Inter Academia 2010 : global research and education ; selected, peer reviewed papers from the 9th International Conference on Global Research and Education, Inter-Academia 2010, August 9-12, 2010, Riga, Latvia /

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Meeting name:International Conference on Global Research and Education (9th : 2010 : Rīga, Latvia)
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Advanced materials research ; v. 222.
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Summary:This volume comprises a collection of papers presented at the 9th international conference on Global Research and Education, ""INTER-ACADEMIA 2010"", held from August 9th to 12th, 2010 at the Riga Technical University, Riga, Latvia. It contains 88 contributions, including 4 invited papers, from more than 10 countries. The invited papers, presented by internationally recognized experts, review the state-of-the-art and future trends in each field of research. The peer-reviewed contributions are organized under the headings of: Physics and Technology, Chemistry, Biology and Medicine, and Computer.
Other form:Print version: International Conference On Global Research and Education (9th : 2010 : Riga, Latvia). Inter Academia 2010. Durnten-Zurich : Trans Tech, ©2011 9783037850879
Table of Contents:
  • Single-Photon Detector Based on MOSFET Electrometer with Single-Electron Sensitivity
  • CZTS Monograin Powders and Thin Films
  • Defect and Structure Engineering - Submicron Technology and Inverse Nanotechnology for Photo- and Ionizing Radiation Detectors
  • Self-Organization Processes of Nanostructure Formation by Laser Radiation in Metal
  • Application of Titanium Dioxide Nanorods in DSC Using Hydrothermal Method
  • Laser-Induced Modification of the Surface State and Optical Properties of CdTe Crystals
  • Laser-Induced Doping of CdTe Crystals in Different Environments
  • The Electrodynamic Human Motion Energy Converter with Planar Structure
  • Investigation of Textile Materials for Laser Light Beam Scanning
  • "Black Silicon" Formation by Nd:YAG Laser Radiation
  • High-Resolution X-Ray Computed Tomography for Materials Research
  • Separation of Particles Employing Travelling-Wave Electrokinetic Phenomena and Inclined Gravity
  • Band Bending of n-GaP(001) and p-InP(001) Surfaces with and without Sulfur Treatment Studied by Photoemission (PES) and Inverse Photoemission Spectroscopy (IPES)
  • Applications of High-Precise Three-Dimensional Measurement System
  • A Novel Refrigerator Device Using Single-Electron Pump Applicable to SOI Wafers
  • Analysis of Electron Spin-Spin Interaction in Coupled Quantum Well
  • A New System for Real Time Measurement of Nano- and Micro Particles in Flowing Gas. Design and Calibration.
  • Laser Marking in Digital Encoding of Surfaces
  • Magnetization Peculiarities of Defects in Silicon Produced by Ni+, Co+, Fe+ Ion Implantation
  • Optical Characterization of MBE-Grown ZnO Epilayers
  • Modeling of Surface Structure Formation after Laser Irradiation
  • Design of an Electrostatics Lens of the Micro-Column Microscopes Using a Multi-Gated FEA
  • Color Calibration Method Based on Spectrally Reproduced Colors and its Application to XYZ-Type Digital Camera
  • Point Defects Generation Kinetics in the Si-SiO2 System and its Influence on the Interface Properties
  • Characterization of Resistivity of Sb2S3 Semiconductor Nanowires by Conductive AFM and In Situ Methods
  • Stimulated Emission from Wide-Gap Semiconductors
  • Kelvin Probe Force Microscope Measurement Uncertainty
  • Direct Laser Writing of Refractive Index Micro-Structures in Lithium Niobate
  • Memory Effects Based on Dopant Atoms in Nano-FETs
  • Nanostructural Control of Pt Layer on Counter Electrode for Application to Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
  • Influence of Laser Radiation on Optical Properties and Surface Structure of CdZnTe Crystal
  • Surface Functionalization of Graphene Layer-Encapsulated Magnetic Nanoparticles by Inductively Coupled Plasma
  • Stable Emission Characteristics of Low Work Function Amorphous Carbon Coated Transfer Mold Nickel Field Emitter Arrays in Harsh Environment
  • Fabrication and Performance of Photocatalytic GaN Powders
  • Thermal Neutron Detection by CdTe Detector
  • Process Analysis of Laser Welding Method with Polybutyleneterephthalate (PBT)
  • High-Efficiency SOI Photodetector Utilizing Surface Plasmon Resonance in Gold Corrugated Structure
  • Decrease of Point Defect Concentration at a Surface of ZnO/Si Heterostructure by Powerful Laser Radiation
  • Integration of Optical Fibres into Textile Products
  • Dynamic Force Sensor for In Situ Studies of Nanometer Size Contacts with Controllable Gap Potential
  • Relaxation of Resonant Excitons in CdSe Nanocrystals: Simple Variational Calculation
  • Mechanisms of Strong Photoluminescence from Si Nanocrystals
  • Coulomb-Coupled, Protein-Based Computing Arrays
  • Detection of the Nanostructures in ZnO Thin Films by Using Optical Methods
  • Comparative Study of Photoluminescence in Silicon and Zinc Oxide Nanowires
  • Development of Microclimate Regulatory Clothes
  • Influence of Impurity Band on Seebeck Coefficient in Heavily-Doped Si
  • Investigation of Adhesion Materials for Gold Line-and-Space Surface Plasmon Antenna on SOI-MOS Photodiode
  • Si-Based Single-Dopant Atom Devices
  • Fabrication of the Field Emitter Array with a Built-in Suppressor Gate
  • Random Error in Intensity Spectrum Measured with THz-TDS - No Relation to the Intensity Fluctuation of Fs-Laser
  • Preparation and Evaluation of Novel Sugar Dendritic Gd-DTPA Complexes for MRI Contrast Agents and Phospha Sugars for Anti-Tumour Agents
  • Physics of Flexible Magnetic Filaments
  • P-N Junction Formation in ITO/p-Si Structure by Powerful Laser Radiation for Solar Cells Applications
  • Optical Properties of CaYAlO4: Eu3+ Phosphors
  • Sol-Gel Derived Ferrites: Synthesis and Characterization
  • Setting Properties of Brushite and Hydroxyapatite Compound Cements
  • Recycling of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics Using Subcritical Water
  • Numerical Investigation of the Limiting Sliding Condition of Polyoxymethylene with Various Sliding Geometry
  • 3D Cone Beam Radiodensitometry in Evaluation of Hydroxyapatite (HAP)/Tissue Hybrid after Maxillary Sinus Floor Elevation
  • Comparison of Biphasic Calcium Phosphate Bioceramics Fabricated Using Different Techniques
  • Phase Transition in Niobophosphate Glass-Ceramic
  • Effect of Cooling Conditions on Nano-Sized NiFe2O4 Electrical Properties
  • Synthesis and Properties of New Glassy Molecular and Oligomer Azocompounds Suitable for Holographic Recordings
  • Synthesis of Red Luminescent Non Symmetric Styryl-4H-Pyran-4-Ylidene Fragment Containing Derivatives for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
  • Nonlinear Optical Susceptibility of Tetragonal BaTiO3
  • Investigation of the Mechanism of Polar Excitations on Frog Sciatic Nerve by Optical Stimulation
  • Medical Image Region Extraction and 3D Modeling Based on Approximating Curves
  • Lidocaine Loaded Ca/P Scaffolds for Bone Regeneration and Local Drug Delivery
  • Development of Combined Treatment of Electro-Coagulation and Flocculation for Various Types of Wastewater
  • Low Temperature Plasma Treatment for Immobilization of Biomaterials on Polymer Surface
  • Staphylococcus Epidermidis and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Adhesion Intensity on a TiO2 Ceramic in an in Vitro Study
  • Gasification and Hydrogen Production from Waste Biomass with High Pressure Superheated Steam
  • Simultaneous Determination of Absorption Coefficients for Skin and Muscle Tissues Using Spatially Resolved Measurements
  • Subdural Electrocorticogram Measurement with a Minimally-Invasive Procedure Using an SMA-Manipulated Microelectrode Array
  • Accurate and Fast Estimation of Optical Properties Using Optical Path Length and Spatially Resolved Reflectance Measurement
  • PMMA Wettability Caused by Ultraviolet Radiation
  • Multi-Camera Shooting Support System for Novices in a Compact Studio
  • On-Line Monitoring of Random Stocks of Divisible Productions in Interrelated Warehouses
  • Teaching Assembler for Mechatronics Applications
  • Sensory Device for Virtual Graffiti Creation
  • Nodal Numerical 2D Helmholtz Equation: Truncation Analysis
  • Alarm System Design Based on Cause-Effect Model
  • A Method of Conversion of some Coefficient Inverse Parabolic Problems to a Unified Type of Integral-Differential Equation
  • Cog Framework - 3D Visualization for Mobile Robot Teleoperation
  • Telemanipulation without Physical Contact in the Intelligent Space
  • Multiple-Camera Optical Glyph Tracking
  • Suitable Truncation of Room Impulse Response for Inverse Filter Design of Sound Reproduction System
  • Anytime Fuzzy Modeling
  • Propagator Method for Numerical Solution of Convective Fisher Equation