Call Number Title Count
BM999 The making of a sage : the rabbinic ethics of Abot de Rabbi Natan / 1
BM999.D73 Power and praise in the Hodayot : a literary critical study of 1QH 9:1-18:14 / 1
BM999.H23 A realignment in heaven : an investigation into the ideology of the Josianic Reform / 1
BM999.S88 From rebuke to consolation : exegesis and theology in the liturgical anthology of the Ninth of Av season / 1
BM999.W81 The temple scroll : its composition, date, purpose and provenance / 1
BM999 Anderson The concept of life after death in Judaism from the close of the writing of the Old Testament canon to the close of the writing of the Talmud. 1
BM999 Baron Death in Jewish folk religion. 1
BM999 Bos Josephus' presentation of first-century Judaism. 1
BM999 Copulsky Between exile and redemption : political theology and the shaping of modern Jewish thought / 1
BM999 Cosgrove Teyku : the insoluble contradictions in the life and thought of Louis Jacobs / 1
BM999 Culbertson The sect of the Pharisees. 1
BM999 Derwacter The proselyte movement in later Judaism. 1
BM999 Deutsch Guardians of the gate : angelic vice regency in late antiquity / 1
BM999 Dohrmann Law and narrative in the Mekilta De-Rabbi Ishmael : the problem of midrashic coherence / 1
BM999 Edelheit An indelicate silence : interfaith marriage and the Jewish-Christian dialogue / 1
BM999 Fish The Pharisees and early Christianity. 1
BM999 Fisher Claiming God : theological predication and its limits in Mekhilta de-Rabbi Ishmael and The star of Redemption / 1
BM999 Gillihan Civic ideology among the covenanters of the Dead Sea scrolls and other Greco-Roman voluntary associations / 1
BM999 Goff The worldly and heavenly wisdom of 4QInstruction / 1
BM999 Green Soothing odors : the transformation of scent in ancient Israelite and ancient Jewish literature / 1
BM999 Haskell Metaphor and symbolic representation : the image of God as a suckling mother in thirteenth century Kabbalah / 1
BM999 Hecht When tradition leads : prayer and participation in the contemporary Jewish egalitarian minyan / 1
BM999 Hemry The relation of Pharisaism to primitive Christianity. 1
BM999 Hishikawa The Jewish parties. 1
BM999 Hoff The meaning of righteousness in first-century Judaism. 1
BM999 Inglis Hellenistic influence on Palestinian Judaism in the time of Jesus. 1
BM999 Janowitz Poetic devices and theories of divine language in a rabbinic ascent text / 1
BM999 Kanarek Let the story remain with us : Biblical narrative and the formation of rabbinic law / 1
BM999 Lessly Jewish hostility to early Christianity. 1
BM999 Lieber "Let me sing for my beloved" : transformations of the Song of Songs in synagogal poetry / 1
BM999 Long The origin and development of the Hebrew Sabbath 1
BM999 Markowitz An approach to a curriculum of religious education for a Reform Jewish community in the middle West, 1
BM999 Peterson Missionary methods of Judaism in the early Roman empire ... 1
BM999 Praglin The Rabbinate after Freud : American rabbinical responses to psychological thought and practice, 1912-1980 / 1
BM999 Prell Strategies in conflict situations : ritual and redress in an urban Jewish prayer community / 1
BM999 Sacks "In His hand is a sceptre of fire and a veil is spread before Him" : Pirke de-Rabbi Eliezer and the exposition of medieval midrash / 1
BM999 Sandman The Me̳ŠŌB̲ĒB̲ Ne̳T̲ĪB̲ŌT̲ (משובב נתיבות) of Samuel Ibn Matut ("Motot") : introductory excursus, critical edition, and annotated translation / 1
BM999 Sax Language and Jewish renewal : Franz Rosenzweig's hermeneutic of citation / 1
BM999 Schorsch The making of a legend : Louis Ginzberg's Legends of the Jews / 1
BM999 Shaffer Divine forgiveness in first century Judaism. 2
BM999 Shapiro The recovery of the sacred : hermeneutics and theology after the Holocaust / 1
BM999 Spinner After the Temple, before the world : redefining sacrifice in ancient and medieval Judaism / 1
BM999 Stoffer The points of contact between the Hebrew and Persian conceptions of immortality. 1
BM999 Szadzunski The Talmudical Writings as a source for Parthian and Sassanid history. 1
BM999 Taylor The educational work of the Scribes in the first century A.D.
The educational work of the scribes in the first century A. D.
BM999 Vehse Foundations of the reform movement in Hamburg : German Judaism in transition during the early 19th century / 1
BM999 Waite The Sabbath of the primitive Hebrews : its origin and character. 1
BM999 Weisfeld Labor legislation in the Talmud and the Bible. 1
BM999 Woodward Hebrew idea of immortality 1
BM999 Wright, C. G The wall between Jew and Gentile. 1
BMC 1 The Leó Weiner album 1
BMC 2 Vocal works 1
BMC 3 Electrochronicle 1
BMC 4 As I crossed a bridge of dreams 1
BMC 5 Crux gloriosa 1
BMC 6 New music studio = Új Zenei Stúdió / 1
BMC 10158684 Argyélus / 1
BMC 10385901 Schönberg Varèse. 1
BMC 10394963 Perpetual delirium / 1
BMC 10394988 Opera Budapest 1