The Oxford handbook of Islamic theology /

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Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, [2016]
Description:xi, 815 pages ; 26 cm.
Series:Oxford handbooks
Oxford handbooks.
Subject:Islam -- Doctrines.
Islam -- Doctrines.
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Varying Form of Title:Islamic theology
Other authors / contributors:Schmidtke, Sabine.
Notes:Series title taken from book jacket.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Table of Contents:
  • Introduction / Sabine Schmidtke
  • Origins of kalām / Alexander Treiger
  • The early Qadariyya / Steven C. Judd
  • Jahm b. Ṣafwān (d. 128/745-6) and the 'Jahmiyya' and Ḍirār b. ʻAmr (d. 200/815) / Cornelia Schöck
  • Early Shīʻī theology / Mohammad Ali Amir-Moezzi
  • Excursus I: Christian theological thought during the first ʻAbbāsid century / Sidney H. Griffith
  • Excursus II: Ungodly cosmologies / Patricia Crone
  • The Muʻtazilite movement (I): the origins of the Muʻtazila / Racha el-Omari
  • The Muʻtazilite movement (II): the early Muʻtazilites / David Bennett
  • The Muʻtazilite movement (III): the scholastic phase / Sabine Schmidtke
  • The Shīʻī reception of Muʻtazilism (I): Zaydīs / Hassan Ansari
  • The Shīʻī reception of Muʻtazilism (II): Twelver Shīʻīs / Hassan Ansari and Sabine Schmidtke
  • The predecessors of Ashʻarism: Ibn Kullāb, al-Muḥāsibī and al-Qalānisī / Harith Bin Ramli
  • Between Cordoba and Nīsābūr: the emergence and consolidation of Ashʻarism (fourth-fifth/tenth-eleventh century) / Jan Thiele
  • Early Ibāḍī theology / Wilferd Madelung
  • Karrāmiyya / Aron Zysow
  • Scripturalist and traditionalist theology / Binyamin Abrahamov
  • Ḥanafī theological tradition and Māturīdism / Ulrich Rudolph
  • Philosophical theology / Peter Adamson
  • Ismāʻīlī theology / Daniel De Smet
  • Sufi theological thought / Martin Nguyen
  • Occasionalism / Ulrich Rudolph
  • Abū Hāshim al-Jubbāʼī's (d. 321/933) theory of 'states' (aḥwāl) and its adaption by Ashʻarite theologians / Jan Thiele
  • Theories of ethical value in kalām: a new interpretation / Ayman Shihadeh
  • Theology and logic / Khaled El-Rouayheb
  • Theology engages with Avicennan philosophy: al-Ghazālī's Tahāfut al-falāsifa and Ibn al-Malāḥimī's Taḥfat al-mutakallimīn fī l-radd ʻalā l-falāsifa / Frank Griffel
  • Twelver Shīʻī theology / Reza Pourjavady and Sabine Schmidtke
  • Zaydī theology in Yemen / Hassan Ansari, Sabine Schmidtke, and Jan Thiele
  • Handbooks in the tradition of later eastern Ashʻarism / Heidrun Eichner
  • Later Ashʻarism in the Islamic West / Delfina Serrano Ruano
  • Egypt and the later Ashʻarite school / Aaron Spevack
  • Excursus III: The Coptic and Syriac receptions of neo-Ashʻarite theology / Gregor Schwarb
  • Theology in the Ottoman lands / M. Sait Özervarlı
  • Theology in Central Asia / Nathan Spannaus
  • Theology in the Indian subcontinent / Asad Q. Ahmed and Reza Pourjavady
  • Ḥanbalī theology / Jon Hoover
  • al-Maʼmūn (r. 198/813-218/833) and the Miḥna / Nimrod Hurvitz
  • The Miḥna of Ibn ʻAqīl (d. 513/1119) and the Fitnat Ibn al-Qushayrī (d. 514/1120) / Livnat Holtzman
  • The religious policy of the Almohads / Maribel Fierro
  • Interpretations of Ashʻarism and Māturīdism in Mamluk and Ottoman times / Lutz Berger
  • Main trends of Islamic theological thought from the late nineteenth century to present times / Rotraud Wielandt
  • Striving for a new exegesis of the Qurʼān / Johanna Pink.