Computing and combinatorics : 11th annual international conference, COCOON 2005, Kunming, China, August 16-29, 2005 : proceedings /

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Meeting name:COCOON (Conference) (11th : 2005 : Kunming Shi, China)
Imprint:Berlin ; New York : Springer, 2005.
Description:xvi, 995 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Series:Lecture notes in computer science, 0302-9743 ; 3595
Subject:Computer science -- Congresses.
Combinatorial analysis -- Congresses.
Combinatorial analysis.
Computer science.
Conference papers and proceedings.
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Varying Form of Title:COCOON 2005
Other authors / contributors:Wang, Lusheng, 1962-
ISBN:3540280618 (pbk.)
Notes:Includes bibliographical references and index.
Standard no.:9783540280613
Table of Contents:
  • Completeness for parity problems / Leslie G. Valiant
  • Monotony and surprise / Alberto Apostolico
  • Smoothed analysis of algorithms and heuristics / Shang-Hua Teng
  • Gene network : model, dynamics and simulation / Shiquan Wu and Xun Gu
  • Conserved interval distance computation between non-trivial genomes / Guillaume Blin and Romeo Rizzi
  • RNA multiple structural alignment with longest common subsequences / Sergey Bereg and Binhai Zhu
  • Perfect sorting by reversals / Marie-France Sagot and Eric Tannier
  • Genome rearrangements with partially ordered chromosomes / Chunfang Zheng and David Sankoff
  • Quartet-based phylogeny reconstruction from gene orders / Tao Liu, Jijun Tang and Bernard M. E. Moret
  • Algorithmic and complexity issues of three clustering methods in microarray data analysis / Jinsong Tan, Kok Seng Chua and Louxin Zhang
  • RIATA-HGT : a fast and accurate heuristic for reconstructing horizontal gene transfer / Luay Nakhleh, Derek Ruths and Li-San Wang
  • A new pseudoknots folding algorithm for RNA structure prediction / Hengwu Li and Daming Zhu
  • Rapid homology search with two-stage extension and daughter seeds / Miklos Csuros and Bin Ma
  • On the approximation of computing evolutionary trees / Vincent Berry, Sylvain Guillemot, Francois Nicolas and Christophe Paul
  • Theoretically good distributed CDMA/OVSF code assignment for wireless ad hoc networks / Xiang-Yang Li and Peng-Jun Wan
  • Improved approximation algorithms for the capacitated multicast routing problem / Zhipeng Cai, Guohui Lin and Guoliang Xue
  • Construction of scale-free networks with partial information / Jianyang Zeng, Wen-Jing Hsu and Suiping Zhou
  • Radio networks with reliable communication / Yvo Desmedt, Yongge Wang, Rei Safavi-Naini and Huaxiong Wang
  • Geometric network design with selfish agents / Martin Hoefer and Piotr Krysta
  • Bicriteria network design via iterative rounding / Piotr Krysta
  • Interference in cellular networks : the minimum membership set cover problem / Fabian Kuhn, Pascal von Rickenbach, Roger Wattenhofer, Emo Welzl and Aaron Zollinger
  • Routing and coloring for maximal number of trees / Xujin Chen, Xiaodong Hu and Tianping Shuai
  • Share the multicast payment fairly / WeiZhao Wang, Xiang-Yang Li and Zheng Sun
  • On packing and coloring hyperedges in a cycle / Jianping Li, Kang Li, Ken C. K. Law and Hao Zhao
  • Fault-tolerant relay node placement in wireless sensor networks / Hai Liu, Peng-Jun Wan and Xiaohua Jia
  • Best fitting fixed-length substring patterns for a set of strings / Hirotaka Oho and Yen Kaow Ng
  • String coding of trees with locality and heritability / Saverio Caminiti and Rossella Petreschi
  • Finding longest increasing and common subsequences in streaming data / David Liben-Nowell, Erik Vee and An Zhu
  • O(n[superscript 2] log n) time on-line construction of two-dimensional suffix trees / Joong Chae Na, Raffaele Giancarlo and Kunsoo Park
  • Min-energy voltage allocation for tree-structured tasks / Minming Li, Becky Jie Liu and Frances F. Yao
  • Semi-online problems on identical machines with inexact partial information / Zhiyi Tan and Yong He
  • On-line simultaneous maximization of the size and the weight for degradable intervals schedules / Fabien Baille, Evripidis Bampis, Christian Laforest and Nicolas Thibault
  • Off-line algorithms for minimizing total flow time in broadcast scheduling / Wun-Tat Chan, Francis Y. L. Chin, Yong Zhang, Hong Zhu, Hong Shen and Prudence W. H. Wong
  • Oblivious and adaptive strategies for the majority and plurality problems / Fan Chung, Ron Graham, Jia Mao and Andrew Yao
  • A note on zero error algorithms having oracle access to one NP query / Jin-Yi Cai and Venkatesan T. Chakaravarthy
  • On the complexity of computing the logarithm and square root functions on a complex domain / Ker-I Ko and Fuxiang Yu
  • Solovay reducibility on D-c.e real numbers / Robert Rettinger and Xizhong Zheng
  • Algorithms for terminal Steiner trees / Fabio Viduani Martinez, Jose Coelho de Pina and Jose Soares
  • Simple distributed algorithms for approximating minimum Steiner trees / Parinya Chalermsook and Jittat Fakcharoenphol
  • A truthful (2 - 2/k)-approximation mechanism for the Steiner tree problem with k terminals / Luciano Guala and Guido Proietti
  • Radial coordinate assignment for level graphs / Christian Bachmaier, Florian Fischer and Michael Forster
  • A theoretical upper bound for IP-based floorplanning / Guowu Yang, Xiaoyu Song, Hannah H. Yang and Fei Xie
  • Quantum noisy rational function reconstruction / Sean Hallgren, Alexander Russell and Igor E. Shparlinski
  • Promised and distributed quantum search / Shengyu Zhang
  • Efficient and simple generation of random simple connected graphs with prescribed degree sequence / Fabien Viger and Matthieu Latapy
  • Randomized quicksort and the entropy of the random source / Beatrice List, Markus Maucher, Uwe Schoning and Rainer Schuler
  • Subquadratic algorithm for dynamic shortest distances / Piotr Sankowski
  • Randomly generating triangulations of a simple polygon / Q. Ding, J. Qian, W. Tsang and C. Wang
  • Triangulating a convex polygon with small number of non-standard bars / Yinfeng Xu, Wenqiang Dai, Naoki Katoh and Makoto Ohsaki
  • A PTAS for a disc covering problem using width-bounded separators / Zhixiang Chen, Bin Fu, Yong Tang and Binhai Zhu
  • Efficient algorithms for intensity map splitting problems in radiation therapy / Xiaodong Wu
  • Distributions of points in d dimensions and large k-point simplices / Hanno Lefmann
  • Exploring simple grid polygons / Christian Icking, Tom Kamphans, Rolf Klein and Elmar Langetepe
  • Approximation algorithms for cutting out polygons with lines and rays / Xuehou Tan
  • Efficient non-intersection queries on aggregated geometric data / Prosenjit Gupta, Ravi Janardan and Michiel Smid
  • An upper bound on the number of rectangulations of a point set / Eyal Ackerman, Gill Barequet and Ron Y. Pinter
  • Opportunistic data structures for range queries / Chung Keung Poon and Wai Keung Yiu
  • Generating combinations by prefix shifts / Frank Ruskey and Aaron Williams
  • Error-set codes and related objects / An Braeken, Ventzislav Nikov and Svetla Nikova
  • On Walrasian price of CPU time / Xiaotie Deng, Li-Sha Huang and Minming Li
  • On-line algorithms for market equilibria / Spyros Angelopoulos, Atish Das Sarma, Avner Magen and Anastasios Viglas
  • Interval subset sum and uniform-price auction clearing / Anshul Kothari, Subhash Suri and Yunhong Zhou
  • Improved algorithms for the K-maximum subarray problem for small K / Sung E. Bae and Tadao Takaoka
  • Server allocation algorithms for tiered systems / Kamalika Chaudhuri, Anshul Kothari, Rudi Pendavingh, Ram Swaminathan, Robert Tarjan and Yunhong Zhou
  • An improved approximation algorithm for uncapacitated facility location problem with penalties / Guang Xu and Jinhui Xu
  • The reverse greedy algorithm for the metric K-median problem / Marek Chrobak, Claire Kenyon and Neal E. Young
  • On approximate balanced bi-clustering / Guoxuan Ma, Jiming Peng and Yu Wei
  • Toroidal grids are anti-magic / Tao-Ming Wang
  • Optimally balanced forward degree sequence / Xiaomin Chen, Mario Szegedy and Lei Wang
  • Conditionally critical indecomposable graphs / Chandan K. Dubey, Shashank K. Mehta and Jitender S. Deogun
  • A tight analysis of the maximal matching heuristic / Jean Cardinal, Martine Labbe, Stefan Langerman, Eythan Levy and Hadrien Melot
  • New streaming algorithms for counting triangles in graphs / Hossein Jowhari and Mohammad Ghodsi
  • A new approach and faster exact methods for the maximum common subgraph problem / W. Henry Suters, Faisal N. Abu-Khzam, Yun Zhang, Christopher T. Symons, Nagiza F. Samatova and Michael A. Langston
  • On the power of lookahead in on-line vehicle routing problems / Luca Allulli, Giorgio Ausiello and Luigi Laura
  • Efficient algorithms for simplifying flow networks / Ewa Misiolek and Danny Z. Chen
  • Approximation algorithms for the b-edge dominating set problem and its related problems / Takuro Fukunaga and Hiroshi Nagamochi
  • Bounded degree closest k-tree power is NP-complete / Michael Dom, Jiong Guo and Rolf Niedermeier
  • A new algorithm for the hypergraph transversal problem / Leonid Khachiyan, Endre Boros, Khaled Elbassioni and Vladimir Gurvich
  • On finding a shortest path in circulant graphs with two jumps / Domingo Gomez, Jaime Gutierrez, Alvar Ibeas, Carmen Martinez and Ramon Beivide
  • A linear time algorithm for finding a maximal planar subgraph based on PC-trees / Wen-Lian Hsu
  • Algorithms for finding distance-edge-colorings of graphs / Takehiro Ito, Akira Kato, Xiao Zhou and Takao Nishizeki
  • On the recognition of probe graphs of some self-complementary classes of perfect graphs / Maw-Shang Chang, Ton Kloks, Dieter Kratsch, Jiping Liu and Sheng-Lung Peng
  • Power domination problem in graphs / Chung-Shou Liao and Der-Tsai Lee
  • Complexity and approximation of satisfactory partition problems / Cristina Bazgan, Zsolt Tuza and Daniel Vanderpooten
  • Distributed weighted vertex cover via maximal matchings / Fabrizio Grandoni, Jochen Konemann and Alessandro Panconesi
  • On the complexity of the balanced vertex ordering problem / Jan Kara, Jan Kratochvil and David R. Wood
  • An O(2[superscript O(k)]n[superscript 3]) FPT algorithm for the undirected feedback vertex set problem / Frank Dehne, Michael Fellows, Michael Langston, Frances Rosamond and Kim Stevens
  • Approximating the longest cycle problem on graphs with bounded degree / Guantao Chen, Zhicheng Gao, Xingxing Yu and Wenan Zang
  • Bin packing and covering problems with rejection / Yong He and Gyorgy Dosa
  • Query-monotonic turing reductions / Lane A. Hemaspaandra and Mayur Thakur
  • On sequential and 1-deterministic P systems / Oscar H. Ibarra, Sara Woodworth, Hsu-Chun Yen and Zhe Dang
  • Global optimality conditions and near-perfect optimization in coding / Xiaofei Huang
  • Angel, devil, and king / Martin Kutz and Attila Por
  • Overlaps help : improved bounds for group testing with interval queries / Ferdinando Cicalese, Peter Damaschke, Libertad Tansini and Soren Werth
  • New efficient simple authenticated key agreement protocol / Eun-Jun Yoon and Kee-Young Yoo
  • A quadratic lower bound for Rocchio's similarity-based relevance feedback algorithm / Zhixiang Chen and Bin Fu
  • The money changing problem revisited : computing the Frobenius number in time O(k a[subscript 1]) / Sebastian Bocker and Zsuzsanna Liptak
  • W-hardness under linear FPT-reductions : structural properties and further applications / Jianer Chen, Xiuzhen Huang, Iyad A. Kanj and Ge Xia
  • Some new results on inverse sorting problems / Xiao Guang Yang and Jian Zhong Zhang.