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Hannibal / Serge Lancel ; translated by Antonia Nevill.

Author / Creator Lancel, Serge.
Uniform title Hannibal. English
Edition English ed.
Imprint Oxford, UK ; Malden, Mass. : Blackwell, c1998.
Description xii, 243 p. : ill., maps ; 24 cm.
Language English
Subject Hannibal, 247 B.C.-182 B.C.
Hannibal, 247 B.C.-182 B.C
Generals -- Tunisia -- Carthage (Extinct city) -- Biography.
Carthage (Extinct city) -- History, Military.
Rome -- History -- Republic, 265-30 B.C.
Rome (Empire)
Tunisia -- Carthage (Extinct city)
Military history.
Format Print, Book
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ISBN 0631206310
Notes Includes bibliographical references (p. [228]-235) and index.
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100 1 |a Lancel, Serge. 
240 1 0 |a Hannibal.  |l English 
245 1 0 |a Hannibal /  |c Serge Lancel ; translated by Antonia Nevill. 
250 |a English ed. 
260 |a Oxford, UK ;  |a Malden, Mass. :  |b Blackwell,  |c c1998. 
300 |a xii, 243 p. :  |b ill., maps ;  |c 24 cm. 
504 |a Includes bibliographical references (p. [228]-235) and index. 
505 0 0 |g 1.  |t Hamilcar Barca.  |t The loss of Sicily and the rise of Hamilcar Barca.  |t Hamilcar Barca and the Barcid family.  |t The Mercenaries' War.  |t The 'inexpiable' war and the Africans' rebellion.  |t Hamilcar's victory on the Macar.  |t Hanno is ejected.  |t The 'Gorge of the Saw'.  |t The outcome.  |t The loss of Sardinia --  |g 2.  |t Time for Spain.  |t Polybius, Livy, Fabius Pictor and others.  |t The situation in Carthage in 237 and Hamilcar's departure for Spain.  |t The Iberian world in the Hellenistic period.  |t Hamilcar in Spain.  |t From Cadiz to Alicante.  |t Hasdrubal the Fair.  |t Hannibal.  |t Hannibal's campaigns in Spain.  |t Saguntum.  |t War is declared.  |t Hannibal's final arrangements in Spain --  |g 3.  |t From Cartagena to the Po Valley.  |t Hannibal's plan and the opposing forces.  |t The Punic army's departure from Cartagena.  |t Hannibal's elephants.  |t The other side of the Ebro.  |t Crossing the Rhone.  |t Crossing the Alps.  |t Ascending the Rhone Valley and the road through the Alpine foothills.  |t Storming the Great Alps --  |g 4.  |t 'Blitzkrieg' - from the Trebia to Cannae.  |t The first encounter near the Ticinus (late November 218).  |t The Battle of the Trebia (late December 218).  |t Overwintering in the Cisalpine region (January-April 217) and the first formulations of an Italian policy.  |t Between Emilia and Tuscany (spring 217).  |t Trasimene (21 June 217).  |t A summer on the Adriatic.  |t Q. Fabius Maximus, the general who bided his time.  |t Operations outside Italy.  |t Cannae (2 August 216) --  |g 5.  |t Declining Fortunes.  |t In the Carthaginian senate.  |t Capua.  |t The great hopes of 215.  |t Between Capua and Tarentum (autumn 215-autumn 214).  |t The first political and economic changes in Rome.  |t The siege of Syracuse: Archimedes versus Marcellus (214-212).  |t From the capture of Tarentum to the loss of Capua (212-211).  |t At the walls of Rome --  |g 6.  |t Setbacks.  |t Operations in Spain up to the death of P. and Cn. Scipio (216-211).  |t The young Scipio is appointed to head the army of Spain.  |t The capture of Cartagena (210).  |t From Scipio's victory at Baecula (Bailen) to Hasdrubal Barca's arrival in Italy (209-early 207).  |t The death of Marcellus (summer 208).  |t The battle of the Metaurus (summer 207), or the end of the illusion.  |t The end of the war in Spain.  |t Hannibal at Cape Lacinium --  |g 7.  |t Zama.  |t The view of the Numidian princes.  |t Scipio's consulship (205).  |t The Africa landing.  |t The battle of the Great Plains.  |t Sophonisba.  |t Hannibal's return to Africa.  |t The battle of Zama.  |t The peace of 201 and Hannibal's laughter.  |t Hannibal's suffetate.  |t The paradox of Carthage's prosperity after Zama --  |g 8.  |t Exile.  |t Rome's entry into war with Philip.  |t Flamininus and the 'liberty of Greece'.  |t Antiochus' exploits and Hannibal's departure into exile.  |t Hannibal with Antiochus during the 'cold war' with Rome (195-192).  |t The torment of Antiochus' failure (192-189).  |t The war in the Aegean and in Asia: Hannibal in command at sea.  |t Between history and legend: Hannibal's last years.  |t Donec Bithynio libeat vigilare tyranno --  |g 9.  |t Heritage, Legend and Image.  |t Hannibal's 'heritage'.  |t The legend and the image.  |t Hannibal in our own times. 
600 0 0 |a Hannibal,  |d 247 B.C.-182 B.C. 
650 0 |a Generals  |z Tunisia  |z Carthage (Extinct city)  |v Biography. 
651 0 |a Carthage (Extinct city)  |x History, Military. 
651 0 |a Rome  |x History  |y Republic, 265-30 B.C. 
600 0 7 |a Hannibal,  |d 247 B.C.-182 B.C  |2 fast  |0 
650 7 |a Generals.  |2 fast  |0 
651 7 |a Rome (Empire)  |2 fast  |0 
651 7 |a Tunisia  |z Carthage (Extinct city)  |2 fast  |0 
648 7 |a 265-30 B.C  |2 fast 
655 7 |a History  |2 fast  |0 
655 7 |a Biography.  |2 fast  |0 
655 7 |a Military history.  |2 fast  |0 
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