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Meeting name:International Conference on Materials and Engineering Technology (2014 : Chicago, Ill.)
Imprint:Zurich : Trans Tech Publcations, ©2015.
Description:1 online resource (1319 pages) : illustrations (some color)
Series:Applied Mechanics and Materials ; v. 719-720
Applied mechanics and materials ; v. 719-720.
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Other authors / contributors:Liu, Feng, editor.
Notes:Comparative Study on the Microstructure and Photoluminescence Properties of SnO2 Nano Particles Prepared by Different Methods.
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Summary:Collection of selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2014 International Conference on Materials and Engineering Technology (MET 2014), October 24-26, 2014, Chicago, USA. The 215 papers are grouped as follows: Chapter 1: Material Science and Material Processing; Chapter 2: Materials and Technologies in Construction Industry; Chapter 3: Researching and Designing of Machines and Mechanisms for the Manufacturing Equipments; Chapter 4: Mechatronics, Automation and Control Engineering; Chapter 5: Embedded System; Chapter 6: Power Electronics and Electrical Engineering; Chapter 7: Communication and Information Technology;Chapter 8: Data, Signal and Image Processing, Applied Computational Technologies; Chapter 9: Engineering Management.
Other form:Print version: Liu, Feng. Materials and Engineering Technology. Zurich : Trans Tech Publishers, ©2015 9783038353843
Table of Contents:
  • Emissivity Caracterization in Stainless Steels Alloys for Application in Hidroeletric Turbines
  • Preparation and Photocatalytic Activity of TiO2-Copper Oxides Composite Coatings by Mechanical Coating Technique and Heat Oxidation
  • Fabrication and Photocatalytic Activity of Photocatalyst Coatings by Mechanical Coating Technique and the Oxidation at Relatively Low Temperatures
  • Antibacterial Properties of Rose Bengal Immobilized in Polymer Supports
  • Enhanced Surface Hardness by Boron Diffusion in Martensitic Stainless Steel via Cathodic Reduction and Thermal Diffusion Based Boriding (CRTD-Bor)
  • Aluminium Alloy 8011: Surface Characteristics
  • Developed Numerical Investigation into Residual Stress by Vickers Instrumented Indentation Technique
  • Experimental Analysis of Different Coolants Used in Plasma Cutting Operation for the Improved Electrode Life
  • Thermal Analysis of Sisal/Epoxy Composite Processed by RTM
  • The Numerical Simulation of Reinforced Particle Stress Concentration in Al-Si Alloy Rolling
  • Theoretical and Spectroscopic Studies of N-([4-aminophenyl]ethynyltoluene)-N'-(1-naphthanoyl thiourea (ATT) as Carbon Monoxide Gas Chemosensor
  • Kinetics of Radiation-Induced Graft Copolymerization of Vinylbenzyl Chloride onto Nylon Fibers
  • Conductivity and Dielectric Analysis of Cellulose Based Solid Polymer Electrolytes Doped with Ammonium Carbonate (NH4CO3)
  • Preparation and Characterization of Palygorskite/PAM Composited Thickener
  • Study on SEM and EDS Pattern of Charcoal Derived from Cogongrass by Pyrolysis in a Continuous Reactor
  • Electrical Property of Methylcellulose/Chitosan-NH4NO3-EC Plasticized Polymer Electrolyte
  • Effect of Consolidation and Sintering Parameters on the Mechanical Responses of Nanocrystalline Al-Fe Alloy Processed by Mechanical Alloying
  • Comparison of Glass Transition Temperature Values of Composite Polymer Obtained by TMA and DSC
  • Evaluation of Efficiency of Edge Tool on the Basis of New Technique for Analyzing Parameters of Scribing Mark
  • The Growth of Secondary Dendritic Arms in Directionally Solidified Al-Si-Cu Alloys: A Comparative Study with Binary Al-Si Alloys
  • Hot Corrosion of Inconel 740 Alloys in Na2SO4-NaCl Salts
  • Comparison between Commercial and Synthesized Hyperbranched Polyesters Regarding Fracture Toughness of Epoxy Matrix
  • Ionic Conduction Mechanism of Solid Biodegradable Polymer Electrolytes Based Carboxymethyl Cellulose Doped Ammonium Thiocyanate
  • Hydrothermal Synthesis of Porous Graphene Nanosheets for Supercapacitors
  • A Simple and Effective Method for the Preparation of Porous Graphene Nanosheets
  • Oxidation of TiAlCrSiN Thin Films at 1000°C in Air
  • Comparative Study on the Microstructure and Photoluminescence Properties of SnO2 Nano Particles Prepared by Different Methods
  • Synthesis of BCN Nanoparticles Sandwiched between Carbon Nanosheets and Performance in Electrochemical Capacitors
  • Preparation and Properties of Graphene and its Nanocomposites
  • Preparation of Magnetically Separable Composite Photocatalyst: Titania Coated Magnetic Activated Carbon
  • Optimum Design Method of Sacrificial Layer Release Window for Aperture Cavity Type FBAR
  • Designed Textile Reinforced Concrete Elements for Architectural Facade Applications
  • Passive House and Construction Standard: Example Design and Multi-Objective Optimization
  • BIM-Risk System for Chinese International Contractors
  • Influence of Water Content of Soil to Strength of Unfired Soil Lime Bricks
  • An Oedometer-Based Method for Preparing Reconstituted Clay Samples
  • Implementing Augmented Reality in Construction Projects
  • Polymer Composite with Sisal Fiber Used for Node Reinforce in Space-Truss with Stamped Connection
  • Characterization of Cement Pastes Containing Natural Zeolite as a Pozzolanic Admixture
  • Experimental Analysis of Different Kinds of Sandstone for Reconstruction of Historical Masonry
  • Durability of Calcium Sulphoaluminate (CSA) Composite Cement-Based Materials Made from Municipal Solid Waste Incineration (MSWI) Fly Ash
  • Investigation on Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet of DBD and its Application on Bacteria Inactivation
  • Analysis of Motor Vibration Frequency by the Change of the Base Anchor Inclined Plate Length
  • Simulation and Experimental Analysis of the Infrared Detection for Surface Cracks of Metal Pipes with Penetration Treatment
  • Experimental Study on the Implementation of Emission Standards Euro V Diesel Engine
  • Research on Special Energy Aggregation Structure with Fractal Characteristics
  • Design of Integrative Testing System for Enclosures in Fuel System of Airplanes
  • Modeling and Simulation of a Roller Coaster
  • A Stability Estimation Approach in Vehicle Planar Motion Considering Longitudinal Dynamics
  • The Design of an Augmented Reality Based Rigid Body Motion Experiment System
  • Theoretical Deduction and Experimental Visualization of Streamlines in Mixed-Flow Impeller
  • Optimal Design of a Magnetic Take-Up Roll for Amorphous Ribbon
  • Application of Intelligence Control in Agriculture Greenhouses
  • A Novel Design and Implementation of a Lightweight Energy-Efficient Robotic Fish
  • The Application of Fuzzy Control in Vehicle Emission Reduction Technology
  • Research of Fuzzy RBF Approach Method Based on IMGA
  • Robust Output Regulation Approach for Attitude Control and Momentum Management of the Space Station
  • Design of Air-Breathing Hypersonic Vehicle Control System
  • Speed Control System for Variable Speed Fixed-Pitch Wind Turbine Based on Internal Model Control
  • Adaptive Control Approaches for Nonlinear Systems: Retrospect and Prospects
  • Research on Neural Network PID Control Algorithm for a Quadrotor
  • Dynamic Optimization of Inland Navigation Fuel Consumption Based on Speed Distribution
  • New Controller Design in QCNN and the Synchronization with Chaotic System
  • Design of Composite Control System for an Air-Breathing Hypersonic Vehicle with Wing-Rudder Deflection
  • Penetration Efficiency Evaluation of Missile with Jammer
  • An Intelligent Reference Governor for Primary Air Control System in a Circulating Fluidized Bed
  • The Research on Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Motor Vector Control Based on MRAS
  • Design and Research of Multiple Fiber Tows Placement Control System
  • Optimal Modified Tracking Performance of Linear Single-Input Multiple-Output Control Systems
  • Research on Power Balance Control of Multi-Motor Driving Belt Conveyor System Based on Controlled Transmission Device
  • Research on Method of Serial Robot Relative Position Correction
  • Design and Realization of CAN-Based Main Control System of Multi-Station Meter Testing Equipment
  • Performance Analysis of Controller Design for DC-DC Buck Converter Using Linear and Non Linear Technique
  • The Study of Prognostic and Health Management System for Smart Grid Based on Wireless Sensor Networks
  • A Study on Minimum Variance Benchmark under Actuator Constrains and Stochastic Disturbances
  • Literature Review of the Communication Technology and Signal Processing Methodology Based on the Smart Grid
  • Establishment of Smart Distribution Grid Evaluation System
  • Cluster Mixed Synchronization of Complex Networks with Disturbance
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis Method for FBAR Devices
  • Stator Flux Observer for Induction Motor Based on Prescribed Convergence Law Algorithm
  • An Educational Platform for Cascade PWM STATCOM
  • Identification of Multivariable Nonlinear Dynamic System Based on PID Neural Network
  • Large Maneuvering Trajectory Design and Dynamic Simulation of Inertial System
  • Study on Matlab Simulation of Novel Distribution Static Synchronous Compensator
  • Simulation and Analysis of the Temperature-Compensated FBAR
  • On the Exponential Stability of the Singular Distributed Parameter Systems
  • Modeling of Anti-Aircraft Weapon Systems Cooperative Guidance for Anti-Aircraft Missile
  • Design of Digital Cymometer Based on EDA Technology
  • Application Research of JTAG Standard Based on ARM Debugging System
  • The Transplantion and Realization of Qt4.7.0 Based on ARM9 and Linux
  • Design of Virtex-7 FPGA-Based High-Speed Signal Processor Carrier Board
  • SFP + High-Speed Channel Performance Simulation and Measure
  • Implementation of Vehicle Safety Distance Warning System Based on FPGA
  • An Optimized Design Strategy for the Hardware Implementation of the Hearing Aid Algorithms
  • A Hardware Implementation of Real Time Lossless Data Compression and Decompression Circuits
  • The Design of Home Intelligent Power Node Based on ZigBee
  • Design of Smart Medicine Cabinet Based on STM32F107 and Network
  • An Information Collection and Transmission Strategy of Vehicle State-Aware System Based on OBD Technology and Android Mobile Terminals
  • Research and Design of Laser Displacement Measurement Based on the PSD
  • Induction Motor Protection System Based on Fuzzy Logic
  • A Test Rig for Smart Substation Training System
  • A Solar Irradiance Data Acquisition System Based on Labview
  • High Step-Up Converter Series Based on the Diode-Capacitor Network
  • Using Dual-Channel D/A Converters Design Successive Approximation A/D Converter
  • Fuzzy Power Flow Based on Fuzzilized Matpower
  • Detection Method for Single-Phase Random Harmonic Current without PLL
  • A Detecting Method of Electric Shock Signal Based on Chaotic Theory
  • EMI Analysis and Suppression of the Ship Digital Grounding System
  • An Efficient Design for Interleaved Active Clamp Flyback Used in Grid-Connected Solar Microinverter
  • Structure Design and Torque Characteristics Analysis of a Novel Transverse Flux Permanent Magnet Motor
  • Study on the Cable Crosstalk of Ship Cabin
  • RRSH: An Architecture for Rapid Reconstruction of Service Composition in Smart Home
  • The Compatibility of Service Protocol in Pervasive Computing Environments
  • Implementation of the Transmission Protocol of Non-Polar RS485 Based on FPGA
  • The VoIP Traffic Flow Analysis of Different Audio Codecs Based on Asterisk in Campus Network
  • Design of a Wedge-Angle Log-Periodic Antenna
  • Analysis on Disequilibrium of Wireless Network Data Traffic
  • The Study of Knowledge Based Geographic Information System
  • Minimum Cost Programming Models of Nodes Deployment for WSNs
  • Soft Decisions of D-PSK Demodulation for G3 OFDM Technology
  • Design and Implementation of a Loom Information Management System
  • High-Speed Parallel Implementation of AES Key Expansion Algorithm Based on FPGA
  • Design of Low Power Data Radio Transceiver Based on A7102C
  • An Efficient Method for Managing CoMP Cooperating Set Based on Central Controller in LTE-A Systems
  • An Energy-Awareness and Congestion-Avoidance Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  • Development and Research of an Integrated Platform System for Management and Control
  • Accuracy Improvement of GPS Positioning Based on GA-Aided Particle Filter
  • A Routing Protocol for Emergency Communication Based on Load Balancing
  • Generation of New Collision Free S-Random Interleavers of Turbo Codes
  • Optimized Prefetching Scheme to Support VCR-Like Operations in P2P VoD Applications with Guided Seeks
  • Dual-Hop Amplify-and-Forward Variable Gain Relaying over Mixture Gamma Fading Channels
  • A Privacy-Preserving Intra-Cluster Data Aggregation Method in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Power-Law Property of High Clustering Network Induced by Deactivation Mechanism
  • Performance Evaluation on a Hybrid Algorithm for Computing Constrained Shortest Paths
  • Research of Three-Dimensional Layered Network Architecture LDM3 for ITS
  • A Novel Improvement on a Crypto-System Based on a Chaotic Map in WSNs
  • Building a Decision Tree Model for Campus Information Score Based on the Algorithm C5.0
  • A Distributed Motion Algorithm for Mobile Sensor in Hybrid Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Conceptual Design of Wireless Anti-Theft Alarm System Based on Antenna Array and Wave Transmission Model
  • Design of Wideband Digital Array Beamformer Using the Variable Fractional Delay Allpass Filter
  • A Content-Based Routing Algorithm in WInternet Pipe Communication Protocol
  • EXIT-Chart-Based Design Method for Noncoherent LDPC-Coded Modulation in Correlated Rayleigh Fading Channels
  • Key Technologies for Optical OFDM in Optical Long-Haul System Using Direct-Detection
  • Design and Implementation of Multimodal SNS Information Integration System
  • Realization of Signal Tone Detection in Power Line Carrier Terminal
  • Design of a 2-Stage Broadband Low Noise Amplifier Based on the Agilent ADS
  • Flicker Noise in Opto-Electronic Oscillator and Photonic-Delay Homodyne Phase Noise Measurement System
  • Two 81-96 GHz Active Frequency Triplers MMIC
  • Hybrid Accelerated Method via Volume-Surface Integral Equation for Efficient Calculation of Monostatic RCS
  • Churn Influence Diffusion in a Multi-Relational Call Network
  • Design and Implementation of Visual Interface Modeling Method Based on .NET
  • A Stratified Monitoring Model for Hybrid Cloud
  • The Application of Cloud Computing in the E-Government Data Management
  • Research and Implementation of LXI Auto Discovery Mechanism
  • Research on Functional Dependency for XML Schema
  • Research on the Parallel Frequent Data Mining Strategy under the Cloud Computing Environment
  • Application and Discussion of Cloud Computing in Academic Libraries
  • A Research of the Essence of SQL Injection Attacks Vulnerability
  • Tensors Method Based Method of RF Fingerprints Identification
  • Formal Specification of RTL-Level Digital System Using Projection Temporal Logic
  • The Image Processing Algorithm of Surface Topography Based on Laser Interference Measurement
  • An Image Segmentation Calculation Based on Differential Box-Counting of Fractal Geometry
  • The Comparison and Analysis of SEMG in Upper Limb Movement between Hemiplegic Patients and Healthy People
  • The Design of Traffic Statistics System Based on Video
  • Medical Image Condensation Based on Wavelet Transform
  • A VAD-Based Variable Order Affine Projection Algorithm for Acoustic Echo Cancellation
  • A Multi-Focus Image Fusion Based on Wavelet and Block-Dividing
  • Sixth-Second Order Normalized Cumulants Blind Equalization Algorithm Based on T/4 Oversampling
  • Video Analysis of Conflict Situations at T-Intersection with Cranked Priority
  • An Improved Filter Method of Medical Image
  • An Improved Watershed Segmentation Method of Medical Image
  • Adaptive Fusion of Multi-Biometrics for Human Identification in Video
  • Application of Morphological Filtering Technology in Underwater Acoustic Signal Preprocessing
  • A Novel 2-D Spectrum Model for Bistatic SAR Based on Hyperbolic Approximation
  • A Symmetric Image Encryption Scheme Base on Hyperchaotic System
  • Acceleration Signal Processing Based on EMD Adaptive Filtering and Frequency Domain Integration
  • Leaf Vein Extract Frame Based on Mathematical Morphology
  • A Variational Level Set Remote Sensing SAR Image Segmentation Approach for Oil Spill Detecting Based on Fuzzy Cluster
  • Mode Dependent Coefficients Scanning with Multi-Mode Analysis
  • An Algorithm for Red Tides Species' Identification Based on Spectral Characteristics and Wavelet Analysis
  • An Improved Frequency-Shift Compression Method Based on Auto Energy Gain Compensation for Digital Hearing Aids
  • A Method of Wide Dynamic Range Compression Based on Curve Compression Applying on Hearing Aids
  • A Multiband Noise Reduction Wiener Filter Algorithm for Hearing Aid
  • Numerical Calculation of NMR Response for the 3D Digital Core Constructed with CT Images of the Tight Rock
  • The Design and Implementation of Revise System on Frequency Response about Power Amplifier of Shortwave Transmitter
  • The Limitation of Maximum Detectable Deformation Resolved by Differential SAR Interferometry
  • The Evaluation of COAs Based on Stochastic Interval Weighted Sum Method
  • A Cascade Tracking Loop for Weak GPS Signals
  • Airport Runway FOD Detection from LFMCW Radar and Image Data
  • A Real Time Method to Detect Vehicle for Collision Avoidance Applications
  • An Efficient Image Encryption Using Merkle-Hellman, Elgamal and Genetic Algorithm for Color Images
  • A Novel Texture Extraction Method for Digital Radiography
  • Active Contour Model Coupling Local and Global Information
  • An Improved Random Seed Searching Clustering Algorithm Based on Shared Nearest Neighbor
  • Hash Authentication Algorithm of Compressed Domain Speech Perception Based on MFCC and NMF
  • Adaptive Mean Ridgelet Transform Filtering for Detecting Signal and Comparison of Algorithm's Implements
  • A Research of Intra Prediction Coding with Variance of Prediction Mode Number
  • A Novel Camera Calibration Method Based on Simulated Annealing Genetic Algorithm
  • Three-Dimensional Object Surface Reconstruction Based on Camera Calibration and SIFT
  • Spectral Synchronization Reveals Community Structure
  • Subjective Comparison Experiments of DMS and Conventional Stereo
  • Algorithm for Automatic Island Segmentation and Identification Based on Narrow Band Deformable Model in UAV Optical Remote Sensing Image
  • Camera Calibration Based Multi-Objects Location in Binocular Stereo Vision
  • Inducting Fuzzy Decision Tree Based on Discrete Attributes through Uncertainty Reduction
  • Co-Evolutionary Algorithm between Helicopter and Submarine
  • Surface Feature Extraction Based on Curvelet Transform from Point Cloud Data
  • Large Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Ground Testing System
  • The Impact of Social Capital on Construction Safety Climate
  • Cost Progress and Earned Value Analysis with Stochastic Activity Durations and Costs in Project Scheduling Problems
  • A Research on the Securities Brokerage Business in China
  • A Multi-Objective Immune Genetic Algorithm for Project Scheduling on Multi-Skill Resources
  • Investigating the Project Management Trends in IT Organizations in Saudi Arabia
  • Method and Application of Air Traffic Risk Quantitative Identification Based on Rough Sets
  • Hunan Undertook an Obstacle to the Transfer of the Pearl River Delta Industry in Analysis Internet Era
  • The Model of Evaluating Teaching Quality Based on BP Neural Network Algorithm