Individual justice in mass tort litigations : the effect of class actions, consolidations, and other multiparty devices /

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Author / Creator:Weinstein, Jack B.
Imprint:Evanston, Ill. : Northwestern University Press, c1995.
Description:xvii, 367 p. ; 24 cm.
Subject:Torts -- United States.
Complex litigation -- United States.
Class actions (Civil procedure)
Complex litigation.
Justice, Administration of.
United States.
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Notes:Includes bibliographical references and index.
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100 1 |a Weinstein, Jack B. 
245 0 0 |a Individual justice in mass tort litigations :  |b the effect of class actions, consolidations, and other multiparty devices /  |c Jack B. Weinstein. 
260 |a Evanston, Ill. :  |b Northwestern University Press,  |c c1995. 
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300 |a xvii, 367 p. ;  |c 24 cm. 
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504 |a Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0 0 |g Ch. 1.  |t Overview --  |g Ch. 2.  |t The Law's Reaction to Disasters.  |g A.  |t Types of Disasters.  |g 1.  |t Clear Cause - Single Event - Injuries Proximate in Time and Space.  |g 2.  |t Clear Cause - Multiple Events - Injuries Nonproximate in Place.  |g 3.  |t Unclear Cause - Multiple Events - Injuries Nonproximate in Time and Place.  |g 4.  |t Unclear Cause - Multiple Events - Injuries Nonproximate in Time and Place - Identities of Both Producers and Injured Unclear.  |g B.  |t Jurisdiction Implicated.  |g 1.  |t Intrastate.  |g 2.  |t Interstate.  |g 3.  |t International.  |g C.  |t Desirable Conditions for Disaster Management by Courts.  |g 1.  |t Concentration of Decision Making.  |g 2.  |t Single Forum.  |g 3.  |t Single, Known Substantive Law.  |g 4.  |t Support to Trier.  |g 5.  |t Flexible, Controlled Fact-Finding.  |g 6.  |t Cap on Award and Method of Allocation.  |g 7.  |t Single Distribution Plan.  |g D.  |t Procedural Tools and Models.  |g 1.  |t Multidistrict Litigation and Other Consolidation Procedures.  |g 2.  |t Class Actions.  |g 3.  |t Attorney Cooperation - Specialists and Lead Attorneys.  |g 4.  |t Private Settlements - Ad Hoc and Institutional.  |g 5.  |t Court Administration and Added Personnel.  |g 6.  |t Compensation Schemes and Legislated Limits on Liability.  |g 7.  |t Claims Commissions.  |g 8.  |t International Conventions.  |g 9.  |t Hybrid Government Sponsored Protection Plans.  |g 10.  |t Specialized Courts.  |g E.  |t Proposals for Change.  |g 1.  |t National Disaster Court.  |g 2.  |t Switching Cases among State and Federal Courts.  |g 3.  |t Binational and Multinational Tribunals.  |g 4.  |t Planning for Disasters.  |g F.  |t Conclusion --  |g Ch. 3.  |t General Problems of Ethics in Modern Cases.  |g A.  |t The Changing World of Mass Cases.  |g B.  |t Administrative Procedural Level.  |g C.  |t Traditional Ethical Rules.  |g D.  |t Communitarian and Communicatarian Ethics --  |g Ch. 4.  |t Ethics of Lawyers.  |g A.  |t Communication.  |g 1.  |t The Problem.  |g 2.  |t Fostering Communication in a Mass Society.  |g B.  |t Conflicts of Interest.  |g 1.  |t Lawyer-Client.  |g 2.  |t Client-Client.  |g C.  |t Secrecy.  |g 1.  |t Documents and Oral Admissions Relating to Merits.  |g 2.  |t Settlement Amounts.  |g 3.  |t Withdrawal of Opinions.  |g D.  |t Buyouts.  |g E.  |t Aggregate Settlements.  |g F.  |t Financing.  |g G.  |t Fees.  |g 1.  |t Plaintiffs.  |g 2.  |t Defense.  |g H.  |t Cooperation and Conflict among Attorneys.  |g 1.  |t Plaintiff's Attorneys.  |g 2.  |t Defendants.  |g I.  |t Tentative Answers --  |g Ch. 5.  |t Ethics of Judges.  |g A.  |t Traditional View.  |g B.  |t Obligation to Community.  |g C.  |t Communication with Community.  |g 1.  |t Educating the Court.  |g 2.  |t Listening to the Community.  |g 3.  |t Speaking to the Community.  |g D.  |t Settlement and Beyond.  |g 1.  |t Involvement in Settlement.  |g 2.  |t Continuing Influence after Settlement.  |g 3.  |t Postsettlement Trusts and Other Institutions.  |g E.  |t Extrajudicial Assistance.  |g 1.  |t Traditional View.  |g 2.  |t Special Masters.  |g 3.  |t Experts.  |g F.  |t Uniformity of Rules of Ethics.  |g G.  |t Summary of Judges' Role --  |g Ch. 6.  |t Ethics of Parties --  |g Ch. 7.  |t Ethics of Scientists --  |g Ch. 8.  |t Ethics of Legislatures --  |g Ch. 9.  |t Equitable Powers of Courts to Adapt to Modern Mass Torts Requirements --  |g A.  |t Introduction.  |g B.  |t Procedural Techniques and Mass Torts.  |g 1.  |t History.  |g 2.  |t Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Triumph of Equity.  |g 3.  |t Procedural Joinder and Management Devices.  |g C.  |t Substantive Law.  |g 1.  |t History.  |g 2.  |t Modern Innovations.  |g D.  |t Settlement Funds and Distribution Plans.  |g 1.  |t Generally.  |g 2.  |t Examples of Compensation Funds.  |g E.  |t Criticism of Equity Initiatives.  |g F.  |t Conclusion --  |g Ch. 10.  |t The Future. 
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650 0 |a Complex litigation  |z United States. 
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