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institution The University of Chicago
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fullrecord 00432cam a2200193K 4500001001300000007000300013003000600016005001700022008004100039040002000080035002000100050001900120049000900139100003000148245001100178260002600189300001100215994001200226ocm13376944 crOCoLC20100611112212.0860402s1917 enk 000 0 eng d aCLUcCLUdOCLCG a(OCoLC)13376944 4aPR6013b.G64po aCGUA1 aGoldring, Douglas,d1887-10aPolly. aLondon,bNash,c1917. a248 p. aC0bCGU
record_format hathi
spelling Goldring, Douglas, 1887-
London, Nash, 1917.
248 p.
language English
format Book
author Goldring, Douglas, 1887-
spellingShingle Goldring, Douglas, 1887-
author_facet Goldring, Douglas, 1887-
Goldring, Douglas, 1887-
author_browse Goldring, Douglas, 1887-
author_sort Goldring, Douglas, 1887-
title Polly.
title_short Polly.
title_short_exact Polly.
title_full Polly.
title_fullStr Polly.
title_full_unstemmed Polly.
title_full_exact Polly.
title_author Polly.
title_author_exact Polly.
title_sort polly
title_browse Polly.
title_browse_sort Polly
publisher Nash,
publishDate 1917
publication_place London,
physical 248 p.
illustrated Not Illustrated
oclc_num 13376944
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