Call Number Title Count
BC999 Angene Reference and modality. 1
BC999 Awodey Logic in topoi : functorial semantics for higher-order logic / 1
BC999 Bothwell Semiotic and the analysis of the language of criticism. 1
BC999 Cole Possibilities. 1
BC999 Cowan On generalization of two-valued propositional calculi.
On explanations of the foundations of logic.
BC999 Cox Idealism and the unity of the proposition / 1
BC999 Deckert Some criticisms of the application to English of a Quinean notion of logical truth.
The nature of poetic and religious language in the thought of Philip Wheelwright.
BC999 Drury Contemporary rhetoric: a possible contribution to problems of language and valuation. 1
BC999 Gendlin The function of experiencing in symbolization. 1
BC999 Georgalis Indeterminacy of translation and intended interpretation. 1
BC999 Gibson Better understanding. 1
BC999 Girnius Illocutionary force, meaning, and "good" / 1
BC999 Grisez Basic oppositions in logical theory. 1
BC999 Guttman Logical constants and logical objects / 1
BC999 Hunt Dialectic as a method. 1
BC999 Kapp Inferences, explanations, and counterfactual conditionals. 1
BC999 Lehman A first-order logic of knowledge and belief with identity. 1
BC999 Lewis The De Invention Dialectica of Rudolph Argicola and its sources in ancient rhetoric. 1
BC999 Martin The explicanda in the historical development of the theory of probability. 1
BC999 Meiland Probability and inductive logic. 1
BC999 Michalos Probability and degree of confirmation: a study of the disagreement between Karl Popper and Rudolf Carnap from 1934 to 1964. 1
BC999 Miller Takeuti ordinal diagrams and Bachmann hierarchies of normal functions. 1
BC999 Morrison An introduction to the general empirical method. 1
BC999 Moulton Are causal contexts referentially opaque? 1
BC999 Mouton Some problems in the philosophical analysis of thinking. 1
BC999 Purtill Explanation, prediction and confirmation. 1
BC999 Richardson Intentionality, infallibility, and identity : in defense of the perennial philosophy / 1
BC999 Royse Some investigations into ramified set theory. 1
BC999 Sacksteder Philosophy and the Supreme Court crisis : a study in judgment. 1
BC999 Schumm A study in the extensions of S4 / 1
BC999 Siegel Logic without mentalism : a study of Quine's views / 1
BC999 Singer On formal method in mathematical logic. 1
BC999 Small Uses of illocutionary acts: Alston and Searle. 1
BC999 Sun Semiotical analysis of the language of science. 1
BC999 VanMarter Categories as a non-arbitrary, finite system of mutually irreducible simple unities: a study based on comparative analysis of Aristotle, Kant and Charles Sanders Pierce. 1
BC999 Wick Metaphysics and the new logic. 1
BC999 Wild The science and metaphysics of symbolism ... 1
BC999 Wilkinson A pragmatic analysis of communication. 1
BCE 1 A southern memoir 1
BCE 2 El Señor Bing / 1
BCI 1 Memories of Nat King Cole 1
BCI 11454063 Memories / 1
BCR (Saltykov, A. D. Voyage en Perse) Voyage en Perse 1
BD 1 Blicke eines Tonkünstlers in die Musik der Geister. 1
BD1 [The method by which men must necessarily attain arts and sciences. 1
BD2 Grundlinien einer theorie des bewusstseins. 1
BD3 The relation of concept and demonstration in the ontological argument / 1
BD4 The perception of the other : a study in social order 1
BD5 Die Ansätze zu einer Kulturanthropologie in der gegenwärtigen deutschen Philosophie 1
BD6 Realʹnost i samosoznanie 1
BD7 The system of the sciences. 1
BD9.P64 1989 Elementarny słownik logiki formalnej / 1
BD10.B37 1700 Aurum philosophicum ad lapidem lydium veræ et genuinæ Augustiniano-Thomisticæ doctrinæ probatum, sive, Nova philosophia : in tres tomos distincta, ex doctrina S.P. Augustini et angelici doctoris desumpta, raris elucubrationibus plena & singulari studio elaborata, addito indice triplici in lucem edita / 1
BD10 .H84 1649 Summa breuis doctrinae metaphysicae opera et methodo Isaaci Hugonis, in academia salmuriensi philosophiae professoris. 1
BD10.S3 1728 Peripateticus nostri temporis ; seu, Philosophus discursivus, per discursus symbolico-physicos, ad discursum, juxta sanctorum philosophorum exempla, piè curiosum instructus ... / 1
BD10.S33 M47 1637 Christophori Scheibleri antehac in Academia Gissena professoris ... Metaphysica : duobus libris vniversum hujus scientiæ systema comprehendens ... Præmissa est summaria methodus, sive dispositio totius scientiæ. Et accessit proœmium de usu philosophiæ in theologia ... / 1
BD10.T363 1950 Tetsugaku shoho / 1
BD11 .C37 1989eb Introducing persons : theories and arguments in the philosophy of mind / 1
BD11.M48 L38 1655 A laurell of metaphysicke. 1
BD11.R2 1996 Driving to California : an unconventional introduction to philosophy / 1