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Japan, aviation chart / Hydrographic Office, U.S. Navy.

Corporate author / creator United States. Hydrographic Office.
Edition 1st ed.
Imprint Washington, D.C. : Hydrographic Office, 1943, 1944.
Description maps : color ; 126 x 85 cm.
Language English
Series Aviation chart ; V3
Subject Aeronautical charts -- Japan.
Aeronautical charts -- Taiwan.
Aeronautical charts -- Korea.
Aeronautical charts.
Japan -- Maps.
Taiwan -- Maps.
Korea -- Maps.
Aeronautical charts.
Topographic maps.
Topographic maps.
Cartographic data Scale 1:218,880. 1 ̋= 3 nautical miles at Lat. 50° ; Mercator projection (E 123°--E 146°/N 46°--N 24°).
Format Map, E-Resource, U.S. Federal Government Document, Print
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Varying Form of Title Portion of title Aviation chart, Japan
Notes Relief shown by contours, gradient tints, and spot heights. Depths shown by soundings.
Editions from October 1943 through June 1944.
Geographic coverage complete in 50 sheets.
Sheets numbered V3-1 through V3-50 and individually titled for geographic location.
Includes notes, gradient tints diagram, "Japanese and English terms" chart, and adjoining sheets index.
Notes in English. Most place names in Japanese, some translated to English.
Table of Contents:
  • . V3-1. Chishima Retto
  • no. V3-14. Honshu
  • no. V3-11. Hokkaido (Western)
  • no. V3-10. Hokkaido (Northern)
  • no. V3-6. Hokkaido (Eastern)
  • no. V3-12. Hokkaido (Central)
  • no. V3-24. Hiroshima area
  • no. V3-5. Etorofu Shima
  • no. V3-4. Chishima Retto (South Central)
  • no. V3-3. Chishima Retto (Central)
  • no. V3-8. Karafuto (Central)
  • no. V3-7. Karafuto (Northern)
  • no. V3-9. Karafuto (Southern)
  • no. V3-31. Vladivostok area
  • no. V3-42. Taiwan topographic map (Northern)
  • no. V3-44. Taiwan topographic map (Southeastern)
  • no. V3-43. Taiwan topographic map (Southwestern)
  • no. V3-36. South Korea Topographic map (Southern)
  • no. V3-35. Kunsan area
  • no. V3-34. Keijo area
  • no. Vs-27 Fusan area
  • no. V3-28. Kamo Matsu to Hisenjo
  • no. V3-30. Shorei Wan to Rishin Wan
  • no. V3-32. Kanko-Konan area
  • no. V3-33. Heijo area
  • no. V3-29. Genzan area
  • no. V3-13. Tsugaru Kaiyo
  • no. V3-18. Toyama area
  • no. V3-21. Tokyo area
  • no. V3-25. Shimo-No-Seki area
  • no. V3-26. Sasebo area
  • no. V3-23. Osaka-Kobe area
  • no. V3-2. Onekotan To to Rashuwa to Chishima Retto
  • no. V3-46. Nanpo Shoto (Northern)
  • no. V3-49. Nanpo Shoto (Southern)
  • no. V3-47. Nanpo Shoto (North Central)
  • no. V3-48. Nanpo Shoto (South Central)
  • no. V3-22. Nagoya area
  • no. V3-50. Nagasaki area
  • no. V3-20. Matsue area
  • no. V3-37. Kyushu
  • no. V3-19. Kanazawa area
  • no. V3-17. Honshu (North Central)
  • no. V3-16. Honshu (Northern)
  • no. V3-15. Honshu (Northeastern)
  • no. V3-45. Oagari Shima
  • no. V3-40. Nansei Shoto (South Central)
  • no. V3-41. Nansei Shoto (Southwestern)
  • no. V3-38. Nansei Shoto (Northeastern)
  • no. V3-39. Nansei Shoto (North Central).