Call Number Title Count
BL9999.A77 The Svacchandatantram : history and structure of a Śaiva scripture / 1
BL9999.B178 The ecology of grace : ultimacy and environmental ethics in Aldo Leopold and Joseph Sittler / 1
BL9999.B882 Mahāmudrā meditation-stages and contemporary cognitive psychology : a study in comparative psychological hermeneutics / 1
BL9999.B92 Identifying the image of God : a theology of nonviolent power in the antebellum United States / 1
BL9999.B94 Towards an open conversation : phenomenology, history and hermeneutics in the study of religion / 1
BL9999.C18 Chinese accounts of the strange : a study in the history of religions / 1
BL9999.C82 The social sciences and the problem of religion in the modern world : Durkheimian and Freudian perspectives / 1
BL9999.E58 Theravada Buddhist insight meditation and an object relations model of therapeutic-developmental change : a clinical case study of an ethnopsychiatric tradition / 1
BL9999.F87 Christianity and the domination of nature / 1
BL9999.G16 An iconographical analysis of the Bālagopālastuti : early Kr̥s̥n̥abhakti in Gujarat / 1
BL9999.G91 Thailand, the soteriological state in the 1970s / 1
BL9999.H737 The case for Assyrian religious influence in Israel and Judah : inference and evidence / 1
BL9999.K41 Precious scrolls in Chinese popular religious culture / 1
BL9999.K492 The native chief's resistance through myth : a historical and religious study of a myth / 1
BL9999.M158 Exchange and change in Mararoko : a study in Melanesian religion / 1
BL9999.M177 Fleshing out the bones : kinship and cosmology in Naqxi religion / 1
BL9999.M19 The Hittite state cult of the tutelary deities / 1
BL9999.P24 Makers of meaning : the production of temples and images in South India / 1
BL9999.P32 The work of language and the Vedic R̥ṣi : the Bṛhaddevatā as canonical commentary / 1
BL9999.P35 Bhakti through poetry, polity, and philosophy : on the work of culture / 1
BL9999.P69 Mahayana and the meaning of morality : a study of the Chinese monk T'ai-Hsü and his vision for a modern Buddhism / 1
BL9999.R72 Where the Śakti flows : the pilgrimage and cult of Vaiṣṇo Devī / 1
BL9999.S19 Religious group formation in the West Indies : a case study of religious change among Catholics, Pentecostals and Rastafarians in the Commonwealth of Dominica / 1
BL9999.S27 Chaya Maya : the songs and journeys of Nanda Devi / 1
BL9999.S31 Circuits of discipline : production, reproduction, and the work of the Gods in Tsugaru (Northern Japan) / 1
BL9999.S5 Maori cosmogonic thought / 1
BL9999.S85 The biographical images of Kṛṣṇa-Caitanya : a study in the perception of divinity / 1
BL9999.T25 The presentation of Maat : the iconography and theology of an ancient Egyptian offering ritual / 1
BL9999.U73 The "poor company" : secrecy and symbolic power in the Kartābhajā sect of colonial Bengal / 1
BL9999.W58 The other gives rise to self : dog-men on the borders of medieval Europe, India, and China / 1
BL9999.W583 The religious iconography of Cappadocian glyptic in the Assyrian colony period and its significance in the Hittite New Kingdom / 1
BL9999 Adams Paul Tillich's philosophy of culture, science, and religion. 1
BL9999 Ahmed Adjudicating Muslims : law, religion and the state in colonial India and post-colonial Pakistan / 1
BL9999 Alderink Crisis and cosmogony: post-mortem existence in the Eleusinian and Orphic mysteries. 1
BL9999 Allen The recovery of phronesis : its implications for the role of practical reason in theology / 1
BL9999 Altizer A critical analysis of C. G. Jung's understanding of religion. 1
BL9999 Amend The seriousness of Western literature : Erich Auerbach's research and its theological implications. 1
BL9999 Anderson Technologies of pain : the body in hell in the Sanskrit Purāṇas / 1
BL9999 Araki Konkō daijin and Konkō-kyō : a case-study of religious meditation / 1
BL9999 Armstrong The thought of the Vedanta compared with historic Christian theology. 1
BL9999 Ashcraft Buddhistic sympathy. 1
BL9999 Ayres Roman beliefs regarding relations between conduct and a future life. 1
BL9999 Ballantyne After Darwin and the reconciliation of science and religion in nineteenth century North America / 1
BL9999 Bantly The dream of the nine clouds : a Buddhist contribution to the philosophy of religions / 1
BL9999 Bartlett Criteria for the sign 'God' in empirical religious inquiry. 1
BL9999 Bass Astrological speculations and early Christianity. 1
BL9999 Bates Cultural unity and diversity: a study in religio-ethnic relations in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) 1
BL9999 Bathgate The shapeshifter fox : the imagery of transformation and the transformation of imagery in Japanese religion and folklore / 1
BL9999 Beane The goddess Durga-Kali : the structural unity of myth, cult, and symbols. 1
BL9999 Beers Women and sacrifice : male narcissism and the psychology of religion / 1
BL9999 Bell Medieval Taoist ritual mastery : a study in practice, text and rite / 1
BL9999 Belnap Fillets of fatling and goblets of gold : the use of meal events in the ritual imagery of the Ugaritic mythological and epic texts / 1
BL9999 Bensen A contribution to the study of Bhakti.
The religious value of Vaishnava mysticism /
BL9999 Bentley The work of God through suffering arising from egocentricity. 1
BL9999 Berthold The meaning of religious anxiety. 1
BL9999 Bloomer Making Mary : Hinduism, Roman Catholicism and spirit possession in Tamil Nadu, South India / 1
BL9999 Bloss Ancient Indian folk religion as seen through the symbolism of the Nāga. 1
BL9999 Boardman The metaphysical and psychological approach to religion. 1
BL9999 Boell The history and use of the comparative method in the religious sciences. 1
BL9999 Boyack The problem of freedom and responsibility in naturalistic theism. 1