Call Number Title Count
BJ2999.K86 First philosophy and religion in the ethical thought of Levinas / 1
BJ2999.M49 Søren Kierkegaard, William James and the contemporary search for an ideal of humanness : toward a comprehensive perspective on personhood / 1
BJ2999 Adams Modern ethical skepticism / 1
BJ2999 Aden The two functions of guilt: an interpretation formulated through case studies and through the personality theory of Karen Horney. 1
BJ2999 Ahmad A restatement of the problem of the ultimate criterion of good. 1
BJ2999 Ahn Situating the moral self in organizations and corporations : a co-reconstructive study of Jürgen Habermas and Reinhold Niebuhr on the concept of the positional self / 1
BJ2999 Arnold Some ways moral judgment reflects personality. 1
BJ2999 Bain-Selbo Understanding others morally : philosophical hermeneutics and comparative religious ethics / 1
BJ2999 Baum The problem of modern ethics. 1
BJ2999 Becker On proving a man's responsiblilty. 1
BJ2999 Bernas Choosing and maintaining a position on a socio-moral issue : an argumentative reasoning approach / 1
BJ2999 Bishop Points of neutrality in social attitudes of delinquents and non-delinquents / 1
BJ2999 Boatwright Moral judgement and action 1
BJ2999 Brandt Die Christliche Sittenlehre : a reassessment of Schleiermacher's theological-ethical vision / 1
BJ2999 Braxton Historicism and constructive Christian ethics : a critical comparison of the ethics of Stanley Hauerwas and Thomas Ogletree. 1
BJ2999 Brown Stoic cosmopolitanism and the political life /
Imago Dei as a normative element in contemporary Christian ethics, with particular reference to Emil Brunner.
BJ2999 Bucar Creative obedience : feminist ethics from the rhetoric of John Paul II and Ayatollah Khumayni / 1
BJ2999 Buchcik The concept of morals in the philosophies of St. Augustine and John Dewey. 1
BJ2999 Clairmont Moral motivation and comparative ethics : Bonaventure, Buddhaghosa, and the problem of material simplicity / 1
BJ2999 Clark Misery and company : sympathy in everyday life / 1
BJ2999 Cohen A general theory of blaming. 1
BJ2999 Comstock The problem of appropriation : narrative and the Christian moral life / 1
BJ2999 Cornwell The inseparability of rights and virtues in ethical theory / 1
BJ2999 Dedrick An inquiry into the views of first year college women of the University of Chicago regarding their standard of morality. 1
BJ2999 Drennan The moral life in Hegel's Philosophy of right / 1
BJ2999 England Power and value: a study of two views of responsibility. 1
BJ2999 Fimbel The good society : an examination of moral ideals in fictional Utopias / 1
BJ2999 Flanders Responsibility and objectivity / 1
BJ2999 Fox Moral fact and moral theory : a study of some methodological problems in contemporary ethics. 1
BJ2999 Genemaras Responsibility, freedom, and the individual. 1
BJ2999 Gneezy Doing more doing less : consequences of exceeding versus falling short of promises / 1
BJ2999 Gray Foreign features in Jewish law : how Christian and secular moral discourses permeate Halakhah / 1
BJ2999 Green Practical contradictions and the categorical imperative : using nature to typify freedom / 1
BJ2999 Grelle Politics, hegemony, and the comparative study of religious ethics / 1
BJ2999 Grunebaum An analysis of the concept of interest. 1
BJ2999 Hamalis Formed by death : a constructive ethical study of death, fear of death, and remembrance of death in Archimandrite Sophrony Sakharov and Thomas Hobbes / 1
BJ2999 Hammer Three essays on toleration / 1
BJ2999 Hardimon Individual morality and rational social life : a study of Hegel's Ethics / 1
BJ2999 Hartenberg A definition of tolerance. 1
BJ2999 Hill Reproductive technologies confront traditional ethics : the capacity of Richard A. McCormick's reformulated natural law ethic to meet the challenge /
Excuses, "could not," and criminal insanity.
BJ2999 Hiltner Psychotherapy and Christian ethics : an evaluation of the ethical thought of A. E. Taylor and Paul Tillich in the light of psychotherapeutic contributions to ethics by J. C. Flugel and Erich Fromm. 1
BJ2999 Hirsch Migration: a problem for theological ethics. 1
BJ2999 Holzwarth Self-transcendence and the language of subjectivity : a reading of Nabokov's Lolita and Speak, memory, Woolf's The waves, and Barthes's Roland Barthes / 1
BJ2999 Howell A critique of theories of good and evil in contemporary thought.
A critique of theories of good and evil in contemporary thought ...
BJ2999 Jakahashi The primary value of conduct in ethics. 1
BJ2999 Jones Christian moralism : a sociological analysis / 1
BJ2999 Joseph The virtues as a cultural domain : a study of Arab Muslims / 1
BJ2999 Jung Responsibility and the problem of value : a comparative study of H. Richard Niebuhr and Emmanuel Levinas / 1
BJ2999 Kanter Towards a Halacha of personality. 1
BJ2999 Kim An ethical examination of a consequentialist theory of value and a bargaining theory of distributive justice / 1
BJ2999 Kupperman Natural science and ethics: structure and objectivity 1
BJ2999 Lawson The rationality of morals : R. M. Hare / 1
BJ2999 Levy A study in the psychodynamics of interpersonal relations. 1
BJ2999 Lorenzen Approved social behavior as revealed in recent literature. 1
BJ2999 Louden The elements of ethics : toward a topography of the moral field / 1
BJ2999 Manat The lawyer's code of ethics. 1
BJ2999 Mason Moral virtue and reasons for action / 1
BJ2999 McClean Moral and metaphysical freedom : a study based on the thought of Charles Taylor and Schubert Ogden / 1
BJ2999 Meiland Studies in the explanation of action. 1
BJ2999 Meyer The relation of theism to ethics : a comparison of the views of Reinhold Niebuhr and Jürgen Habermas / 1