The seven seas /

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spelling Kipling, Rudyard, 1865-1936.
The seven seas / by Rudyard Kipling.
Copyright ed.
Leizpig : B. Tauchnitz, 1897.
256 p. ; 17 cm.
Collection of British authors ; vol. 3189
Stewart, J.M. Kipling, p. 559
Gift of Frances S. Hay, July 18, 1931. DLC
Sea poetry.
Kipling Collection (Library of Congress) DLC
Chandler Kipling Collection (Library of Congress) DLC
language English
format Book
author Kipling, Rudyard, 1865-1936
spellingShingle Kipling, Rudyard, 1865-1936
The seven seas /
Collection of British authors ;
Sea poetry.
author_facet Kipling, Rudyard, 1865-1936
Kipling Collection (Library of Congress)
Chandler Kipling Collection (Library of Congress)
Kipling Collection (Library of Congress)
Kipling, Rudyard,1865-1936
Chandler Kipling Collection (Library of Congress)
author2 Kipling Collection (Library of Congress)
Chandler Kipling Collection (Library of Congress)
author_sort Kipling, Rudyard, 1865-1936.
title The seven seas /
title_short The seven seas /
title_short_exact The seven seas /
title_full The seven seas /
title_fullStr The seven seas /
title_full_unstemmed The seven seas /
title_full_exact The seven seas /
title_author The seven seas /
title_author_exact The seven seas /
title_sort seven seas
title_browse The seven seas /
The seven seas /
title_browse_sort The seven seas
seven seas
series Collection of British authors ;
series_browse Collection of British authors
series_facet Collection of British authors
publisher B. Tauchnitz,
publishDate 1897
publication_place Leizpig :
physical 256 p. ; 17 cm.
edition Copyright ed.
contents Poems.
topic Sea poetry.
topic_facet Sea poetry
notes Poems.
Stewart, J.M. Kipling, p. 559
Gift of Frances S. Hay, July 18, 1931.
illustrated Not Illustrated
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