Gene therapy of cancer : methods and protocols /

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Imprint:Totowa, N.J. : Humana Press, c2000.
Description:xvi, 645 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Series:Methods in molecular medicine 35
Subject:Cancer -- Gene therapy -- Laboratory manuals.
Neoplasms -- therapy.
Gene Therapy -- methods.
Cancer -- Gene therapy.
Laboratory manuals.
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Other authors / contributors:Walther, Wolfgang.
Stein, Ulrike.
ISBN:0896037142 (hard : alk. paper)
0896038432 (comb : alk. paper)
Notes:Includes bibliographical references and index.
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245 0 0 |a Gene therapy of cancer :  |b methods and protocols /  |c edited by Wolfgang Walther and Ulrike Stein. 
260 |a Totowa, N.J. :  |b Humana Press,  |c c2000. 
300 |a xvi, 645 p. :  |b ill. ;  |c 24 cm. 
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440 0 |a Methods in molecular medicine  |v 35 
504 |a Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0 0 |g Pt. I.  |t Experimental Approaches in Cancer Gene Therapy.  |g A.  |t Immunotherapy/Tumor Vaccination.  |g 1.  |t Immunizing Potential of Cytokine-Transduced Tumor Cells /  |r Mario P. Colombo and Monica Rodolfo.  |g 2.  |t Particle-Mediated Gene Transfer into Dendritic Cells: A Novel Strategy for the Induction of Immune Responses against Tumor Antigens /  |r Thomas Tuting and Andreas Albers.  |g 3.  |t Cancer Gene Therapy with Heat Shock Protein-65 Gene /  |r Katalin V. Lukacs and Artit Nakakes.  |g 4.  |t Recombinant Vaccinia Virus MVA for Generation and Analysis of T Cell Responses Against Tumor Associated Antigens /  |r Ingo Drexler, Karl Heller and Marion Ohlmann /  |r [et al.].  |g B.  |t Suicide Gene Therapy.  |g 5.  |t Selection of Cytochrome P450 Genes for Use in Prodrug Activation-Based Cancer Gene Therapy /  |r Jodi E. D. Hecht and David J. Waxman.  |g 6.  |t Construction of P450-Expressing Tumor Cell Lines Using Retroviruses /  |r Jodi E. D. Hecht, Youssef Jounaidi and David J. Waxman.  |g 7.  |t In Vitro Methods for Evaluation of P450-Based Anticancer Gene Therapy /  |r Jodi E. D. Hecht and David J. Waxman.  |g 8.  |t Tumor Models for Evaluation of P450 Gene Therapy In Vivo /  |r Jodi E. D. Hecht, Pamela Schreiber Schwartz and David J. Waxman.  |g C.  |t Anti-Oncogene and Suppressor Gene Therapy.  |g 9.  |t Intracellular Single-Chain Antibodies for Gene Therapy /  |r Guadalupe Bilbao, Jesus Gomez-Navarro and Keizo Kazano /  |r [et al.].  |g 10.  |t Combined Adenoviral Transfer of Tumor Suppressor and Cell-Cycle Genes for Tumor-Cell Apoptosis /  |r Karsten Brand, Volker Sandig and Michael Strauss.  |g D.  |t Antisense Gene Therapy.  |g 11.  |t Inhibition of Cell Growth by Antisense Oligonucleotides Targeting the Growth-Related Protein Kinase c-raf /  |r Doriano Fabbro, B. P. Monia and K.-H. Altmann /  |r [et al.].  |g 12.  |t IGF-1 Antisense Strategies for Cancer Treatment /  |r Yue Xin Pan and Donald D. Anthony.  |g E.  |t Ribozyme Gene Therapy.  |g 13.  |t Anti-MDR1 Ribozyme Gene Therapy /  |r Takao Ohnuma, Hiroyuki Kobayashi and Fu-Sheng Wang.  |g 14.  |t Anti-c-erbB2 Ribozyme for Gene Therapy of Breast Cancer /  |r Toshiya Suzuki, Masami Bessho and Kevin J. Scanlon.  |g 15.  |t Anti-K-ras Ribozyme Adenoviral Vector for Gene Therapy of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer /  |r Yu-An Zhang, John Nemunaitis and Alex W. Tong.  |g F.  |t Delivery Systems and Tumor Targeting.  |g 16.  |t Green Fluorescent Protein Retroviral Vector: Generation of High-Titer Producer Cells and Virus Supernatant /  |r Wolfgang Uckert, Lene Pedersen and Walter Gunzburg.  |g 17.  |t HSV-1 Vectors for Gene Therapy of Experimental CNS Tumors /  |r Ulrich Herrlinger, Andreas Jacobs and Manish Aghi /  |r [et al.].  |g 18.  |t Intratumoral Injection of Naked DNA /  |r Jingping Yang.  |g 19.  |t Cationic Liposome Gene Transfer /  |r Kyonghee Kay Son.  |g 20.  |t In Vivo Particle-Mediated Gene Transfer for Cancer Therapy /  |r Alexander L. Rakhmilevich and Ning-Sun Yang.  |g 21.  |t Gene Targeting to Hepatomas (AFP) /  |r Shotaro Tsuruta, Akio Ido and Shigenobu Nagataki.  |g 22.  |t Adenovirus-Mediated Targeted Gene Therapy for Breast Cancer and for Purging Hematopoietic Stem-Cell Sources /  |r Ling Chen.  |g 23.  |t Chemotherapy-Inducible Vector for Gene Therapy of Cancer /  |r Wolfgang Walther, Ulrike Stein and Robert H. Shoemaker /  |r [et al.].  |g G.  |t Alternative Approaches in Cancer Gene Therapy.  |g 24.  |t Oncolytic Adenoviral Vectors /  |r Ramon Alemany and Wei-Wei Zhang.  |g 25.  |t Genetically Modified Clostridium for Gene Therapy of Tumors /  |r Mary E. Fox, Marilyn J. Lemmon and Amato J. Giaccia /  |r [et al.].  |g 26.  |t Tumor-Targeted Salmonella: Strain Development and Expression of the HSV-tK Effector Gene /  |r David Bermudes, Brooks Low and John M. Pawelek --  |g Pt. II.  |t Clinical Protocols for Cancer Gene Therapy.  |g A.  |t Immunotherapy/Tumor Vaccination.  |g 27.  |t Ex Vivo Cytokine Gene Transfer in Melanomas by Using Particle Bombardment /  |r Dirk Schadendorf.  |g 28.  |t Intratumoral Gene Transfer of the HLA-B7 Gene Into Colon Carcinoma Metastases /  |r Evanthia Galanis and Joseph Rubin.  |g 29.  |t Hybrid Cell Vaccination in Patients With Metastatic Melanoma /  |r Uwe Trefzer, Guido Weingart and Wolfram Sterry /  |r [et al.].  |g B.  |t Suicide Gene Therapy.  |g 30.  |t Retroviral Transfer of the Herpes Simplex Virus-Thymidine Kinase (HSV-tK) Gene for the Treatment of Cancer /  |r Rajagopal Ramesh, Anupama Munshi and Aizen J. Marrogi /  |r [et al.].  |g 31.  |t Gene Therapy for Treatment of Brain Tumors (HSV-tK In Vivo Gene Transfer): A Case Study /  |r Friedrich Weber, Frank Floeth and Hans Bojar.  |g 32.  |t Gene Therapy of Glioblastoma Multiforme with a Bicistronic Retroviral Vector Expressing Human IL-2 and HSV-tk /  |r Giorgio Palu, Massimo Pizzato and Roberta Bonaguro /  |r [et al.].  |g 33.  |t Intratumoral Gene Transfer of the Cytosine Deaminase Gene for the Treatment of Breast Cancer /  |r Hardev S. Pandha and Nicholas R. Lemoine.  |g C.  |t Anti-Oncogene and Suppressor Gene Therapy.  |g 34.  |t Adenovirus-Mediated Wild-Type p53 Gene Transfer into Head and Neck Cancers /  |r Gary L. Clayman, Douglas K. Frank and Patricia A. Bruso.  |g 35.  |t Direct DNA Injection (p53) into HCC Tumors /  |r Ragai R. Mitry and Nagy A. Habib.  |g 36.  |t A Phase II Trial of Intratumoral Injection with a Selectively Replicating Adenovirus (ONYX-015) in Patients with Recurrent, Refractory Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck /  |r David H. Kirn.  |g D.  |t Antisense Gene Therapy.  |g 37.  |t c-myb Antisense Oligonucleotide Therapeutics for Hematologic Malignancies /  |r Selina Luger.  |g 38.  |t Ovarian Cancer Gene Therapy with BRCA1 - An Overview /  |r Patrice S. Obermiller and Jeffrey T. Holt.  |g 39.  |t Methods for Chemoprotection and Chemosensitization: MDR-1 For Chemoprotection Using Retroviruses to Modify Hematopoietic Cells and Cytosine Deaminase for Chemosensitization Using Adenoviral Vectors to Modify Epithelian Neoplastic Cells /  |r Shrinavassan Shrimdkandada, Si Qing Fu and Lian Hua Yin /  |r [et al.]. 
650 0 |a Cancer  |x Gene therapy  |v Laboratory manuals. 
650 1 2 |a Neoplasms  |x therapy. 
650 2 2 |a Gene Therapy  |x methods. 
650 7 |a Cancer  |x Gene therapy.  |2 fast  |0 
655 7 |a Laboratory manuals.  |2 fast  |0 
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