Producing the play,

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spelling Gassner, John, 1903-1967.
Producing the play, by John Gassner, with the New scene technician's handbook, by Philip Barber.
Rev. ed.
New York, Dryden Press [1953]
915 p. illus. 22 cm.
Also issued online.
Theater Production and direction.
Theaters Stage-setting and scenery.
Barber, Philip Willson, 1903- New scene technician's handbook.
language English
format Book
author Gassner, John, 1903-1967
spellingShingle Gassner, John, 1903-1967
Producing the play,
Theater Production and direction
Theaters Stage-setting and scenery
author_facet Gassner, John, 1903-1967
Barber, Philip Willson, 1903-
Gassner, John,1903-1967
Barber, Philip Willson,1903-
author2 Barber, Philip Willson, 1903-
author_sort Gassner, John, 1903-1967.
title Producing the play,
title_short Producing the play,
title_short_exact Producing the play,
title_full Producing the play,
title_fullStr Producing the play,
title_full_unstemmed Producing the play,
title_full_exact Producing the play,
title_author Producing the play,
title_author_exact Producing the play,
title_sort producing the play
title_browse Producing the play,
New scene technician's handbook.
title_browse_sort Producing the play
New scene technician's handbook
publisher Dryden Press
publishDate 1953
publication_place New York,
physical 915 p. illus. 22 cm.
edition Rev. ed.
topic Theater Production and direction
Theaters Stage-setting and scenery
notes Also issued online.
illustrated Illustrated
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