Material science and environmental engineering : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2014 International Conference on Material Science and Environmental Engineering (MSEE 2014), March 21-23, 2014, Changsha, Hunan, China /

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Meeting name:International Conference on Material Science and Environmental Engineering (2014 : Changsha, Hunan, China)
Imprint:Durnten-Zurich : Trans Tech Publications, [2014]
Description:1 online resource (711 pages) : illustrations (some color)
Series:Advanced materials research ; v. 937
Advanced materials research ; v. 937.
Subject:Materials science -- Congresses.
Environmental engineering -- Congresses.
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Other authors / contributors:Chen, Ping, editor.
Notes:Includes bibliographical references at the end of each chapters and indexes.
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Summary:Collection of selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2014 International Conference on Material Science and Environmental Engineering (MSEE2014), March 21-23, 2014, Changsha, Hunan, China. The 126 papers are grouped as follows: Chapter 1: Chemical Materials, Chapter 2: Metal Materials and Alloys, Chapter 3: Electronic Materials, Chapter 4: Nano-Scale and Amorphous Materials,Chapter 5: Biomaterials and Healthcare, Chapter 6:Mechanical Materials and Engineering,Chapter 7: Structural Materials and Civil Engineering, Chapter 8: Environment Protection and Sustainable Development, Chapter 9: Environmental Science and Engineering, Chapter 10: Computation and Management Engineering Application Keyword: Chemical Material; Mechanical Engineering Materials; Biomaterials and Healthcare; Electronic Materials; Structural Materials and Civil Engineering; Metal Material; Nano-scale and Amorphous Materials; Environment Protection and Sustainable Development; Environmental Science and Engineering.
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Table of Contents:
  • The Effects of Electroplating Conditions on the Morphology and Glucose Oxidation Performance of Cu2O/TiO2
  • Synthesis, Adsorption Behavior of a Maleamic Acid Cross-Linked #946;- Cyclodextrin Polymer for Removal of Basic Fuchsin in Aqueous Solution
  • Electrosyntheses of Poly(selenophene-co-3-methylthiophene) with Improved Thermoelectric Property in Boron Trifluoride Diethyl Etherate
  • Electrodeposition of Novel Cross-Linked Poly(methacrylic acid) Functionalized Poly(9-aminofluorene) Network Films
  • 3D-Braided Thick Composites Made by Simultaneous Outside-in and Inside-out Resin Infusion
  • The Effect of Acetate on the Electrodeposition of Manganese on Polycrystalline Au without SeO2 Additives
  • Numerical Analysis for Cavitation Intensity's Effects on the Extend Angle of Convergence-Divergence Nozzle
  • Experimental Application of Salt Slurry in Talimu High Density Drilling Fluid Composed of KCl-Saturated Brine and Polybasic Alcohol
  • Preparation of 2,2-Dimethylol Propionic Acid
  • Reaction Routes for the Electro-Deoxidation of Ilmenite in Molten Salt
  • A Study on Relationship between Orientation Evolution and Coarsening Behavior of Cu6Sn5 Grains Formed on Polycrystalline Cu Substrate
  • Glass-Ceramics Obtained from Sewage Sludge and its Characteristics Affected by Alkalinity
  • Experimental Study of Urea Depositions in Urea-SCR System
  • Synthesis and Characterization of A2+B4 Hyperbranched Polyesters with Hydroxyl End Groups
  • Preparation of Polyamide 5,6 (PA56) Fibers and its Mechanical Properties
  • Inhibition and Recovery of Nitrification during the Process of Sludge Reduction Induced by a Metabolic Uncoupler, 2,6-Dichlorophenol (2,6-DCP)
  • Influence of Ethanol on the Interactions and Physical Properties of Binary Mixtures of 1-Ethyl-3-Methylimidazolium Based ILs at 298.15 K
  • The Corrosion Evaluation Methodology of the Lock Gate
  • Adsorption Behavior and Corrosion Inhibition of S-Benzyl o-Phenylenedioxydithiophosphate for Carbon Steel in Hydrochloric Acid Solution
  • First-Principles Study on the Surface Energies of Rutile TiO2(110) vs (011)-2×1 Surfaces
  • Optimization of Preparation Process of Essential Oil of Baokening Granule-#946;-Cyclodextrin Inclusion by Orthogonal Test
  • Research and Empoldering of High Strength Weathering Steel S450EW
  • Simulation of the Yield Strength of Mo Alloys at Both Room and Elevated Temperatures
  • Preparation and Photocatalytic Properties of Iron Titanate Compounds
  • Study on Laser Brazing for Copper
  • Expansion Behavior and Microstructures of Hypereutectic Al-Si Alloys Subjected to Thermal Cycling
  • Fatigue Damage Evaluation Research of Aluminum Alloy Based on Energy Degradation
  • Comparative Study of Copper Brazing with Ag-Cu-Zn and Ag-Cu-P Filler in Heat Treatment Furnace
  • The Research of Fatigue Properties of Steel Q235 Butt Welded Joint
  • Analysis of the Grain Refinement Mechanism for Commercial Pure Titanium by ECAP and SMAT
  • Corrosion Behavior of 13Cr Steel in Different Temperature
  • Microstructure and Properties of AZ31B Magnesium-LY12 Aluminum Alloys Diffusion-Bonded Joint
  • Research Progress of Mg-Re Alloys
  • Effect of Solution Treatment on Microstructures and Hardness of Mg-Gd-Y-Zr Alloy
  • Basic Properties of Iron and Steel Making Dust
  • Effect of Acetate on Electrodeposition of Manganese from Chloride Electrolyte with SeO2 Additives
  • Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the Conductivity of Aqueous NaCl in the Presence of Sucrose and Electric Fields
  • Electron Transport in Zigzag Graphene Nanoribbons with a Tetra-Vacancy Complex: A Perfect Spin Filter
  • An Effective N, N-Diethylthiourea as Accelerator for Microvia Filling via Copper Electrodeposition
  • Adsorption Mechanism Study of Magnetic EDTA-Chitosan on Cu (II) Ions of Solution
  • Preparation, Characterization and Conductivity of Solid High-Proton Conductor Na7[CoW11O39Cd(H2O)]·12H2O
  • Synthesis of Co3O4 Multilayer Nanosheet Material and its Promising Gas Sensing Property
  • Influence of Ultrasonic Time on the Preparation and Properties of LaCoO3 Nanoparticles
  • Avoidance of Forbidden DNA Nanorobots Configurations in Patterned Immobilization of other Materials
  • Preparation of Carbaryl-Imprinted Capillary Monolithic Column for Screening of Carbaryl from Three Carbamates Mixture
  • Methylthiouracil-Templated Formation of the Fluorescent Silver Nanocluster and its Application to Bioimaging
  • A Facile and Efficient Method to Prepare Exfoliated and Reduced Graphene Nanosheets by Detonation
  • Drug Sustained Release Multiple-Component Polymeric Microparticles Fabricated Using an Electrospray Process
  • Adsorption Behavior of Rhodamine B and Methylene Blue by Chemical Modified Cornstalk Biomass
  • Pathogenic Fungi Induce the Expression of Trichoderma asperellum Cell Wall Degrading Enzymes in the Process of Mycoparasitism
  • Prevalence of Allergy and Complications Caused by Jewelry among Higher Vocational College Students
  • The Effect of Food-Microorganism(F/M)Ratio on Gas Properties in Batch Biogas Fermentation with Walnut Peel
  • Diversity and Distribution of Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria in Jilin Oilfield
  • Cultivation and Regulation of Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria in Oilfield
  • Application of Neural Network in Bioactive Prediction of Inhibitor of Thymidylic Acid-Based Synthetase
  • Study on Fault Rule Prediction of Hydraulic System and its Accessories of Shipborne Aircraft
  • Analysis of Welding Residual Stress on Cracked Vessels with X-Ray Diffraction Method
  • Energy Consumption Performance Study of New S-Shaped Hysteretic Damper
  • Adhesive Mechanism and Experimental Study on Shear Adhesive Strength of Impact Ice
  • Design of the Hydraulic System of Lead Plate Coiling Machine
  • Influence of Vibration on Thermomechanical Property and Transformation Behavior of TiNi Shape Memory Alloy
  • The Design and Development of a Single-Axle Parallel Hybrid Powertrain Test Platform
  • The Research of the Rolling Element Bearing Fault Signal Frequency Domain Feature Extraction Method Based on the Wavelet Packet Decomposition
  • The Influence of the Diameter Ratio between Rigid Body and Particle on the Impact Strength Exerted on the Rigid Body Impacting Particles
  • Research on Perovskite Catalysis for Diesel Engine Exhaust Removal
  • Research on Operation Mechanism and Application in Engineering of UNITANK Process
  • Thermodynamic Analysis of the Internal Melt-Ice-on-Tube during Melting under Natural Convection
  • Introduction of a Thermal Response Test (TRT) Apparatus Used for Measuring Underground Heat Exchanger Characteristics
  • The Application of Paste Tailing Technology in High Latitude Cold Area
  • Elastic Modulus Influence on the Forming Precision of Grinding Tool Bended for the Aspherical Surface Grinding
  • Rotating Angle Error Influence to Grinding Aspheric Optical Component
  • Effect of Carding Plate Gauge under the Licker-in of Carding Machine on Polyester Yarn Hairiness
  • Design and Trial-Production of Emergency Power Supply System Battery Based on Chemical Hydrogen Production
  • Complex Image Recognition Method of Train Wheels Based on Contour Feature
  • Study on the Effect Evaluation of Spinescence Application on Segregating Gratings of Expressway - Taking Wu (Ding)nbsp;- Kun (Ming) Expressway as Example
  • Comparison Study of Structural Stabilities for H-Section Columns Built with Ordinary Grade Strength Structural Steels According to Boundary Conditions and Lengths at High Temperature
  • Bridge with Lead Rubber Bearing Finite Element Analysis Based on ANSYS
  • Numerical Simulation on a Deep-Foundation Pit of Shenzhen Holiday Plaza Project
  • Piled Raft Structure Finite Element Analysis of Composite Foundation Settlement in Da XI Passenger Dedicated Line
  • Fluctuations Response of Tall Building to Change of Aspect Ratio in Interference Building
  • Performances of Manganese Slag Cement
  • Historical and Cultural Connotation of the Architectural Wood Carving Ornament in the Ancestral Temple of Chen Family - With "Feast in Bronze Sparrow Terrace Held by Cao Cao" and "Jiantu Conference" as Examples
  • Lost Wax Casting Process Design of Artificial Jade Cup Basing on Blast Furnace Slag
  • Analysis of Sound Absorption Properties of Three-Leaf Microperforated Panel Absorbers without a Rigid Backing
  • Influence of Alkaline Activator on the Strength of Fly Ash-Cement Gel Sand Material
  • Moulding Process Design of Artificial Purple Jade Ship Basing on Blast Furnace Slag
  • The Construction of City Complex Intelligent System
  • Nitrogen Oxides Reduction by Zeolite Sorbents in Manufacturing Use
  • Study on the Effect of Streambed Substrate on Invertebrate Diversity
  • An Extended-Range Hybrid Solar-Cell and Battery Powered Bicycle
  • Experimental Study on Biogas Production by Mesophilic Fermentation with Dimocarpus Longan Pericarp
  • Research on Environmentally Friendly Water-Based Covering Ink and its Application in Scratch-Type Invoice Printing
  • Study on Reuse of Power Lithium Ion Battery Recycling
  • Safety, Heath, and Environment (SHE) Case for Oil & Gas Operating Company
  • Design and Development of the Environmental Protection Mobile Enforcement System
  • Energy Consumption Performance Study of New Box-Shaped Hysteretic Damper
  • Assessment and Characteristics of Heavy Metal Contaminated Soil in the Vicinity of a Zinc Mine Dump Heaps
  • Application of the Head-Tail Method to Determine Irrigation Coefficient in Hongguang Irrigation District
  • Calculation of Parameters of Crop Water Production Function of Jensen Model Based on Stochastic Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
  • Effects of Grazing on Reproductive Allocation of Elm in Horqin Sandy Land, Northeastern China
  • Water Resources Optimal Allocation in Middle Line of South to North Water Diversion Project of Hebei, China Using AHP-LP
  • Study of the Differences between Vegetation and Soil Spectrum about Alpine Wetland Ecosystem
  • Toxicity of Three Heavy Metal Pollutants of the Pharmaceutical Wastewater to Paramecium Caudatum
  • Responses of Water Holding Characteristic of Crown Debris and Litter in a Cunninghamia Lanceolata Stand to Ice-Snow Damage
  • Study on Particle Breakage of Coarse-Grained Soil Based on Large-Scale Triaxial Test
  • The Research of Slope Stability Based on Unsaturated Soil Theory
  • Comparative Researches on the Provenances of Suspended Sediments in Different Reaches of Dongtiaoxi and Xitiaoxi Watershed
  • Introduction to Midas GTS Software Application in Design of Deep Foundation Pit
  • An Overview of Different Distillation Technologies for Drinking Water Preparation
  • Erosion Experiment of Self-Excited Oscillation Pulsed Jet
  • Ozon/Hydrogen Peroxide System for Degradation of Humic Acid in Water
  • Experimental Study on Dynamic Characteristics of Self-Excited Oscillation Pulsed Jet
  • The Study of Groundwater Modeling of Plain Area in Shiyang River Basin - I Groundwater System Conceptual Model Construction
  • The Study of Groundwater Modeling of Plain Area in Shiyang River Basin - II Groundwater Modeling and Validation
  • Removal of Heavy Metals from Contaminated Soils by Washing with Citric Acid and Subsequent Treatment of Soil-Washing Solutions
  • Preparation of Calcium Silicate Using Hazardous Solid Wastes and its Application in Treatment of Phosphate-Containing Wastewater
  • Multi-Scale Analysis of Marine Environmental Situation in the Caofeidian Nearshore District
  • Garden Plants under Global Climate Change
  • The Nutritional Status of Waters and Origin Analysis of the Xitiaoxi Tributaries
  • The Evaluation in Fuzzy Matter-Element Theory Based on Hybrid Weight
  • RETRACTED: ALB: A Methodology for the Simulation of the Producer-Consumer Problem
  • Analysis of Relaxation and Relaxation Training on Sprint Performance Impact
  • A New Method and Applications of the Boundary Value Problem of Differential Equation
  • Changchun College of Architecture Electrical Design for Sheling Campus Library
  • Optimized Research for Mobile Communication Strategy Based on Parallel Computing
  • The Stochastic Imperfection Method of Sheet Space Structure Based on Truncated Univariate Normal Distributions