Proceedings of the IEEE 27th Annual Northeast Bioengineering Conference : march 31-April 1, 2001, University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut /

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Meeting name:Northeast Bioengineering Conference (27th : 2001 : Storrs, Connecticut)
Imprint:Piscataway, New Jersey : IEEE, c2001.
Description:x, [108] p. : ill. ; 28 cm.
Subject:Bioengineering -- Congresses.
Biomedical engineering -- Congresses.
Biomedical engineering.
Conference papers and proceedings.
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Varying Form of Title:IEEE 27th Annual Northeast Bioengineering Conference
2001 27th Annual Northeast Bioengineering Conference
27th Northeast Bioengineering Conference
Other authors / contributors:Enderle, John D. (John Denis)
Macfarlane, Laurie L.
IEEE Northeast Bioengineering Conference (27th : 2001 : Storrs, Connecticut)
0780367189 (microfiche edition)
Notes:"IEEE Catalog Number: 01CH37201"--verso of T.p.
Includes bibliographic references and author index.
Table of Contents:
  • Induced Pain Inhibiting System (IPIS): New Technique to Manipulate Experimental Pain in Human Subject by Using Electrical Stimulation with Hexagonal Electrodes Ring Set / Hassan A. Al Marshad, K. Francis Lee and John D. Enderle
  • CuraSelect: Mining Complex cDNA Libraries for Gene Specific Targets / Michael P. Daley, Steven Colman and Michael Popp / [et al.]
  • The Feasibility of Atomic Force Microscopy as a Cytodetachment Technique to Quantify Osteoblastic Adhesion with Implant Surfaces / Daniel J. Gianoli, Sean S. Kohles and Nancy A. Burnham / [et al.]
  • Novel Epileptic Seizure Detection System Using Multiple Single Neuron Recordings / Valerie Kuzmick, John Lafferty and April Serfass / [et al.]
  • Polymer Nanofiber Thin Films for Biosensor Applications / S. J. Kwoun, R. M. Lec and B. Han / [et al.]
  • The Development of Non-sticking, Passively Cooled Electrosurgical Instruments / David Sha, Raymond Connolly and Steven Schwaitzberg / [et al.]
  • Validation of a Vibrotactile Stimulation System to Treat Apnea of Prematurity / R. Pichardo, L. Eisenfeld and J. Adam / [et al.]
  • Tissue Ischmia Monitoring Using Impedance Spectroscopy: Evaluation of Neural Networks for Ischemia Estimation / Jocelyn Songer, Stevan Kun and Sergey Makarov
  • Quantitative Measurement of Bone Porosity by Mercury Intrusion / C. F. Davis and D. J. Adams
  • Crafting Edge Profiles in the Aerospace Industry: An Occupational Biomechanics Evaluation / G. Alexander Korentis
  • Design and Validation of a System used to Determine the Physiological Effects of Noise and Whole Body Vibrations on Rats / Sean Krause, Mide Faust and Nick Sorvillo / [et al.]
  • Investigation of Upper Body Extremity Biomechanics during the Sports Massage Compression / Sari London, John Enderle and Nicholas Warren / [et al.]
  • A Graphical User Interrace and System to Measure Foot Pressures in Diabetic Patients / Jennifer N. Novak, Bauer E. Sumpio and Peter A. Blume / [et al.]
  • Preliminary Mechanical Characterization of a Tissue Scaffold for Coronary Artery Replacement / Ken Young, Ericka Prechtel and Russ Kronengold / [et al.]
  • Arterial Gaussian Curvature and the Shapes of Atherosclerotic Plaques / Peter D. Richardson
  • Analysis of Bending Behavior of Native and Engineered, Auricular and Costal Casrilage / Rani Roy, Sean S. Kohles and Victor Zaporojan / [et al.]
  • Effect of Mechanical Trauma on Neuronal Cell Viability / Gulyeter Serbest, Joel Horwitz and Kenneth A. Barbee
  • Analyzing Basidiocarp Motion Due to Naturally Occuring Forces by Performing FEM on a Portabella Mushroom / A. J. Van Parys
  • Optimization of Drive Screw Pitch in a Pulsatile Ventricle Assist Device / N. G. Vitale, G. B. Hirschman and W. A. Smith
  • Assessing Motion in Laparoscopic Tools / Seth Wolpert, W. Bosseau Murray and Omar S. Bholat / [et al.]
  • Experimental Characterization of Bone Anisotropic Poroelasticity Parameters / Daniel W. Young and Sean S. Kohles
  • Novel Image Reconstruction Algorithm for NIR Diffusive Tomography / Nan Guang Chen and Quing Zhu
  • Development of Biodegradable PLGA Microspheres for Use as Ultrasound Contrast Agents / Dalia El-Sherif and M. A. Wheatley
  • Scattering of Ultrasonic Waves by Penetrable Inhomogeneities / Vladimir Genis and I. L. Oboznenko
  • The Design of a 1.75-D 1280-channel Ultrasound Imaging System / Puyun Guo, Shikui Yan and Quing Zhu
  • Preliminary Experiment Results of a 1.75D Ultrasound Array / Minming Huang, Puyun Guo and Nan Guang Chen / [et al.]
  • Coherent Artifacts in Optical Coherence Tomography: Observation and Cancellation / Daqing Piao, Quing Zhu and Niloy K. Dutta / [et al.]
  • Imaging of Fluid Flow Velocity Using Doppler Optical Coherence Tomography: Preliminary Results / Daqing Piao, Nan Guang Chen and Quing Zhu / [et al.]
  • Design of a Simple Ultrasound/CT Fusion Image Fusion Solution for the Evaluation of Prostate Seed Brachytherapy / Loren M. Taylor, James D. Beaty and John D. Enderle / [et al.]
  • Automatic Finite Element Mesh Generation from MRI Scans for Breast Cancer Investigations / Ziji Wu and John M. Sullivan, Jr.
  • Beamforming Scheme and Parameter Tradeoff in a 1.75D Ultrasound Array Design / Shifui Yan, Puyun Guo and Quing Zhu
  • An In Vitro Model for Vascular Smooth Muscle Trauma due to Angioplasty / Amit B. Bhavnani and Kenneth A. Barbee
  • Characterization of the Mechanosensitivity of Tactile Receptors Using Multivariate Logistical Regression / Sam Bradshaw, Fred J. Looft and Sean S. Kohles / [et al.]
  • The Mahalanobis Distance as a Metric in Dynamic Light Scattering Particle Size Analysis: Model Studies / Stephen Dubin, Stanley Zietz and Karl L. Gabrie / [et al.]
  • A New Model of Passive Limb Motion / James W. Fee, Jr.
  • Development of an Anatomically Correct Mechanical Model of the Bladder / I. R. Greenshields
  • s-Way Parallel Finite Time Gibbs Classification / I. R. Greenshields and Zhihong Yang
  • Dynamic Responses of the Rat Rectus Eye Muscle / Meraj A. Khan and John D. Enderle
  • Feature-based, Parametric Modeling of Striated Muscle Tissue; Viscoelastic Optimization of the Lateral Rectus / G. Alexander Korentis and John Enderle
  • Estimation-based Model Predictive Controp of Blood Glucose in Type I Diabetics: A Simulation Study / Sandra M. Lynch and B. Wayne Bequette
  • Building a Mathematical Model of the Head-Neck System; Modeling and Simulation of the 6-Degree of Freedom Head Movement / Yuriy Mitelman and John Enderle
  • Modeling the Dynamic Composition of Engineered Tissues / Christopher G. Wilson, Sean S. Kohles and Lawrence J. Bonassar
  • LED Directed, Headswitch Controlled, Motorized Wheelchair / Hayden Callender, William Pruehsner and John D. Enderle
  • Multi Remote Appliance Controller / Keith M. Fludd, William Pruehsner and John D. Enderle
  • E-Racer, a Joystick Controlled Go-Kart / Alex Kattamis, Alex Peslak and Steve Ricciardelli / [et al.]
  • Bump Around Automated Bumper Car / David Martins, Murtala DaSilva and William Pruehsner / [et al.]
  • Rise and Shine Automated Hoyer Lift / Harold Haugland, Michael Lindstrom and Michael Melinosky / [et al.]
  • Shoulder Joint Mechanics During Concentric and Eccentric Rehabilitative Exercise / Karen P. Norton and Sean S. Kohles
  • Wheelchair Assist Devices / Sergio Chanchavac, Amol Jain and David Pham / [et al.]
  • Child Mobility Car / Anthony Russo, William Pruehsner and John D. Enderle
  • Tri-Module and Controller for Wheelchair / Javier Santiago, Jorge Perez and Vincent Berkun / [et al.]
  • Get-Up and Go Electric Wheelchair and Seat-Lift Mechanism / Brian A. Shannon, William Pruehsner and John D. Enderle
  • The Development of a Prototype Device for Motorsensory Activation Studies Using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging / Benjamin Lawton and Song Lai.