Soaps and candles.

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spelling Cameron, James.
Soaps and candles.
London: J. & A. Churchill, 1888.
ix, [2], 306 p. 54 il. 19 cm.
Churchill's technological handbooks
Online version: Cameron, James. Soaps and candles. London: J. & A. Churchill, 1888 (OCoLC)613222268
Churchill's technological handbooks.
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author Cameron, James
spellingShingle Cameron, James
Soaps and candles.
Churchill's technological handbooks
author_facet Cameron, James
Cameron, James
author_sort Cameron, James.
title Soaps and candles.
title_short Soaps and candles.
title_short_exact Soaps and candles.
title_full Soaps and candles.
title_fullStr Soaps and candles.
title_full_unstemmed Soaps and candles.
title_full_exact Soaps and candles.
title_author Soaps and candles.
title_author_exact Soaps and candles.
title_sort soaps and candles
title_browse Soaps and candles.
Soaps and candles.
title_browse_sort Soaps and candles
Soaps and candles
series Churchill's technological handbooks
series2 Churchill's technological handbooks
series_browse Churchill's technological handbooks
series_facet Churchill's technological handbooks
publisher J. & A. Churchill,
publishDate 1888
publication_place London:
physical ix, [2], 306 p. 54 il. 19 cm.
topic Soap
notes Bibliography.
illustrated Illustrated
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