Computing and combinatorics : first annual international conference, COCOON'95, Xi'an, China, August 1995 : proceedings /

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Meeting name:International Conference on Computing and Combinatorics (1st : 1995 : Sian, China)
Imprint:Berlin ; New York : Springer-Verlag, c1995.
Description:xiii, 654 p.
Series:Lecture notes in computer science 959
Subject:Computer science -- Congresses.
Combinatorial analysis -- Congresses.
Combinatorial analysis.
Computer science.
Conference papers and proceedings.
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Other authors / contributors:Du, Dingzhu.
Li, Ming, 1955 July 16-
ISBN:354060216X (alk. paper)
Notes:Includes bibliographical references and index.
Table of Contents:
  • The Complexity of Mean Payoff Games / Uri Zwick and Mike S. Paterson
  • Approximation of coNP Sets by NP-Complete Sets / Kazuo Iwama and Shuichi Miyazaki
  • How to Draw a Planar Clustered Graph / Qing-Wen Feng, Robert F. Cohen and Peter Eades
  • An Efficient Orthogonal Grid Drawing Algorithm for Cubic Graphs / Tiziana Calamoneri and Rossella Petreschi
  • Constrained Independence System and Triangulations of Planar Point Sets / Siu-Wing Cheng and Yin-Feng Xu
  • Three Dimensional Weak Visibility: Complexity and Applications / Caoan Wang and Binhai Zhu
  • Rectangulating Rectilinear Polygons in Parallel / Sung Kwon Kim
  • Efficient Randomized Incremental Algorithm for the Closest Pair Problem Using Leafary Trees / V. Kamakoti, Kamala Krithivasan and C. Pandu Rangan
  • Testing Containment of Object-Oriented Conjunctive Queries Is [actual symbol not reproducible] / Edward P. F. Chan and Ron van der Meyden
  • Computing Infinite Relations Using Finite Expressions: a New Approach to the Safety Issue in Relational Databases / Ruogu Zhang
  • Set-Term Unification in a Logic Database Language / Seung Jin Lim and Yiu-Kai Ng
  • Computations with Finite Closure Systems and Implications / Marcel Wild
  • Maximum Tree-Packing in Time O(n[superscript 5/2]) / Andrzej Lingas
  • Optimal Algorithms for Finding Connected Components of an Unknown Graph / Weiping Shi and Douglas B. West
  • The Multi-Weighted Spanning Tree Problem / Joseph L. Ganley, Mordecai J. Golin and Jeffrey S. Salowe
  • Algorithmic Graph Embeddings / Jianer Chen
  • Analysis of Quorum-Based Protocols for Distributed (k + 1)-Exclusion / Divyakant Agrawal, Omer Egecioglu and Amr El Abbadi
  • A Highly Fault-Tolerant Quorum Consensus Method for Managing Replicated Data / Xuemin Lin and Maria E. Orlowska
  • Constructing Craig Interpolation Formulas / Guoxiang Huang
  • Currying of Order-Sorted Term Rewriting Systems / Yoshinobu Kawabe and Naohiro Ishii
  • Stack and Queue Number of 2-Trees / S. Rengarajan and C. E. Veni Madhavan
  • Shortest Paths in Random Weighted Graphs / Scott K. Walley and Harry H. Tan
  • Simple Reduction of f-Colorings to Edge-Colorings / Xiao Zhou and Takao Nishizeki
  • Output-Size Sensitiveness of OBDD Construction Through Maximal Independent Set Problem / Kezuyoshi Hayase, Kumihiko Sadakane and Seiichiro Tani
  • Small Weight Bases for Hamming Codes / John Tromp, Louxin Zhang and Ying Zhao
  • Toeplitz Words, Generalized Periodicity and Periodically Iterated Morphisms / Julien Cassaigne and Juhani Karhumaki
  • A Construction for Enumerating k-Coloured Motzkin Paths / Elena Barcucci, Alberto Del Lungo, Elisa Pergola and Renzo Pinzani
  • On Public-Key Cryptosystem Based on Church-Rosser String-Rewriting Systems / Vladimir A. Oleshchuk
  • Extending the Hong-Kung Model to Memory Hierarchies / John E. Savage
  • On Log-Time Alternating Turing Machines of Alternating Depth k / Liming Cai and Jianer Chen
  • New Bound for Affine Resolvable Designs and Its Application to Authentication Codes / Kaoru Kurosawa and Sanpei Kageyama
  • Dense Packings of 3k(k + 1) + 1 Equal Disks in a Circle for k = 1,2,3,4, and 5 / B. D. Lubachevsky and R. L. Graham
  • Efficient Parallel Algorithms for Some Tree Layout Problems / J. Diaz, A. Gibbons, G. Pantziou, M. Serna, P. Spirakis and J. Toran
  • Conservative Algorithms for Parallel and Sequential Integer Sorting / Yijie Han and Xiaojun Shen
  • An Optimal Algorithm for Proper Learning of Unions of Two Rectangles with Queries / Zhixiang Chen
  • Disjunctions of Negated Counting Functions Are Efficiently Learnable with Equivalence Queries / Zhixiang Chen
  • Non-Empty Cross-3-Intersection Theorems of Subsets / Shiquan Wu
  • Convexity of Minimal Total Dominating Functions in Graphs / Bo Yu
  • Transformations for Maximal Planar Graphs with Minimum Degree Five / Jean Hardouin Duparc and Philippe Rolland
  • An Asynchronous Parallel Method for Linear Systems / Zhaoyong You and Chuanglong Wang
  • On a Kind of Sequence of Polynomials / Xiangde Zhang
  • Hamiltonian Cycles in 2-Generated Cayley Digraphs of Abelian Groups / Jixiang Meng
  • Pandiagonal Magic Squares / Cheng-Xu Xu and Zhun-Wei Lu
  • PFFM and Quasi-Morishima Matrices / Hua Wang and Zhao-yong You
  • Edge-Face Total Chromatic Number of Outerplanar Graphs with [Delta](G) = 6 / C. F. Chang, J. X. Chang, X. C. Liu, Peter C. B. Lam and J. F. Wang
  • Sets Computable in Polynomial Time on Average / Rainer Schuler and Tomoyuki Yamakami
  • Rankable Distributions Do Not Provide Harder Instances Than Uniform Distributions / Jay Belanger and Jie Wang
  • Transformations That Preserve Malignness of Universal Distributions / Kojiro Kobayashi
  • Intersection Suffices for Boolean Hierarchy Equivalence / Lane A. Hemaspaandra and Jorg Rothe
  • A 3/2log 3-Competitive Algorithm for the Counterfeit Coin Problem / Dean Kelley, Peng-Jun Wan and Qifan Yang
  • Searching Rigid Data Structures / Svante Carlsson and Jingsen Chen
  • A Better Subgraph of the Minimum Weight Triangulation / Bo-Ting Yang
  • Sequence Decomposition Method for Computing a Grobner Basis and Its Application to Bivariate Splines / Wen Gao and Baocai Yin
  • A Broadcasting Algorithm on the Arrangement Graph / Leqiang Bai, Peter M. Yamakawa, Hiroyuki Ebara and Hideo Nakano
  • A Fast Maximum Finding Algorithm on Broadcast Communication / Shyue-Horng Shiau and Chang-Biau Yang
  • Broadcasting in General Networks I: Trees / Aditya Shastri
  • Uni-Directional Alternating Group Graphs / Shyh-Chain Chern, Tai-Ching Tuan and Jung-Sing Jwo
  • On Separating Proofs of Knowledge from Proofs of Membership of Languages and Its Application to Secure Identification Schemes / Kouichi Sakurai
  • Compact Location Problems with Budget and Communication Constraints / S. O. Krumke, H. Noltemeier, S. S. Ravi and M. V. Marathe
  • Minimum Dominating Sets of Intervals on Lines / Siu-Wing Cheng, Michael Kaminski and Shmuel Zaks
  • Two-Dimensional Pattern Matching on a Dynamic Library of Texts / Y. Choi and T. W. Lam
  • Structure in Approximation Classes / P. Crescenzi, V. Kann, R. Silvestri and L. Trevisan
  • Improved Lower Bounds for the Randomized Boppana-Halldorsson Algorithm for MAXCLIQUE / Marcus Peinado
  • MNP: A Class of NP Optimization Problems / Qi Cheng and Hong Zhu
  • Semidefinite Programming and Its Applications to NP Problems / Roman Bacik and S. Mahajan
  • Analysis and Experimentation on List Update Algorithms / Lucas Chi-Kwong Hui and Kwok-Yan Lam
  • An Exact Branch and Bound Algorithm for the Steiner Problem in Graphs / B. N. Khoury and P. M. Pardalos
  • A Physical Model for the Satisfiability Problem / Wenqi Huang, Wei Li, Weifeng Lu and Yuping Zhang
  • An Efficient Algorithm for Local Testability Problem of Finite State Automata / Sam Myo Kim and Robert McNaughton
  • Scheduling Task-Tree with Additive Scales on Parallel/ Distributed Machines / Xiangdong Yu and Moti Yung
  • Single-Vehicle Scheduling Problem on a Straight Line with Time Window Constraints / Chi-lok Chan and Gilbert H. Young
  • An On-Line Algorithm for Some Uniform Processor Scheduling / Rongheng Li and Lijie Shi
  • An Algebraic Characterization of Tractable Constraints / Peter Jeavons and David Cohen
  • Limit Property of Unbalanced Development in Economic Network / Jiyu Ding, Chengxiang Qing and Guodong Song
  • Document Processing, Theory, and Practice / Derick Wood
  • Matching and Comparing Sequences in Molecular Biology / Tao Jiang
  • Primal-Dual Schema Based Approximation Algorithms / Vijay V. Vazirani.