Forest insect pests in Canada /

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Imprint:Ottawa : Canadian Forest Service, Science and Sustainable Development Directorate, c1995.
Description:x, 732 p. : ill. (some col.), maps ; 28 cm.
Subject:Forest insects -- Canada.
Trees -- Diseases and pests -- Canada.
Insectes forestiers -- Canada.
Arbres -- Maladies et fléaux -- Canada.
Forest insects.
Trees -- Diseases and pests.
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Other authors / contributors:Armstrong, J. A. (John Alexander), 1929-1991.
Ives, W. G. H.
Canadian Forest Service. Science and Sustainable Development Directorate.
Notes:Issued also in French under title: Insectes forestiers ravageurs au Canada.
Includes bibliographical references. classification:DSS Cat. no. Fo24-235/1995E
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086 1 |a DSS Cat. no. Fo24-235/1995E 
245 0 0 |a Forest insect pests in Canada /  |c editors, J.A. Armstrong and W.G.H. Ives. 
260 |a Ottawa :  |b Canadian Forest Service, Science and Sustainable Development Directorate,  |c c1995. 
300 |a x, 732 p. :  |b ill. (some col.), maps ;  |c 28 cm. 
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500 |a Issued also in French under title: Insectes forestiers ravageurs au Canada. 
504 |a Includes bibliographical references. 
505 0 0 |g Ch. 1.  |t Forest Insect Pests in the Newfoundland and Labrador Region /  |r J. Hudak and A. G. Raske --  |g Ch. 2.  |t Forest Insect Pests in the Maritimes Region /  |r L. P. Magasi --  |g Ch. 3.  |t Forest Insect Pests in the Quebec Region /  |r D. Lachance --  |g Ch. 4.  |t Forest Insect Pests in the Ontario Region /  |r G. M. Howse --  |g Ch. 5.  |t Forest Insect Pests in the Northwest Region /  |r H. F. Cerezke and W. J. A. Volney --  |g Ch. 6.  |t Forest Insect Pests in the Pacific and Yukon Region /  |r G. A. Van Sickle --  |g Ch. 7.  |t Research on the Spruce Budworm, Choristoneura fumiferana /  |r C. J. Sanders --  |g Ch. 8.  |t Population Dynamics of the Spruce Budworm, Choristoneura fumiferana /  |r Jacques Regniere and Timothy J. Lysyk --  |g Ch. 9.  |t Response of Spruce Budworm, Choristoneura fumiferana, Larvae to Insecticides /  |r P. C. Nigam --  |g Ch. 10.  |t Attempts to Develop Strategies to Control Spruce Budworm, Choristoneura fumiferana, Populations by Spraying Moths /  |r E. G. Kettela --  |g Ch. 11.  |t Western Spruce Budworm, Choristoneura occidentalis /  |r R. F. Shepherd, J. C. Cunningham and I. S. Otvos --  |g Ch. 12.  |t Jack Pine Budworm, Choristoneura pinus /  |r B. L. Cadogan --  |g Ch. 13.  |t Douglas-fir Tussock Moth, Orgyia pseudotsugata /  |r I. S. Otvos, J. C. Cunningham and R. F. Shepherd --  |g Ch. 14.  |t Gypsy Moth, Lymantria dispar /  |r L. Jobin --  |g Ch. 15.  |t Hemlock Looper, Lambdina fiscellaria /  |r A. G. Raske, R. J. West and A. Retnakaran --  |g Ch. 16.  |t Oak Leafshredder, Croesia semipurpurana /  |r G. G. Grant, A. Retnakaran and G. M. Howse --  |g Ch. 17.  |t Bark- and Wood-Boring Insects /  |r L. Safranyik --  |g Ch. 18.  |t Bark Beetles /  |r L. Safranyik --  |g Ch. 19.  |t Ambrosia Beetles /  |r T. L. Shore and J. A. McLean --  |g Ch. 20.  |t Wood Borers /  |r L. Safranyik and H. A. Moeck --  |g Ch. 21.  |t Control of Insects Affecting Plantations and Managed Stands /  |r D. G. Embree --  |g Ch. 22.  |t Black Army Cutworm, Actebia fennica /  |r Roy F. Shepherd and R. J. West --  |g Ch. 23.  |t Spruce Bud Moth, Zeiraphera canadensis /  |r Jean J. Turgeon, Edward G. Kettela and Luc Jobin --  |g Ch. 24.  |t Diprionid Sawflies /  |r D. R. Wallace and J. C. Cunningham --  |g Ch. 25.  |t Terminal Weevils /  |r A. Retnakaran and John W. E. Harris --  |g Ch. 26.  |t Yellowheaded Spruce Sawfly, Pikonema alaskensis /  |r Peter de Groot --  |g Ch. 27.  |t Pine False Webworm, Acantholyda erythrocephala /  |r D. Barry Lyons --  |g Ch. 28.  |t Root Collar Weevils, Hylobius and Steremnius spp. /  |r H. F. Cerezke and B. A. Pendrel --  |g Ch. 29.  |t Cecidomyiidae Gall Midges /  |r L. M. Humble and R. J. West --  |g Ch. 30.  |t European Pine Shoot Moth, Rhyacionia buoliana, and Other Olethreutid Shoot Borers and Tip Moths /  |r P. D. Syme, G. G. Grant and T. G. Gray --  |g Ch. 31.  |t Pitch-Blister Moths, Petrova spp. /  |r H. R. Wong, J. A. Drouin and C. L. Rentz --  |g Ch. 32.  |t Woolly Adelgids /  |r John W. E. Harris and Wade W. Bowers --  |g Ch. 33.  |t Cone and Seed Insects /  |r G. E. Miller, J. J. Turgeon and P. de Groot --  |g Ch. 34.  |t Development and Current Status of Bacillus thuringiensis for Control of Defoliating Forest Insects /  |r K. van Frankenhuyzen --  |g Ch. 35.  |t Insect Viruses /  |r J. C. Cunningham and W. J. Kaupp --  |g Ch. 36.  |t Fungal Pathogens /  |r D. F. Perry, D. Tyrrell and D. Strongman --  |g Ch. 37.  |t Protozoa and Nematodes /  |r G. G. Wilson, J. R. Finney-Crawley and D. C. Eidt --  |g Ch. 38.  |t Neurotoxic Insecticides /  |r B. V. Helson and P. C. Nigam --  |g Ch. 39.  |t Insect Growth Regulators /  |r Arthur Retnakaran --  |g Ch. 40.  |t Natural Antifeedants /  |r George M. Strunz --  |g Ch. 41.  |t Classical Biological Control /  |r D. R. Wallace --  |g Ch. 42.  |t Inundative Releases /  |r D. R. Wallace and S. M. Smith --  |g Ch. 43.  |t Role of Native Parasitoids and Predators in Control Programs /  |r V. G. Nealis and M. A. Hulme --  |g Ch. 44.  |t Pheromones /  |r C. J. Sanders, G. G. Grant, R. F. Shepherd, P. J. Silk, E. W. Butterworth and E. G. Kettela --  |g Ch. 45.  |t Development and Use of Semiochemicals Against Bark and Timber Beetles /  |r John H. Borden --  |g Ch. 46.  |t Pesticide Formulations /  |r Alam Sundaram --  |g Ch. 47.  |t Spray Dispersal, Deposition, and Assessment /  |r N. J. Payne --  |g Ch. 48.  |t Design of Experimental Efficacy Trials in Canadian Forests /  |r B. L. Cadogan and P. de Groot --  |g Ch. 49.  |t Sampling Forestry Materials for Chemical Accountability Studies /  |r K. M. S. Sundaram --  |g Ch. 50.  |t Review of the Role of Drop Size Effects on Spray Efficacy /  |r Charles J. Wiesner --  |g Ch. 51.  |t Effect of Atmospheric Stability on Wind Drift of Spray Droplets from Aerial Forest Pesticide Applications /  |r R. S. Crabbe and M. McCooeye --  |g Ch. 52.  |t Spray Atomizer Droplet Characterization /  |r J. J. C. Picot, D. D. Kristmanson and M. W. van Vliet --  |g Ch. 53.  |t Principles of Atomization and Atomizer Selection /  |r N. J. Payne --  |g Ch. 54.  |t Equipment for Ground Application of Insecticides /  |r Peter de Groot --  |g Ch. 55.  |t Aerial Control Equipment /  |r B. L. Cadogan --  |g Ch. 56.  |t Fate of Insecticides in the Forest Environment /  |r K. M. S. Sundaram --  |g Ch. 57.  |t Monitoring Insecticide Residues After Operational Forest Pest Control Programs /  |r Pierre-M. Marotte, Luc Major and Charles Maisonneuve --  |g Ch. 58.  |t Impacts of Forest Aerial Spray Programs on Nontarget Terrestrial Invertebrates /  |r Peter D. Kingsbury and Kevin N. Barber --  |g Ch. 59.  |t Impact of Pesticides on Forest Pollination /  |r P. G. Kevan and R. C. Plowright --  |g Ch. 60.  |t Impacts of Forest Aerial Spray Programs on Aquatic Ecosystems /  |r D. C. Eidt, W. R. Ernst and S. B. Holmes --  |g Ch. 61.  |t Impacts of Forest Aerial Spray Programs on Terrestrial Vertebrates /  |r Peter D. Kingsbury and Rhonda L. Millikin --  |g Ch. 62.  |t Insect Control in Newfoundland, 1973-1989 /  |r H. Crummey --  |g Ch. 63.  |t Insect Control in Nova Scotia, 1979-1987 /  |r T. D. Smith --  |g Ch. 64.  |t Insect Control in New Brunswick, 1974-1989 /  |r E. G. Kettela --  |g Ch. 65.  |t Insect Control in Quebec, 1974-1987 /  |r Louis Dorais, Michel Auger, Michel Pelletier, Michel Chabot, Clement Bordeleau and Jean Cabana --  |g Ch. 66.  |t Insect Control in Ontario, 1974-1987 /  |r G. M. Howse, J. H. Meating and J. J. Churcher --  |g Ch. 67.  |t Insect Control in Manitoba, 1973-1989 /  |r K. Knowles and A. R. Westwood --  |g Ch. 68.  |t Insect Control in Alberta and Saskatchewan, 1979-1989 /  |r Murray L. Anderson, Hideji Ono and Madan Pandila --  |g Ch. 69.  |t Insect Control in British Columbia, 1974-1988 /  |r R. F. DeBoo and S. P. Taylor --  |g Ch. 70.  |t Strategies for the Future /  |r J. R. Carrow. 
650 0 |a Forest insects  |z Canada. 
650 0 |a Trees  |x Diseases and pests  |z Canada. 
650 6 |a Insectes forestiers  |z Canada. 
650 6 |a Arbres  |x Maladies et fléaux  |z Canada. 
650 7 |a Forest insects.  |2 fast  |0 
650 7 |a Trees  |x Diseases and pests.  |2 fast  |0 
651 7 |a Canada.  |2 fast  |0 
700 1 |a Armstrong, J. A.  |q (John Alexander),  |d 1929-1991.  |0  |1 
700 1 |a Ives, W. G. H.  |0  |1 
710 2 |a Canadian Forest Service.  |b Science and Sustainable Development Directorate.  |0  |1 
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