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Key engineering materials ; v. 737.
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Table of Contents:
  • A Systematic Testing Procedure to Investigate the Influence of Oxide Morphology, Composition and Thickness on Changes in the High Temperature Oxidation Kinetics of AISI 316L Stainless Steel
  • Preliminary Study on Properties of Aluminium-Silicon (Al-Si) Alloys Reinforced by In Situ Titanium Diboride (TiB2)
  • Effect of Carbon Addition on the Cast and Rolled Microstructures of FeCoCrNiMn High Entropy Alloys
  • Creep Behaviors of CrMnFeCoNi High Entropy Alloy at Intermediate Temperatures
  • Influence of Annealing of Al-5Ti-1B Master Alloy on Hot Tearing of Cast Al-7Si-3Cu Alloy
  • Studies on the Mechanism of Work Hardening of Austenitic High Manganese Steel Alloyed with Chromium and Vanadium
  • In Situ Decomposition of Silicon Nitride Particles in Titanium Composite and its Mechanical Properties
  • Microstructural Evolution and Mechanical Properties in a Mn1.05Fe1.05CoNiCu0.9 High Entropy Alloy
  • Failure Analysis of Weld Crack of P92 Steel
  • Method for the Determination of Hard Alloys' Maximum Performance Temperature in the Context of the Metal-Cutting Tools' Usage Quality Estimation Technique
  • The Increase in Effectivity of Material Processing with Employment of Liquid CO2 during Aluminium Die Casting
  • A Study on the Welding Line Strength of Composite Parts with Various Venting Systems in Injection Molding Process
  • Investigation on Hole Punching Process with Combined Punch to Improve Surface Quality during the Materials Forming Process
  • Modelling Kerf Width in WEDM Titanium Alloy Using Response Surface Methodology
  • Effect on Hardness and Microstructures of Rail Joint with Ultra-Narrow Gap Arc Welding by Post Weld Heat Treatment
  • Evaluation of Surface Quality and Signal Characteristics in Milling Process of Al7075-T651
  • The Selection of Appropriate Process Parameters of Diffusion Bonding in Heterogeneous Weld of 355J2/AISI 316L Steels
  • Effect of in Addition on Microstructure and Properties of Zn-5Al Solder
  • Analysis of Possible Application of Temperature Dependences of Processed Materials' Physical and Mechanical Properties to Define the Maximum Workability Temperature
  • Investigation on Wear Behavior of Bamboo Filler Reinforcement of Injection Moulded Plastic Gear
  • Research on Formability of Multi-Point Press Forming for 08Al and 2024-O Sheet
  • Examination of the Welding Processes when Welding of Steel in Protective Gas Atmosphere of Gases with the Application of Modeling and Numerical Simulation
  • Effect of the Thickness of Al2O3-TiO2 Composite Oxide Films on the Electrical Properties of Anode Al Foils
  • Effects of Chromium Content on Thermal Shock Cycle Resistance of (TiCr)N Hard Reactive Films
  • Effects on Surface Integrity of Ti6Al4V in High Speed Milling
  • A Study on Mechanical and Tribological Behavior of Brake Pad Materials
  • Tribological Study of Heat Treated AZ91 Alloy against Al6351 under Dry Conditions
  • Morphology and Wettability of Nanoporous Aluminium Oxide Film Prepared by Anodization
  • Assessment of the Stress State of the Coating in Depending on the Porosity of the Cement Substrate
  • Influence of Aluminum Nanoparticles Additives on Tribological Properties of Base Oil
  • Crevice Corrosion of Low-Pressure Steam Turbine Materials in the Boiler Water Contained Impurity Ions
  • Real-Time Monitoring of the Dispersion Stability of Poly(Carbonate Urethane)s Using the Turbiscan Technique
  • Antibacterial and Mechanical Properties of the TiO2/ABS Composites
  • Residual Stress/Strain Effect on the Bending Properties of the Cu/Al/Cu Clad Plate
  • Double-Channel Filter Based on the Structure of Two Symmetric Layers with Defects in One-Dimensional Photonic Crystals
  • Effect of Ni Plating on the Interfacial Stability of Multi-Layered Ni-Plated-Cu/Al/Ni-Plated-Cu Clad Composite
  • Rheological Properties of Asbestos Waste Filler-Based Epoxy Composite Materials
  • The Effect of Silane Coupling Agent on the Properties of Natural Rubber Filled with Waste Silicon Carbide
  • Synthesis and Characterization of PVA/TiO2 Nanocomposite
  • Studies of the Physical Properties of Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Resin Reacted with Anhydride Curing Agents
  • Crystallization and Thermal Degradation of Green Nanocomposites Based on Lignin Coated Cellulose Nanocrystals and Poly(Lactic Acid)
  • Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Epoxy Composites Containing Amine-Modified Silica Nanoparticles
  • Morphology and Mechanical Properties of Poly(Lactic Acid) and Propylene-Ethylene Copolymer Blends: Effect of Organoclay Types
  • Comparison of Mechanical Properties of Biocomposites between Polybutylene Succinate/Corn Silk and Polybutylene Succinate/Cellulose Extracted from Corn Silk
  • The Influence of Fiber Surface Treatment and SBR as Impact Modifier on Rheological Behavior and Mechanical Properties of Wood Plastic Composite from Acrylate-Styrene-Acrylonitrile and Bagasse
  • Effect of Plasticizers on Morphology, Mechanical Properties and Water Absorption of Wheat Gluten and Epoxidized Natural Rubber Blend
  • Effects of Levan on the Biodegradability and Thermal Properties of Polybutylene Succinate
  • Study the Interaction Mechanism and Mechanical Properties of PVA/HA by a Molecular Dynamics Simulation
  • Study on the Rheological Behaviour of Sisal Fibre/HDPE Composites with Flame Retardant
  • Mechanical and Morphological Properties of Poly(Butylene Succinate)/Poly(Hydroxybutyrate-co-Hydroxyhexanoate) Polymer Blends: Effect of Blend Ratio and Maleated Compatibiliser
  • Mechanical Properties of PM CNT-Dispersed Cu Composite
  • Partial Characterisation and Colorimetric Characteristics of Sargassum sp. Colorant on Treated Polyester Fabric with Dendrimer
  • The Use of Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunches (OPEFB) Fibers as Partial Replacement for Imported Recycled Fibers
  • Microwave Assisted Extraction of Avocado Oil from Avocado Skin and Encapsulation Using Spray Drying
  • MWCNT from Carbon Black: Effect of Current Variation and Arc Application Time
  • Moisture Elimination of the Wet Hydrogen Gas Using the Electrochemical Hydrogen Compressor with a Modified MEA Composition
  • Microwave-Ultrasonic Synergistic Extraction of Crude Se-Polysaccharides from Se-Enriched Tea
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Monodisperse Magnetite Nanoparticles by Hydrothermal Method
  • Characterization of Pulse Anodized Titanium Dioxide Nanotubes
  • Ex Situ UCG Model Experiments with Oxygen Enriched Air in an Artificial Coal Seam
  • Biodiesel Production from Jatropha oaxacana Oil by Reactive Vacuum Distillation: Optimization by Response Surface Methodology
  • The Design and Performance Study of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Using 3-D Mesh
  • Investigation of the Structural Properties of Amorphous Philippine Bentonite Clay and its Potential Use for Topical Applications
  • Characterization of Philippine Natural Zeolite and its Application for Heavy Metal Removal from Acid Mine Drainage (AMD)
  • Research on the Dust-Capturing Capacities of Environmental Friendly Materials Based on the Typical Garden Trees and the Morphological Structure of Leaves in Suzhou
  • Test Study on the Adsorption Property of the Environmental Friendly Adsorption Materials to Reduce Nutrient from Surface Runoff
  • Study of Metalworking Fluids Biodegradability Potential Enhancement by the Prior Application of Ozone
  • Heavy Metal Removal from Wastewater of Palm Oil Mill Using Developed Activated Carbon from Coconut Shell and Cow Bones
  • Preparation Process Optimization of the Solid Chlorine Dioxide as an Environmental Friendly Disinfectant for Drinking Water
  • Shear Failure of Patched Reinforced Concrete Beam without Web Reinforcements
  • The Analysis of Long-and-Short Concrete Column Structure under Horizontally Seismic Process Based on Finite Element Method
  • Damage Detection with FBG Sensors for Pre-Stress Concrete Girders
  • Experimental Study of Inner-and-Outer Steel Flanges Subjected to Tension and Bending Loads
  • Study on Estimate of Load Ratio of Doubly Reinforced Concrete Beam Exposed to the Standard Fire
  • Relaxation of Structural Concrete due to its Shrinkage in Terms of Age-Adjusted Effective Modulus Method
  • Quantitative Identification of Pipeline Crack Based on BP Neural Network
  • Dynamic Characteristics Analysis of Long-Span Cable-Stayed Bridge with Steel Truss Stiffening Girder
  • Air Quenching of Steel Slag to Enhance its Hydraulic Activity for Recycling the Slag as Materials in Cement and Concrete Applications
  • Seismic Response Analysis of Reservoir Water-Gravity Dam-Foundation System
  • A Stress Analysis of the Post-Tensioned Anchorage Zones Using UHPC
  • Anchor Spacing Design of Pre-Stressed Tunnel Concrete Lining with Un-Bonded Annular Anchors for Songhua River Water Supply Project
  • Finite Element Analysis of Constitutive Behavior of FRP-Confined Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete
  • Self-Hardening of a Gypsum
  • Variation of the Modulus of Elasticity and Anisotropic Factor over the Thickness of the Bamboo Wall
  • Influence of Aging on Oil Rejuvenated Binder
  • Properties and Ageing of Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumens
  • The Effects of Aging on Asphalt Binders Containing Visbreaking Residues
  • Use of Rejuvenators to Rejuvenate Asphalt Binders in RAP
  • Properties of Pavement Bitumens Assessed Using European and American Approach
  • Mechanical Properties of Unsaturated Polyester Resin (UPR)-Mortar and its Potential Application to Restore the Strength and Serviceability of Patched Reinforced Concrete Slab
  • Thermal Insulator Made from Solid Natural Rubber: Part 1 - Formulation of Rubber Compounding, Appropriate Forming Condition and Basic Properties
  • Prototype of Geocell from Natural Rubber: Effect of Dual-Phase Fillers on Physical Properties of Rubber Compounds Reinforced with Silica and Carbon Black
  • Tasks of Building Materials from the Viewpoint of Control Theory
  • Oxidation State of Ti Atoms and Ti-O Bond Length on Natural Sapphire Gem-Materials Probed by X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy
  • Ancient Glass Bead from U-Thong Ancient City Site, Central Thailand
  • Lost Wax Casting Conditions with Tourmaline In Situ
  • FWHM Calculation of Zircon Gem-Materials before and after Thermal Enhancement