Call Number Title Count
BP999.H55 Shāh Walī Allāh's theory of religion in Ḥujjat Allāh al-bāligha : with a translation of Volume I of Ḥujjat Allāh al-bāligha / 1
BP999.W56 Applying the canon : the authorization and maintenance of interpretive reasoning in Sunnī Fiqh scholarship / 1
BP999 Abd-Allah Mālik's concept of ʻAmal in the light of Mālikī legal theory / 1
BP999 Aherns The Ahmadiyya movement. 1
BP999 Ahmed The "business" of culture : morality and practice in Islamic finance / 1
BP999 Azizy Ikhtilāf among Muslim jurists : a translation and analysis of al-Ṭaḥāwī's chapter on "judiciary and testimonies" in his Ikhtilāf al-Fuqahāʼ / 1
BP999 Betteridge Ziärat, pilgrimage to the shrines of Shiraz / 1
BP999 Bridges Islam in Egypt 1
BP999 Brown Rethinking tradition : modern discussions of Sunna in Egypt and Pakistan /
The canonization of al-Bukhārī and Muslim : the formation and function of the Sunni ḥadīth canon /
BP999 Campo Muslim homes : the religious significance of domestic space / 1
BP999 Caza Challenging modernity : theorizing the "New Age" as political ideology and social engagement / 1
BP999 Cook The beginnings of Islam in Syria during the Umayyad period / 1
BP999 Deinard The doctrine of revelation in the Koran. 1
BP999 Denny Community and salvation: the meaning of the Ummah in the Qur'ān. 1
BP999 Eccel Rapidly increasing societal scale and secularization : a century of higher Muslim education and the professions in Egypt / 1
BP999 Ewing The pir or Sufi saint in Pakistani Islam / 1
BP999 Fadel Adjudication in the Mālikī Madhhab : a study of legal process in Medieval Islamic law / 1
BP999 Fernando French citizens of Muslim faith : Islam, secularism, and the politics of difference in contemporary France / 1
BP999 Fussell Muslim methods of propagating the faith. 1
BP999 Gade An envy of goodness : learning to recite the Qur'an in modern Indonesia / 1
BP999 Gaffney Shaykh, khutba and masjid : the role of the local Islamic preacher in Upper Egypt / 1
BP999 Grice Critical appraisal of Musailimah. 1
BP999 Haq The Faith Movement of Mawlānā Muḥammad Ilyās 1
BP999 Higgins The Qurʼanic exchange of the self in the poetry of Shūrāt (Khārijī) political identity : 37-132 A.H./657-750 A.D. / 1
BP999 Hodgson A dissident community in medieval Islam: a general history of the Nizârî Ismâʻîlîs in the Alamut period. 1
BP999 Hoffman The theological development of the concept of the unity of God in Islam from A.D. 750 to 950 / 1
BP999 Hunter The development of an Islamic tradition of learning among the Jahanka of West Africa / 1
BP999 Hussain A developmental analysis of depictions of the events of Karbalāʼ in early Islamic history / 1
BP999 Hutton Social influence in the development of Mohammedanism. 1
BP999 Khadduri Law of war & peace in Islam 1
BP999 Kueny A drink of many colors : altered states of wine in Islam / 1
BP999 Kurtog{0306}lu Toleration of the intolerants? : accommodation of political Islam in the Muslim world / 1
BP999 Lee The influence of Islam upon the Malays of the Dutch East Indies. 1
BP999 Lowin The making of a forefather : Abraham in Islamic and Jewish exegetical narratves / 1
BP999 Lucas The arts of ḥadīth compilation and criticism : a study of the emergence of sunnism in the third/ninth century / 1
BP999 Maarif Islam as the basis of state : a study of the Islamic political ideas as reflected in the Constituent Assembly debates in Indonesia / 1
BP999 Majid Ibn Taymiyya on Kalām and Falsafa : a problem of reason and revelation in Islam / 1
BP999 Mumtaz Class, religion and power : some aspects of Islamic revivalism in Pakistan / 1
BP999 Olson Heavenly journeys, earthly concerns : the legacy of the Miʻraj in the formation of Islam / 1
BP999 Partin The Muslim pilgrimage: journey to the center. 1
BP999 Perry The Chicago Baha'i community, 1921-1939 / 1
BP999 Powers Intentionality in medieval Islamic law / 1
BP999 Rinaldo Mobilizing piety : women, Islam, and the public sphere in Indonesia / 1
BP999 Scherer Al-Ghazali's Ayyuha 'l-walad. 1
BP999 Shaery-Eisenlohr Constructing Lebanese Shiʿite nationalism : transnationalism, shiʿism, and the Lebanese state / 1
BP999 Singh The contribution of Sir Muhammad Iqbal to modern Islamic thought. 1
BP999 Takeshita Ibn ʻArabi's theory of the perfect man and its place in the history of Islamic thought / 1
BP999 Terkan Recurrence of the perennial encounter? : Al-Ghàzalï and Ibn Rushd on God's knowledge / 1
BP999 Wan Daud The concept of knowledge in Islam and its implications on the national system of education in the Malaysian context / 1
BP999 Waugh Religious levitation and the Muslim experience: a study in the flight symbolism of intermediary figures and other images in medieval Islam. 1
BP999 Whitehead What does scientology auditing do? / 1
BP999 Winter The Shiite emirates of Ottoman Syria : (mid-17th--mid-18th century) / 1
BP999 Zaman The evolution of a hadith : transmission, growth and the science of rijal in a hadith of Saʻd b. Abi Waqqas / 1
BPitch 1 Berlin calling the soundtrack / 1
BQ1 Cone Tanjur.
An historical study of the terms Hinayāna and Mahāyāna and the origin of Mahāyāna Buddhism
BQ1.S65 Sōka Daigaku Kokusai Bukkyōgaku Kōtō Kenkyūjo nenpō = Annual report of the International Research Institute for Advanced Buddhology at Soka University. 1
BQ1.S78 Studies in central and east Asian religions : journal of the Seminar for Buddhist Studies, Copenhagen & Aarhus. 1
BQ1.V47 Vesak sirisara. 1
BQ 2 Rasavāhinī, Jambudipuppattivatthu : an edition together with an English translation / 1
BQ2 Journal of Buddhist ethics
Buddhistic studies