liberty
The Christian's weekly monitor
The Christian's monitor
Christian repository
The circular
Gospel palladium
The Monthly miscellany
The New-England missionary magazine
The New-England telegraph and eclectic review
The Radical
The Reformer
The Reformer and Christian
The Religious miscellany
The Religious monitor, and evangelical repository
The Religious repository
The Roanoke religious correspondent, or Monthly evangelical visitant
The royal spiritual magazine; or, the Christian's grand treasure
The Pilgrim, or Monthly visitor
The spiritual magazine, or, Gospel treasury
Sunday visitant, or, Weekly repository of Christian knowledge
The Theological and literary journal
Utica Christian magazine
The Utica Christian repository
The Witness
BR1.A1B86 Bulletin of the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies. 1
BR1.A1C73 Communio. 1
BR1.A1M87 al-Mushīr. 1
BR1.A1S210 Scrinium 1
BR1.A24 The Advocate of Christian holiness. 1
BR1.A26 Acta theologica. 1
BR1.A45 The almoner : a periodical religious publication.
A second address to the people of Litchfield County /
The danger of delay. : [Two lines from 2 Corinthians].
The divinity of Christ, : the atonement, and some other important religious subjects briefly considered. /
BR1.A49 American journal of theology & philosophy. 1
BR1.A5 The American journal of theology / 1
BR1.A5 v.2 The origin and development of the Old Catholic movement / 1
BR1.A5 v.16 The office of apostle in the early church / 1
BR1.A51 The Journal of religion / 1
BR1.A55 The Andover review; a religious and theological monthly. 1
BR1 .A56 The anti-socialist gazette and Christian advocate
The antidote
BR1.A8 Asia journal of theology. 1
BR1.B59 Bibliotheca sacra : or, Tracts and essays on topics connected with Biblical literature and theology / 1
BR1.B6 Bibliotheca sacra; a religious and sociological quarterly. 1
BR1.B61P4 Review of the Bibliotheca sacra / 1
BR1.B82 Breakthrough; a student Christian review. 1
BR1.C2 The Canadian journal of religious thought. 1
BR1.C22 Canadian journal of theology.
Canadian journal of theology
BR1.C221 Studies in religion. Sciences religieuses. 1
BR1.C42 Chongshin theological journal. 1
BR1.C44 Christendom.
BR1.C45 The Christian century; a journal of religion. 1
BR1.C450 Suppl. A Century of the Century / 1
BR1.C46 The Christian disciple and theological review. 1
BR1.C47 The Christian examiner.
Christian philanthropist devoted to literature and religion.
The Christian reformer, or, Evangelical miscellany
The Christian review
The Christian visitor
The Christian's magazine, reviewer, and religious intelligencer
The Christian cabinet, or, Treasury of divine knowledge
The Christian herald
The Christian messenger
The Christian messenger being a miscellaneous work directed to the improvement of the human mind, in prose and verse.
The Christian monitor
The Christian monitor a religious periodical work.
The Christian monitor, and religious intelligencer
BR1.C474 The Christian friend.
Christian chronicle
BR1.C485 The Christian news-letter
The Christian herald and seaman's magazine.
BR1.C512 The Christian magazine, 1
BR1.C514 The Christian monitor and theological review. 1
BR1.C53 Christian scholar's review. 1