Call Number Title Count
BD999.B2 The argument to design in British religious thought : an investigation of the status and cogency of post-Humean forms of telelogical argumentation with reference principally to Hume and Paley / 1
BD999.B83 Rigidity, essence and identity / 1
BD999.B87 Fleshing out economic man : the "utilitarian dilemma" in historical perspective / 1
BD999.C28 Finitude and the naming of God : a study of onto-theology and the apophatic traditions / 1
BD999.F53 Truth, method, and measurement : the hermeneutic of instrumentation and the Rasch model / 1
BD999.H66 The notion of power in Christian social ethics : toward a comprehensive approach / 1
BD999 Abrams Probabilistic foundations of teleology and content / 1
BD999 Arrowood The place of reflective thinking in the development and maintenance of moral values. 1
BD999 Bates Variations of error in late enlightenment France / 1
BD999 Bendik-Keymer Conscience and humanity / 1
BD999 Boos Metalogical doubt / 1
BD999 Bradley The representation of beliefs and desires within decision theory / 1
BD999 Buchanan Jonathan Bennett on language and belief / 1
BD999 Buckley Motion and motion's God. 1
BD999 Buckner An essay on human action / 1
BD999 Burkes A comparative analysis of the problem of death in Qoheleth and late period Egyptian biographies / 1
BD999 Carloye Bradley and Dewey : on objective knowledge. 1
BD999 Castle Contra isotropy : a study of methodology in cognitive science / 1
BD999 Claiborne Metaphysics and a theory of relations. 1
BD999 Cobb A criticism of Wieman's theory of value and definition of God. 1
BD999 Daly God, creation, and nature / 1
BD999 Diesing An action program for the Fox Indians. 1
BD999 Duhrssen Genesis and structure of a intersubjective world. 1
BD999 Dunham Whitehead's philosophy of time. 1
BD999 Ebersole Biology and the theory of knowledge : an analytical method for the theory of knowledge, and its relation to biological laws. 1
BD999 Felch A pragmatic theory of the a priori as applied to the religious problem of value ...
A pragmatic theory of the a priori as applied to the religious problem of value.
BD999 Foster Intuitive conceptualization and the relativity of space, time, and motion. 1
BD999 Gerhart The question of "belief" in recent criticism: a reexamination from perspective of Paul Ricoeur's hermeneutical theory. 1
BD999 Glennan Mechanisms, models and causation / 1
BD999 Hall The poetic imperative : Paul Ricoeur, philosophical anthropology, and theological ethics / 1
BD999 Hancock The ontological argument in Descartes and Kant. 1
BD999 Haydon Some aspects of the problem of time. 1
BD999 Hill Perceptual episodes / 1
BD999 Inada The concept of substance in Alfred N. Whitehead and George H. Mead. 1
BD999 Jeffrey On the explication of causal conditions. 1
BD999 Jeshion By reason alone : inquiries into knowledge and intellection / 1
BD999 Jones Dispositions and persons in the ontologies of Vasubandhu and Richard Swinburne / 1
BD999 Kamtekar Friendship in Plato's politics / 1
BD999 Katunin A Comparison of methods in science and philosophy. 1
BD999 Kearney Two neglected aspects of the truth situation.
Two neglected aspects of the truth situation ...
BD999 Lafferty The identities of instrumentalism and realism from the standpoint of Dewey and Laird.
The logical and epistemological implicantions of the theory of perspectives .
BD999 Lamm The relation of concept and demonstration in the ontological argument/ 1
BD999 Lehe Knowledge and the problem of the criterion / 1
BD999 Leplin The concept of an ad hoc hypothesis. 1
BD999 Li Power and goodness : Leibniz, Locke and modern philosophy / 1
BD999 Look Leibniz and the vinculum substantiale / 1
BD999 Lynch Perspectives in relation to activity as substance. 1
BD999 Machamer Points about observation in science. 1
BD999 McCann Basic actions, trying, and overt movements. 1
BD999 McDowell A definition of "problem". 1
BD999 McGill Context effects in judgments of causation / 1
BD999 McMyler Trusting others for the truth : an essay on the epistemology of testimony / 1
BD999 Michod The concept of change in the development of philosophy. 1
BD999 Millman Foundations for a rationale of scientific development. 1
BD999 Nelson Some comments on the identity conditions for material objects. 1
BD999 Norris A behavioristic derivation of the categories. 1
BD999 OBrien The role of judgment in Lonergan's Insight. 1
BD999 Pascual A logical analysis of fictionalism with respect to the theory of truth.
Logical analysis of fictionalism with respect to the theory of truth ...
BD999 Peltz Ontological principles in discussions of literary criticism. 1
BD999 Peters Method and truth: an inquiry into the Philosophical hermeneutics of Hans-Georg Gadamer, and the theology of history of Wolfhart Pannenberg. 1