Non-neutral plasma physics IV : Workshop on Non-Neutral Plasmas : San Diego, California, 30 July-2 August 2001 /

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Meeting name:Workshop on Non-Neutral Plasmas (2001 : San Diego, Calif.)
Imprint:Melville, N.Y. : American Institute of Physics, 2002.
Description:xix, 738 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 25 cm.
Series:AIP conference proceedings, 0094-243X ; v. 606
AIP conference proceedings ; no. 606.
Subject:Nonneutral plasma -- Congresses.
Nonneutral plasma.
Conference papers and proceedings.
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Other authors / contributors:Anderegg, Franc╠žois.
Schweikhard, Lutz.
Driscoll, C. F.
United States. Office of Naval Research.
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Table of Contents:
  • Preface
  • Cold Antimatter Plasmas, and Aspirations for Cold Antihydrogen
  • Injection of Electrons into a Toroidal Trap Using Chaotic Orbits near Magnetic Null
  • Relaxed States in Plasmas--Non-Neutral and Diamagnetic Plasmas
  • NNP-2001 Roundtable Discussion
  • List of Participants
  • Author Index
  • A Laser-Cooled, High Density Positron Plasma
  • Two-Stream Instabilities in Guiding-Center Plasmas for Antihydrogen Recombination Schemes
  • Design and Test of a Beam Line for Extraction of Slow Antiprotons from a Multi-Ring Electrode Ion Trap
  • Spectroscopy of Rydberg Atoms in Non-Neutral Cold Plasmas
  • Ultracold Neutral Plasmas
  • Numerical Simulation of Ultracold Neutral Plasmas
  • Section 2. Strongly Coupled Plasmas, Highly Charged Ions, and Dusty Plasmas
  • Experimental Dynamics of Stressed, Strongly Correlated Magnetized Plasmas
  • Laser-Induced Wakes in Ion Crystals
  • Sponsors and Organizing Committee
  • Specific Heat and Latent Heat in Finite and Infinite One-Component Plasmas
  • Ion Coulomb Crystals and Some Applications
  • Coulomb Crystals in a Pulse-Excited Linear Paul Trap
  • Trapped Highly Charged Ion Plasmas
  • Cold Highly Charged Ions in a Penning Trap: Experiment and Simulation
  • EBIT in the Magnetic Trapping Mode: Mass Spectrometry, Atomic Lifetime Measurements, and Charge Transfer Reactions of Highly Charged Atomic Ions
  • Structure and Madelung Energy of Coulomb Clusters
  • Formation and Structural Transitions of 3D Coulomb Crystals in Dusty Plasmas
  • Dusty Plasmas under Microgravity
  • Section 3. Charged Particle Beams and Free-Electron Lasers
  • Group Photo
  • Kinetic Effects in High Gain Free-Electron Lasers
  • Self-Compensation for the Axial Velocity Spread in a Wiggler Field
  • An Experiment to Transfer Angular Momentum from a Helical Low Energy Proton Beam to a Trapped Electron Plasma
  • Intrabeam Scattering and Halo Formation in Intense Ion Beams
  • Crystalline Ion Beams in the RF Quadrupole Storage Ring PALLAS
  • Multiple Coulomb Ordered Strings of Ions in a Storage Ring
  • Section 4. Collective Modes
  • Thermal Excitation of Trivelpiece-Gould Modes in a Pure Electron Plasma
  • Thermal Excitation of Modes in a Non-Neutral Plasma
  • Using the Plasma Noise Spectrum to Measure the Parallel Temperature in a Non-Neutral Plasma
  • Section 1. Antimatter Plasmas and Recombination
  • Trapped Particle Asymmetry Modes in Non-Neutral Plasmas
  • Simulations of the Instability of the m=1 Self-Shielding Diocotron Mode in Finite-Length Non-neutral Plasmas
  • Large Amplitude m=1 Diocotron Mode Measurements in the Electron Diffusion Gauge Experiment
  • m=1 Diocotron Mode Damping in the Electron Diffusion Gauge (EDG) Experiment
  • Magnetic Shear Stabilization of Diocotron Instability
  • l=1 Diocotron Instability of Single Charged Plasmas in a Cylindrical Penning Trap with Central Conductor
  • Rigorous Fluid Model for 3D Analysis of the Diocotron Instability
  • Diocotron Spectrum with Compression Effects
  • Modes in a Non-Neutral Plasma Column of Finite Length
  • Interacting Solitons in a Non-Neutral Plasma
  • The Creation of High Quality Positron Beams Using Traps
  • Experimental Observation of Fluid Echoes in a Non-Neutral Plasma
  • Landau Damping of Electron Plasma Waves in the Linear and Trapping Regimes
  • Collective Motional Resonances and Instabilities of an Electron Cloud Stored in a Penning Trap
  • Section 5. Transport
  • Amplitude Scaling of Asymmetry-Induced Transport
  • Quadrupole Induced Resonant Particle Transport in a Pure Electron Plasma
  • Shear Reduction of 2D Point Vortex Diffusion
  • Shear-Limited Test Particle Diffusion in 2-Dimensional Plasmas
  • Classical Collisional Diffusion in the Annular Penning Trap
  • Investigation of the Expansion Rate Scaling of Plasmas in the Electron Diffusion Gauge Experiment
  • Practical Limits on Positron Accumulation and the Creation of Electron-Positron Plasmas
  • Decay of the Diocotron Rotation and Transport in a New Low-Density Asymmetry-Dominated Regime
  • Breaking the Azimuthal Symmetry--Jumping Off-Axis or Staying Away from the Axis?
  • Section 6. 2D Fluid Dynamics
  • Two-Dimensional Vortex Dynamics with Background Vorticity
  • Continuously Injected Plasma Columns
  • Experimental and Numerical Study of Asymmetric Vortex Merger in a Pure Electron Plasma
  • Interaction of Electron Vortices under the Influence of Background Vorticity Distribution
  • Electron Vortex Dynamics and Two-Dimensional Field Analysis
  • Characteristics and Generation Mechanism of Holes in an Extended Electron Vortex
  • Nonlinear PIC Simulation in a Penning Trap
  • Low-Energy Positron-Matter Interactions Using Trap-Based Beams
  • Section 7. General Theory
  • Energy Loss of Ions by Collisions with Magnetized Electrons
  • Floquet Theory of the Quantum Dynamic Kingdon Trap
  • Kinetic Description of a Degenerate, Rotating, Non-Neutral Electron Plasma in External Magnetic Fields in the Framework of the Thomas-Fermi-Dirac Theory
  • Analytic Potentials for Realistic Electrodes
  • Image Charge Forces inside Conducting Boundaries
  • Non-Collisional Kinetic Model for Non-Neutral Plasmas in a Penning Trap: General Properties and Stationary Solutions
  • Forms and Oscillations Modes of Ion Cloud in the Linear RF-Only Quadrupole Traps and in Ion Traps
  • Charge Sign Effect on the Coulomb Logarithm for a Two-Component (e.g., Antihydrogen) Plasma in a Penning Trap
  • Two-Temperature Equilibration Rate for a Two-Component (e.g., Antihydrogen) Plasma in a Penning Trap
  • Recent Progress on the ATHENA Positron Accumulator
  • Confinement Properties of Non-Neutral and Neutral Plasmas in an Axially Symmetric System
  • Section 8. Experimental Devices and Techniques
  • Synchronization Effect in an Ion Trap Resonator
  • Paul Trap Simulator Experiment (PTSX) to Simulate Intense Beam Propagation through a Periodic Focusing Quadrupole Field
  • A Magnetic Trap for Simultaneous Confinement of Neutral Atoms and a Non-Neutral Plasma
  • Possible Antihydrogen Trapping Field and Non-Neutral Plasma Density Limits
  • Ion Trapping in the Virtual Cathode of the Penning Fusion eXperiment-Ions
  • Status of the Eltrap Project
  • Bunching and Cooling of Radioactive Ions with REXTRAP
  • SHIPTRAP: A Capture and Storage Facility on Its Way Towards a RIB-Facility
  • Electron Plasma for Antiproton Cooling in the ATHENA Experiment
  • Development of an RF Ion Guide for Trapping Energetic Radioactive Nuclear Ions
  • System of Slow Highly Charged Ion Beam Generation Using a Cold Positron Plasma Trap at RIKEN
  • Proposed Non-Neutralized Two-Fluid Plasma Experiment
  • Quadrature Detection for the Separation of the Signals of Positive and Negative Ions in Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry
  • Charge-Changing Reactions and Their Influence on the Ion Motion in a Penning Trap
  • Section 9. Toroidal Geometry
  • Flowing Electron Plasmas as Modified Current Source
  • Electron Plasma Confinement in a Partially Toroidal Trap
  • Comparative Experimental Study of Large-Scale Fluctuations in a Toroidally Magnetized Low-[beta] Plasma
  • Design of a Toroidal Device with a High Temperature Superconductor Coil for Non-Neutral Plasma Trap