Climate since A.D. 1500 /

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Imprint:London ; New York : Routledge, 1992.
Description:xv, 679 p. : ill., maps ; 24 cm.
Climatic changes
Climatic changes.
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Other authors / contributors:Bradley, Raymond S., 1948-
Jones, Philip D.
Notes:Includes bibliographical references and index.
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245 0 0 |a Climate since A.D. 1500 /  |c edited by Raymond S. Bradley and Philip D. Jones. 
260 |a London ;  |a New York :  |b Routledge,  |c 1992. 
300 |a xv, 679 p. :  |b ill., maps ;  |c 24 cm. 
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504 |a Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0 0 |g 1.  |t Climate since A.D. 1500: Introduction /  |r R.S. Bradley and P.D. Jones --  |g Sect. A.  |t Documentary Evidence.  |g 2.  |t Hudson's Bay Company ships' log-books as sources of sea ice data, 1751-1870 /  |r A.J.W. Catchpole.  |g 3.  |t Historical and instrumental evidence of climate: western Hudson Bay, Canada, 1714-1850 /  |r T.F. Ball.  |g 4.  |t Historical climate records from the northeastern United States, 1640 to 1900 /  |r W.R. Baron.  |g 5.  |t Documentary evidence for changes in the climate of Iceland, A.D. 1500 to 1800 /  |r A.E.J. Ogilvie.  |g 6.  |t Monthly temperature and precipitation in central Europe from 1525-1979: quantifying documentary evidence on weather and its effects /  |r C. Pfister.  |g 7.  |t Reconstructing the climate of northern Italy from archive sources /  |r D. Camuffo and S. Enzi.  |g 8.  |t Three historical data series on floods and anomalous climatic events in Italy /  |r M.P. Pavese, V. Banzon, M. Colacino, G.P. Gregori and M. Pasqua.  |g 9.  |t Documentary evidence from the U.S.S.R. /  |r E.P. Borisenkov.  |g 10.  |t Reconstruction of the 18th century summer precipitation of Nanjing, Suzhou, and Hangzhou, China, based on the Clear and Rain Records /  |r P.K. Wang and D. Zhang.  |g 11.  |t Beijing summer temperatures since 1724 /  |r W.C. Wang, D. Portman, G. Gong, P. Zhang and T. Karl.  |g 12.  |t Reconstruction of rainfall variation of the Baiu in historical times /  |r A. Murata.  |g 13.  |t Climatic variations in the longest instrumental records /  |r P.D. Jones and R.S. Bradley --  |g Sect. B.  |t Dendroclimatic Evidence.  |g 14.  |t Mapping climate using tree-rings from western North America /  |r H.C. Fritts and X.M. Shao.  |g 15.  |t Dendroclimatic evidence from northern North America /  |r R.D. D'Arrigo and G.C. Jacoby, Jr.  |g 16.  |t Dendroclimatic evidence from the Great Plains of the United States /  |r D.M. Meko.  |g 17.  |t Dendroclimatic evidence from eastern North America /  |r E.R. Cook, D.W. Stable and M.K. Cleaveland.  |g 18.  |t Dendroclimatic evidence from southwestern Europe and northwestern Africa /  |r F. Serre-Bachet, J. Guiot and L. Tessier.  |g 19.  |t Recent dendroclimatic evidence of northern and central European summer temperatures /  |r K.R. Briffa and F.H. Schweingruber.  |g 20.  |t Dendroclimatic evidence from the northern Soviet Union /  |r D.A. Graybill and S.G. Shiyatov.  |g 21.  |t Dendroclimatic evidence from the western Himalaya /  |r M.K. Hughes.  |g 22.  |t Dendroclimatic studies in China /  |r X.D. Wu.  |g 23.  |t South American dendroclimatological records /  |r J.A. Boninsegna.  |g 24.  |t Dendroclimatic evidence from Australasia /  |r D.A. Norton and J.G. Palmer --  |g Sect. C.  |t Ice Core Evidence.  |g 25.  |t Ice core climate signals from Mount Logan, Yukon A.D. 1700-1987 /  |r G. Holdsworth, H.R. Krouse and M. Nosal.  |g 26.  |t The Arctic from Svalbard to Severnaya Zemlya: climatic reconstructions from ice cores /  |r A. Tarussov.  |g 27.  |t Ice core evidence from Peru and China /  |r L.G. Thompson.  |g 28.  |t Ice core evidence from the Antarctic Peninsula region /  |r D.A. Peel.  |g 29.  |t Paleoenvironmental conditions in Antarctica since A.D. 1500: ice core evidence /  |r E. Mosley-Thompson --  |g Sect. D.  |t Forcing Factors.  |g 30.  |t Evidence of solar activity variations /  |r M. Stuiver and T.F. Braziunas.  |g 31.  |t Records of explosive volcanic eruptions over the last 500 years /  |r R.S. Bradley and P.D. Jones.  |g 32.  |t The historical record of El Nino events /  |r W.H. Quinn and V.T. Neal --  |g Sect. E.  |t Summary.  |g 33.  |t Climatic variations over the last 500 years /  |r P.D. Jones and R.S. Bradley. 
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