Materials science and chemical engineering : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2013 International Conference on Materials Science and Chemical Engineering (MSCE 2013), February 20-21, 2013, Singapore, Singapore /

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Meeting name:International Conference on Materials Science and Chemical Engineering (2013 : Singapore)
Imprint:Durnten-Zurich, Switzerland : Trans Tech, [2013]
Description:1 online resource (948 pages) : illustrations.
Series:Advanced materials research ; volume 699
Advanced materials research ; v. 699.
Subject:Chemical engineering -- Congresses.
Materials science -- Congresses.
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Varying Form of Title:MSCE 2013
Other authors / contributors:Yun, Jin.
Zeng, Dehuai.
Notes:Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Summary:Collection of selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2013 International Conference on Materials Science and Chemical Engineering (MSCE 2013), February 20-21, 2013, Singapore, Singapore. The papers are grouped as follows: Chapter 1: Chemical Engineering and Technology; Chapter 2: Material Science and Engineering;Chapter 3: Environmental Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Food Chemistry;Chapter 4: Technologies of Materials Processing;Chapter 5: Related Topics.
Table of Contents:
  • Preconcentration of Arsenic in Radix aucklandiae by Sulfhydryl Cotton and Determination by Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry
  • Effects of Cobalt Chloride on Determination of Cadmium in Radix aucklandiae by Hydride Generation-Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry
  • Application of Reagent JZQ - F7 Prepared with Catering Waste Oil to the Low Grade Phosphate Rock Flotation
  • Advances Research on Preparation of Magnesium Carbonate Whisker
  • Photoelectrode with Multilayer of Gradual Scattering Structure Used in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
  • Reduction-Roast Leaching of Low-Grade Pyrolusite Using Bagasse as a Reducing Agent
  • Cloud Point Extraction-Fluorimetric Combined Methodology for the Determination of Magnolol
  • Nanoscale Permanent Rings in Two- or Three-Dimensional Structure Constructed by the Self-Assembly of Copper(II)-Macrocyclic Complexes and Tetracyanonickelate(II)
  • Organic/Inorganic Support for Immobilizing Cp2ZrCl2/ TiCl4 Hybrid Catalyst to Prepare Bimodal Polyethylene
  • A Study of Compatibilization Effect on Physical Properties of Poly (Butylene Succinate) and High Density Polyethylene Blend
  • Effect of Compatibilizers on Mechanical and Thermal Properties of High Density Polyethylene Filled with Bio-Filler from Eggshell
  • The Effect of Pelletizing Pressure on SHS Synthesis of MoSi2
  • A Oxidative Desulfurization System for Model Oil with Hydrogen Peroxide in the Presence of Solid Acid Catalyst
  • NO Abatement by Activated Semi-Coke with Existence of SO2 through TPD Method
  • Optimization Studies on Acid Hydrolysis of Pretreated Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch for Production of Xylose by Application of Response Surface Methodology
  • A New-Type of Phenolic Resin Sand Control and its Construction Technology
  • From Supramolecular Chirogenic Systems towards Prospective Functional Materials
  • ANN-Model for Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition Process
  • Preparation and Performance of (Hydroxy Modified) Poly(p-phenylene-2,6-benzobisimidazole) Resin and Fiber
  • Synthesis of Hexyloxy-Wrapped Porphyrin Sensitizer Functionalized by Acrylic Acid
  • The Study of Bond Selective Photochemistry in CH2BrCl
  • The Influence of Singlet Oxygen and Ozone on the Combustion in Methane-Air Mixture
  • Detection Study on the Mineral Processing Reagents Preparation from Catering Waste Oil and Application on Ore Flotation
  • Synthesis of Hollow Titania Photocatalytic Particles Using Yeast as Templates
  • Synthesis of ZnO Nanoparticles via Simple Wet-Chemical Routes
  • Combustion Synthesis of Nanomaterials
  • Determination of Ultra-Trace of Herbicides Using Smart Nanoparticles
  • Preparation and Comparison of M/Ce-K-O (M=Co, Ni, Cu) Nanocomposites on Catalytic Soot Combustion
  • Ionic Solid Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Properties Investigation
  • Preparation of Self Curable Unsaturated Polyester with Pendant Hydroxyl Groups and Investigation of its Curing Properties
  • Synthesis and Characterization of a New Donor and Acceptor Substituted Conjugated Polytetraphenylethenes
  • Study on the Corrosion Performance of Reinforced Concrete by Using the Seawater Hot Rain Testing Equipment
  • Thermal Performance Analysis of the Molecular Linkers in the Carbon Nanotube Composites under Stress Conditions
  • Analysis of the Sequence Conservation of the Circadian Clock Protein KaiC
  • Effects of Vacuum Pre-Cooling on Quality of Mushroom after Cooling and Storage
  • Characterization of Fluorinated Multi-Walled and Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Using High Resolution XPS and EDX
  • Synthesis of Nimetazepam - Molecularly Imprinted Polymer and SPE Application
  • One-Step Effective Segregation of Ginger Essential Oil and Gingerol in Oleoresin Ginger via Transcritical CO2
  • A New Process of Extracting Oleoresin Ginger from Ginger by Critical-State Liquid CO2
  • Effect of Coal Moisture on Emissions in Fixed Bed Combustion Appliances
  • Using of Boron Wastes in Red Brick Production
  • Interfacial and Emulsifying Behavior of Essential Oils Using as Retarded Steam Delivery
  • Treatment of Sweet Potato Starch Wastewater with UASB
  • Electrical Conductivity of Nanodimensional Polyaniline Particles in Nanoporous Dielectric Matrix of MIL-101
  • The Roles of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungus Glomus mosseae and Festuca arundinacea in Phytostabilization of Lead/Zinc Tailings
  • Three Dimensional Bacteria Concentration by Negative Dielectrophoresis
  • Electrical and Optical Properties of Electron Irradiated ZnO: Li Thin Films
  • Boron Removal by Means of Precipitation Process with Magnesium Hydroxide
  • Role of the Organic Matrix in the Biopolymer-Mediated Synthesis of Platelike YBCO
  • Influence of Active Hydrogen Discharged from Palladium-Nickel Alloy Powder on Biological Cells
  • Micro-Flocculation - Film Processing Technology in Dealing with Beer Sterilized Wastewater
  • Mechanism of Cancer Cell Death Induced by Hydrogen Discharged from Palladium Base Hydrogen Storage Alloy
  • Biological Nutrient Removal and EPS Performance in Aerobic-MBR and SBR-MBR Systems
  • The Study on Poly-Lysine-Alginate Microcapsules Mediated Virus Genomic DNA Transfection
  • Fabrication and Methyl Blue Adsorption Kinetics of #945;-Fe2O3 Nanotubes by Electrospinning
  • Structure and Piezoelectric Properties of Aluminum Nitride Thin Films on Quartz Substrates Deposited by Reactive RF-Magnetron Sputtering
  • Research on Nitrogen Removal by ANAMMOX Biofilter Process in Different Concentrations
  • Antibacterial Activity of Brewer's Spent Grains Peptides to Staphylococcus aureus
  • Computational Analysis of a Fixed Bed Thermal Oxidizer for Solid Wastes Disposal
  • Evaluation on Antioxidant Activities of Extracts from Chinese Herbs and Application in the Pear Wine Brewing
  • Preliminary Study for the Allelopathic Effect of Water Extracts from Solidago canadensis Leaves
  • A Novel Methodology that Combined Fast Chromatography and Antioxidant Activities Screening in Baimai Prescription Research
  • Recombinant Human Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor Protects MCAO/R Rat Brain against Neuronal Degeneration and Apoptosis by Regulating NOS Expression
  • Made Polypeptide from Sipunculs Nudus by Papain Enzymolysis and its Effects on Hydroxy Radical Cleaning
  • Cultivation of Isochrysis galbana in a Semicontinuous Photobioreactor
  • Multiple-Instrument Analysis and their Relationship with Process Development
  • The Decomposition Pathways of CH2SiCl3, CH3SiCl2 and CH2SiCl2 in CVD of SiC from MTS/H2 System
  • Effect of High Repetition Pulsed Laser Annealing on Optical Properties of Phosphorus Ion-Implanted ZnO Nanorods
  • Molecular Kinetic Based Dielectric Polarization in Sol-Gel Derived Nanocrystalline CaCu3Ti4O12
  • A Taste and Odor Sensing by Photoluminescence Responses of Luminescent Metal Organic Frameworks
  • Conductivity of Composite Material Based on System NdPo4*nH2O- CsH2PO4
  • Effect of Spinrate on the Structural, Optical and Surface Properties of the Sol-Gel Spin Coated Zinc Oxide Thin Films
  • Mechanical Properties of Anode Layer of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell after Reduction
  • Stability Analysis of a Thin Pseudoplastic Fluid with Condensation Effects Flowing on a Rotating Circular Disk
  • The Effect of Ternary Material (Zr, Y, and O) High-k Gate Dielectrics
  • LCF Life Prediction Model of Coiled Tubing Based on Fatigue Damage Accumulation
  • Investigation into the Influence of Coating Speed on Ink Penetration
  • The Simulation Analysis of MOSFET Channel Stress for Different Oxide/Nitride/Oxide (ONO) Spacer Thicknesses
  • The Analysis of the Process-Induced Channel Stress in N-MOSFET
  • Crystalline Defects in Silicon Wafer Caused by Prolonged High-Temperature Annealing in Nitrogen Atmosphere
  • Nonlinear Buckling Finite Element Analysis of Stiffened Steel Plates
  • Biomechanics of Synthetic Elastin: Insights from Magnetic Resonance Microimaging
  • Preparation and Characteristic of Porous SiC Foamed Ceramics
  • Preparation of Aluminum Phosphate Low in Acidity and its Application on Fiber Protection
  • Failure Behavior Numerical Test of Empress All-Ceramic Crowns
  • Fracture Pattern Comparison Research of Different Types of All-Ceramic Crown
  • Physicochemical and Sorption Properties of Steelmaking Flue Dust
  • Characterization, Optical and Impedance Study of ZnSe Nanostructure
  • Effect of Acceleration Voltage on Properties of Nitrogen-Doped TiO2 Thin Films
  • Effect of Carbon Fiber Filament on Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Epoxy/Graphite Composite
  • Fabrication of Biophotonic Devices with Retinoids and Life Time
  • Fabrication of a Large-Scale Conductive Composite Film Containing Electrically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes
  • The Research of the Orgince Silicone Emulsion Hybridized Chromium-Aluminum Phosphate Composites
  • Comparative Study of Pure and Ni-Doped ZnFe2O4 Nanoparticles for Structural, Optical and Magnetic Properties
  • Polymer-Bitumen Binder with the Addition of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
  • Characterization and Testing of the Locally Fabricated Encapsulants in Egypt for Commercial Photovoltaic Modules Production
  • The Development Situation of Material Based on Dental Implant
  • Research on the Hysteresis of Ring-Like MR Isolator
  • Removal of Organic Pollutants in Solution by Bamboo Charcoal
  • TiO2/Graphite Oxide Composite as an Efficient Photocatalyst for Organic Dye Reduction
  • Effects of the Polypyrrole/Silica on the Output Force of Ionic Polymer-Metal Composite
  • SHS-Composition Ceramics Obtained with Participation of Modified Wollastonite
  • Adsorption of Aqueous Azo Dye Using Waste Carbon Fiber Activated by Microwaves and Potassium Hydroxide
  • Hydration Process of Portland Cement Blended with Silica Fume
  • Numerical Algorithm for Pore Size Distribution Characterization of Materials from 3D Images
  • ErGermanide Schottky Junctionfor n-Type Schottky Barrier Ge MOSFET
  • Corrosion Behavior of Construction Materials for Intermediate Temperature Steam Electrolysers
  • Influence of Deposition Temperature on the Structural and Optoelectronic Properties of CdZnS Thin Films
  • High Temperature Oxidation of CrAlSiN Thin Films
  • Facile Synthesis and Growth Mechanism of Uniform Fe3O4 Nanorod with Strong Magnetic Response
  • Thermal Diffusivity and Dielectric Property of Silicone Rubber/Alumina Microparticles Composites Prepared by Solution Mixing Process
  • A Useful Synthetic Route to Yield Silver-Nanoparticles on Phyllosilicates and Morphologic Structural Investigations
  • Utilization of Waste Printed Circuit Board Resin in Controlled Low-Strength Materials
  • Mechanical Properties of Homogenous and Heterogeneous Three Layered Particleboard Composite in Relation on Different Resin Content
  • Nonlinear Oscillations of a Composite Laminated Plate with Parametrically and Externally Excitations
  • Interaction between Sodium Molybdate and FSWed Wled of 5083 Effected by Time
  • Liquid Metallurgy Synthesis and Thermo-Electrical Characterization of Copper-Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite
  • Studies on Temperature Variation and Angular Distortion in Submerged Arc Welded Butt Joint
  • Photocatalytic Splitting of Water on Cu-TiO2 Nanotubes
  • Significance and Expression of Heat Shock Protein 72 and Glycoprotein96 in Human Gastroenterological Cancers
  • Bacterial Toxicity of Functionalized Polystyrene Latex Nanoparticles Toward Escherichia coli
  • Development and Antimicrobial Properties of a Composite Sorbent from Carbonized Rice Husk and Fugate of Sporogenous Bacteria
  • Theophylline Cocrystallized with Salicylic Acid and Picolinic Acid: Preparation and Physical Properties
  • Study on Syntheses and Anticoagulant Action of Rare Earth Ternary Complexes with Tryptophan and Sodium Citrate
  • Phytochemical Screening, Antioxidant Activity and Total Phenolic Content of Spirogyra spp.
  • The Structure Activity Relationship and Cytotoxicity between Stemonal and 6-Deoxyclitoriacetal
  • Evaluation of Crude Extracts of Mimosa pusica LINN. against Colletotrichum gloeosporioides to Control Anthracnose
  • Preparation YbFeO3 by Microwave Assisted Method and its Visible-Light Photocatalytic Activity
  • Cholesterol-Imprinted Receptor Using Chitosan Derivative as the Precursor
  • Stilbene Molecular Probes as Potential Materials for Bioengineering: Real Time Analysis of Antioxidants and Nitric Oxide, Immunoassay in Solution and Biomembranes Fluidity
  • The Study on the Effect of Er on the Structure and Properties of Ti/SnO2-Sb Anode Prepared by Pechini's Method
  • Preparation Technology of Pterostilbene-Cyclodextrin Inclusion and Evaluation for Release Performance
  • Optimization of Treatment Parameters on the Recycling of Used Lubricating Oil
  • Shenfouweikang Herbs Inhibit Dysplasia in Rat Chronic Atrophy Gastrititis Model
  • Electro-Catalytic Degradation of Nitenpyram Wastewater Using C/PTFE Gas Diffusion Electrode
  • Molecular Characterization of Avermectin that Bind to Rdl #946;5 GABA Receptors of House Fly
  • Conversion of Waste Paper Sludge into Heavy Metal Adsorbent Using Sulfur Impregnation
  • Evaluation of Scale Problems for Libyan Water Wells
  • Kinetics of LIS-100 Cation Exchange Resin to Remove Reaction Substrate of Non-Enzymatic Browning in Clarified Apple Juice
  • Analyses of Connected Interface Area by Pulsed DE-MIG Brazing-Welding for Aluminum-Steel Dissimilar Metals
  • The Modification of Polypropylene Hollow Fiber Membrane by Grafting with N,N'-Methylene-Bisac-Rylamide on the Surface
  • Structural Evolution and Optical Properties of TiO2 Thin Films Prepared by DC-Reactive Sputtering Technique
  • Effect of Heat Treatment on Mechanical/Metallurgical Properties of Direct Metal Laser Sintered 17-4 Precipitate Hardened Stainless Steel
  • Numerical Simulation Research on Triple Splitting Rolling Process
  • Flow Behavior and Microstructural Evolution of an As-Wrought Duplex Stainless Steel during Hot Compression Deformation
  • Tensile Properties of Processed 3D Printer ZP150 Powder Material
  • Improvement of Thermal Stability of Nickel Silicide Using Co-Sputtering of Ni and Ti on Boron Cluster Implanted Ultra-Shallow Junction for Nanoscale CMOS Technology
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of Palm Fruit Pyrolysis in a Fast Fluidized Bed Reactor
  • Production of Lightweight Ceramsite from the Yellow River Silt and its Performance Investigation in a Biological Aerated Filer (BAF) Reactor
  • The Study on the Production of Lightweight Ceramsite from the Yellow River Silt and its Performance Investigation
  • Study on Extraction Efficiency of Coal with Different Methods
  • Thermodynamic Study on the Flotation Behavior Mechanism of Apatite with Fatty Acid as Collector
  • Microstructure Evolution and Microhardness of 7075 Aluminum Alloy during Heat Treatment by Considering Hot Deformation History
  • Femtosecond Laser Nonlinear Ablation Process of Biliary Nitinol Stent for Cholangiocarcinoma
  • Processing of Ceramics and Metal Matrix Composites with Electro Discharge Machining
  • Study of Cyclic Oxidation for Copper Removal from Solid Ferrous Scrap in End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV)
  • Role of Debinding to Control Mechanical Properties of Powder Injection Molded 316L Stainless Steel
  • P-Least Squares Method of Curve Fitting
  • Intelligent Parallel Networks for Combustion Quality Monitoring in Power Station Boilers
  • Physical and Chemical Properties of the Waste Electronic Circuit Board
  • Microwave Near-Field Detection of the Ion Concentration in Sealed Fluidic Systems
  • Chemical Detection of SF6 Decomposition Products Generated by AC and DC Corona Discharges Using a Carbon Nanotube Gas Sensor
  • Solution-Based Fabrication of Carbon Nanotube Gas Sensor by Using Dielectrophoresis and Spin-Column Chromatography
  • A Father-Keeping Immune Genetic Algorithm Based Neural Network Model for Properties Prediction of Carbon Fiber