Desk reference of functional polymers : syntheses and applications /

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Imprint:Washington, DC : American Chemical Society, 1997.
Description:xviii, 820 p.
Series:Professional reference book
ACS professional reference book.
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Other authors / contributors:Arshady, R. (Reza)
ISBN:0841234698 (alk. paper)
Notes:Includes bibliographical references and index.
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245 0 0 |a Desk reference of functional polymers :  |b syntheses and applications /  |c Reza Arshady, editor. 
260 |a Washington, DC :  |b American Chemical Society,  |c 1997. 
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300 |a xviii, 820 p. 
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490 1 |a Professional reference book 
504 |a Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0 0 |g Pt. 1.  |t General Synthetic Methods.  |g 1.1.  |t Functional Polymers via Free-Radical Polymerization of Chloromethylstyrene /  |r Jean-Pierre Montheard, Michel Chatzopoulos and Marcel Camps.  |g 1.2.  |t Functional Polymers via Anionic Polymerization /  |r Akira Hirao.  |g 1.3.  |t Functional Polyolefins via Ziegler-Natta Polymerization: The Borane Approach /  |r T. C. Chung.  |g 1.4.  |t Living Cationic Polymerization: Synthesis of End-Functionalized Polyisobutylenes /  |r Munmaya K. Mishra and Joseph P. Kennedy.  |g 1.5.  |t Perfect Diels-Alder Ladder Polymers: Precursors for Extended [pi]-Conjugation /  |r Arnulf-Dieter Schuter, Matthias Loffler and Adelheid Godt [et al.].  |g 1.6.  |t Functional Polymers via Ring-Opening-Closing Alternating Copolymerization /  |r Shiro Kobayashi, Hiroshi Uyama and Jun-ichi Kadokawa.  |g 1.7.  |t Functionalized Polymers via Enzymatic Synthesis /  |r Helmut Ritter.  |g 1.8.  |t Polymers Containing Phosphonic and Bis(phosponic acid) Groups /  |r Mats J. Sundell and Jan H. Nasman.  |g 1.9.  |t Amine-Containing Polymers: Amine-Functionalized Polyolefins /  |r Hai-Qi Xie, Warren E. Baker and Reza Arshady.  |g 1.10.  |t Metal-Containing Polymers and Interpenetrating Networks /  |r Reza Arshady, Benedetto Corain and Marco Zecca.  |g 1.11.  |t Germylene and Stannylene Polymers /  |r Shiro Kobayashi, Shin-ichiro Shoda and Satoru Iwata.  |g 1.12.  |t Silicon-Containing Monomers and Polymers /  |r Yukio Nagasaki.  |g 1.13.  |t Functional Polymer Surfaces Produced from Cold Plasma /  |r J. C. Brosse, G. Legeay and F. Poncin-Epaillard.  |g 1.14.  |t Functional Cellulose Derivatives /  |r Kurt E. Geckeler and Manfred Anders.  |g 1.15.  |t Chitin and Chitosan Derivatives /  |r Keisuke Kurita.  |g 1.16.  |t Development of Novel Materials from Proteins /  |r Semih Erhan --  |g Pt. 2.  |t Radiation Effects and Applications.  |g 2.1.  |t Polymer Photochemistry and Photo-Cross-Linking /  |r Hans-Joachim Timpe.  |g 2.2.  |t Photosensitive Polymers /  |r Sung Il Hong, So Young Joo and Doo Whan Kang.  |g 2.3.  |t Functional Polymers for Microlithography: Nonamplified Imaging Systems /  |r Hiroshi Ito.  |g 2.4.  |t Functional Polymers for Microlithography: Chemically Amplified Imaging Systems /  |r Hiroshi Ito.  |g 2.5.  |t Polymer Modification by Ion Implantation: Ion Bombardment and Characterization /  |r Y. Q. Wang, L. B. Bridwell and R. E. Giedd.  |g 2.6.  |t Polymer Modification by Ion Implantation: Electrical Conductivity and Applications /  |r Y. Q. Wang, L. B. Bridwell and R. E. Giedd --  |g Pt. 3.  |t Optoelectronic Properties and Applications.  |g 3.1.  |t Photophysics of Functional Polymers /  |r David Phillips.  |g 3.2.  |t Liquid-Crystalline and Chiral Side-Chain Liquid-Crystalline Polymers /  |r J. M. G. Cowie and T. T. Hinchcliffe.  |g 3.3.  |t Monodomain Liquid-Crystalline Networks by In Situ Photopolymerization /  |r D. J. Broer.  |g 3.4.  |t Conducting Polymers /  |r Richard A. Pethrick.  |g 3.5.  |t Transparent Polymers for Optical Applications /  |r B. Boutevin, D. Bosc and A. Rousseau.  |g 3.6.  |t Functionalized Polymers for Second-Order Nonlinear Optics /  |r Douglas R. Robello.  |g 3.7.  |t Polymers for Activated Laser Switching /  |r P. Chandrasekhar --  |g Pt. 4.  |t Chemical and Physicochemical Applications.  |g 4.1.  |t Light-Harvesting Functional Polymers /  |r Diana M. Watkins and Marye Anne Fox.  |g 4.2.  |t Polymers for Solar-Energy Devices /  |r Gary Jorgensen, John Pern and Stephen Kelley [et al.].  |g 4.3.  |t Photoluminescent Polymers for Chemical Sensors /  |r Toru Ishiji and Masao Kaneko.  |g 4.4.  |t Functional Polymers for Chemical Sensors /  |r R. Zhou, K. E. Geckeler and W. Gopel.  |g 4.5.  |t Polymeric Stabilizers and Antioxidants /  |r Wayne W. Y. Lau and Pan Jiang Qing.  |g 4.6.  |t Functional Polymers for Selective Flocculation of Minerals /  |r Vincenzo Bertini and Marco Pocci --  |g Pt. 5.  |t Biomedical Applications.  |g 5.1.  |t Biocompatible Polymer Surfaces /  |r Ih-Houng Loh, Min-Shyan Sheu and Alan B. Fischer.  |g 5.2.  |t Biomedical Polyurethanes /  |r Sylwester Gogolewski.  |g 5.3.  |t Homopolymers and Copolymers of 2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate for Biomedical Applications /  |r Jean-Pierre Montheard, Jaroslav Kahovec and Daniel Chappard.  |g 5.4.  |t Molecularly Designed Dental Polymers /  |r Joseph M. Antonucci and Jeffrey W. Stansbury.  |g 5.5.  |t Surface Modification of Hydroxyapatite for Dental Plaque Inhibition /  |r Krister Holmberg and Jan Olsson.  |g 5.6.  |t Polymer-Drug Conjugates /  |r Hiroshi Maeda and Yuichiro Kojima.  |g 5.7.  |t Drug Targeting by Functional Polymers: Targeting of Polymer-Coated Liposomes /  |r Vladimir P. Torchilin. 
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