Call Number (LC) Title Results
Z999.C437 Charles H. Kerr Company book publishers catalogs, 1929-1945. 1
Z999.C46 2012 John James Audubon's The Birds of America : the Duke of Portland set. 1
Z999.C48 1856 Catalogue of the collection of Greek & Roman coins, early Italian medals, and medallions, &c. &c. of the late Samuel Rogers, esq. : which willl be sold by auction by Messrs. Christie & Manson, at their great room, 8, King Street, St. James's Square, on Monday, May 26th, 1856, and following day ...
Catalogue of the very celebrated collection of works of art, the property of Samuel Rogers, esq., deceased : comprising ancient and modern pictures, drawings and engravings, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman antiquities, Greek vases, marbles, bronzes, and terra-cottas, and coins : also, the extensive library, copies of Roger's poems, illustrated, the small service of plate and wine : which will be sold by auction by Messrs. Christie & Manson, at their Great Room 8, King Street, St. Jame's Square on Monday, April 28, 1856, and eighteen following days, at one o'clock precisely ...
Z999.C480 1990 Livres et manuscrits anciens, rares et précieux : catalogue publié à l'occasion du centenaire de notre librairie, 1890-1990 / 1
Z999.C482 2001 The library of Abel E. Berland / 1
Z999.C483 2003 Scientific books from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Tuesday 25 February 2003 / 1
Z999 .C64 1669 A collection of choice books in English and Latin : containing divinity, philosophy and physick with several other choice mathematical books to be sold by way of auction, or, who bids most in the city of Exon ... begining exact at two of the clock in the afternoon provided there are fourteen buyers do appear. 1
Z999 .C66 Catalogus librorum theologicorum, philologicorum, mathematicorum, &c. Dris. Stokes & aliorum : Quorum auctio habenda est Londini ad insigne Pelicani in vico vulgo dicto Little Britain, die Decemb. 1. 1685. Per Gulielmum Cooper bibliopolam.
Catalogus librorum bibliothecae viri cujusdam literati : quorum auctio habenda est Londini ad insigne Pelicani in vico vulgo dicto Little Britain, die Feb. 14 1686/7 /
Catalogus librorum medicorum tam recentiorum quàm antiquorum è regionibus vicinis nuperrimè importatorum : quorum auctio habebitur decimotertio die Julii, 1686, apud locum vulgò dicto Chlid's Coffee-house, propè parte occidentale ecclesiae S. Pauli /
Catalogus librorum theologicorum, juridicorum, [double brace] philologicorum, medicorum, &c. bibliothecæ D.D. Benj. Broeckhuysen, Philos. & Med. Doct. & aliorum : quorum auctio habenda est Londini, ad insigne Pelicani in vico vulgo dicto Little-Britain, Decembris 1, 1684 /
Catalogus librorum bibliothecæ viri cujusdam literati : quorum auctio habenda est Londini ad insigne Pelicani in vico vulgo dicto Little-Britain sextô Junii, 1681 /
Z999 .C76 1678 Books printed for William Crook at the Green Dragon without Temple-Bar. 1
Z999 .D28 On Thursday the 26 of this instant November, 1685, at the auction-house in Ave-Mary-Lane over against the Black Swan, will be exposed to sale to booksellers part of the stock of Mr. Richard Davis, bookseller of Oxford, by way of auction containing these following books ... 1
Z999 .D38 Catalogi variorum in quavis lingua & facultate insignium tam antiquorum quam recentium librorum Richardi Davis bibliopolæ. Pars secunda / 1
Z999.D455 1980 The two Russian revolutions : an exceptional collection of old and rare journals, books and pamphlets from the libraries of Leon Bernstein and Boris Souvarine. 1
Z999 .D66 1712 A catalogue of part of the library of Draper Donynge, Esq. deceas'd. : Consisting of many very valuable and uncommon books, in Greek, Latin, French, and English, of divinity, history, (law especially) several of the classicks in usum Delphini, printed at Paris, old Elzevirs, and other choice editions, well bound, and very fair: will begin to be sold at very reasonable rates (the price being put in each book) at the Rose-Tavern without Temple-bar, on Thursday next, the 17th of January, 1711/12, at nine in the morning. The sale to continue two days and no longer. Catalogues are to be had of Mr. Stokoe, against the Mews-gate; Mr. Varenne, at the Seneca's Head in the Strand; Mr. Brown, without Temple-bar; Mr. Clements, in St. Paul's Church-yard, Mr. Strahan in Cornhill, booksellers; and at the place of sale. NB. Written catalogues of the remaining part are to be seen at the place of sale. 1
Z999.E3 A catalogue of a select collection of ancient and modern books, in every branch of pleasing and useful science; and in various languages ... 1
Z999.E32 A catalogue of a very select collection of books in all languages, and every branch of literature ... 1
Z999.E44 C. Elliot's sale catalogue. 1
Z999.E64 1936 English and American first editions, autograph letters and manuscripts : including selections from the libraries of Francis K. Swartley of Philadelphia, Pa., Richard Greene Holbrook of Larchmont, N.Y., Alfred L. Bernheim of New York, N.Y., Irving S. Underhill of Buffalo, N.Y. ... : Public sale December 9, 8:15 p.m., December 10, 2:00 and 8:15 p.m. 1
Z999.F23C36 1960 Částečný seznam českých knih : září 1960 = September 1960. 1
Z999.F23C37 1922z [Catalogs issued by F. Pancner, Importer, 1922-1990] 1
Z999.F23K37 1922 Katalog českých a slovenských knih : československá literatura : ročník V, 1922-1923. 1
Z999.F23K38 1925 Katalog českých a slovenských knih : československá literatura : říjen 1924-červen 1925. 1
Z999.F23S49 1920z Seznam divadelních her. 1
Z999.F73 1760 Catalogue rangé dans un nouvel ordre, pour l'utilité des gens de lettres : contenant des livres françois, italiens, latins, &c. : qui se trouve chez les Freres Reycends, et Guibert, libraires sur le coin de ruë Neuve à Turin. 1
Z999.F74 1786 Catalogo poligrafico dei libri italiani, spagnuoli, portoghesi, inglesi e tedeschi : che si trovano presso li Fratelli Reycends, librai in Torino ed in Milano disposto per ordine alfabetico a comodo de' letterati e negozianti. 1
Z999.G38 Bibliotheca Gersdorfio-Zinzendorfiana / 1
Z999 .G44 Catalogus librorum in omni facultate & linguæ ex variis partibus Europæ allatorum / 1
Z999.G47 Auktion. 1
Z999.G546 1996 James Joyce : books and manuscripts / 1
Z999.G655 G6 1919 Goodspeed's catalogues of prints. third series. 1
Z999 .G748 1989 Books and manuscripts from the library of Sir Gore Ouseley, orientalist and diplomat. 1
Z999.G9130 Guida al libro d'antiquariato e d'amatore : repertorio bibliografico contenente la descrizione dei volumi antichi, rari o di pregio, rilevati sui cataloghi delle principali librerie antiquarie italiane ed accompagnati dalle relative valutazioni / 1
Z999.H132 1991 Three medieval manuscripts from the eighth to the tenth century. 1
Z999.H32 Catalogue d'une partie des livres de la bibliothèque de Madame Veuve Honoré de Balzac; livres a figures du XVIIe siécle: belles relivres anciennes; nombreux manuscrits et édition originale de l'oeuvre de Balzac dont la vente aura lieu ... les mardi 25 et mercredi 26 avril 1882 ... 1
Z999.H36 [Catalogue] / 1
Z999 .H36 1702 Catalogus variarum facultatum linguarumq, librorum, quorum auctio in platea dicta Compagnie-Strœde in Ædibus Viduæ beati Hamstenii, vulgo Krantzen, habebitur d. 16 Octobris, ao. 1702. 1
Z999.H38 Auktion. 1
Z999.H444 1987 Rare books and manuscripts : from the 14th to the 20th century. 1
Z999.H7 Livres anciens et modernes, manuscrits et imprimés, dessins, reliures, carte nautique, globe terrestre de Coronelli. 1
Z999 .I86 Isseidō kosho mokuroku. 1
Z999 .I864 1993 Kotenseki zenpon tenji sokubaikai mokuroku : Isseidō Shoten sōgyō kyūjisshūnen kinen. 1
Z999.K6 Kosŏ tʻongsin. 1
Z999.K85 1995 Kunst : Malerei, Architektur, Skulptur : 9200 Titel / 1
Z999.L1B5 1827 Bibliotheca histrionica. A catalogue of the theatrical and miscellaneous library of Mr. John Field, in which are contained several interesting specimens of the early drama ... 1
Z999 .L38 Catalogus librorum instructissim bibliothec nobilis cujusdam Scoto-Britanni in quavis lingua & facultate insignium : quibus adjicitur figurarum manu-delineatarum, nec non tabularum re incisarum per celeberrimos artis chalcographic magistros collectio refertissima : quorum auctio habenda est Londini, ad insigne Ursi in Vico (vulgo dicto) Ave-Mary-Lane, prope Ludgate-street, octavo die Aprilis, 1689 /
Bibliotheque de feu [sic] monseigneur le duc de Lauderdale, ou, Catalogue de livres choisis es langues Francoise, Italienne & Espagnole : recueillis par ses soins & avec de grandes depenses, dans lequel se trouvent plusieurs ouvrages de l'histoire, l'antiquitié, l'architecuture, la geographie, viz. cartes, mappes mondes, &c. comme aussi quantité de traitez de medailles, & enfin sur tous autres sujects curieux : les dits livres seront vendus à l'enchére le Mecredy 14 jour de May, 1690 à Sam's Coffee-house, dans la rue qui s'appelle Ave-Mary-Lane proche Ludgate-street.
The English part of the library of the late Duke of Lauderdale : being a catalogue of choice English books in divinity, history, geography, law, poetry and miscellany, all curiously bound and gilt on the back, many in turkey leather, and of the large papers : which will be sold by auction at Sams Coffee-House in Ave-Mary-Lane near Ludgate-Street, on Tuesday, May 27, 1690, at three of the clock in the afternoon, and so to continue daily till all be sold.
Catalogus variorum librorum in linguis & facultatibus omnigenis insignium : sive bibliotheca instructissima doctissimi cujusdam generosi nuperrime defuncti : cui præsigitur bibliorum polyglotton D. Ducis Lauderdaliensis [tou makaeitou] sylloge illustrissima, inter quæ celeberrimum illud Sixti V ponif. Romanis exemplar in Vaticano excusum præcipue eminet : quorum auction habebitur apud Tom's Coffee-House juxta Ludgate die Jovis 26 Martii hora tertia post meridiem.
Z999 L38 Bibliotheca selectissima : diversum librorum, viz. theologicorum, philologicorum, historicum, mathemat. & c ... quorum auctio habebitur Londini, in dibus nigri cygus ex adyerfo australis porticus ecclesi cathed. paulin in cmiterin D. Paul, 18 die April, 1687 / 1
Z999.L38 1689 Catalogus librorum instructissimae bibliothecae doctissimi cujusdam equitis : in plurimis linguis & facultatibus insignium: qiobis adjicitur figurarum manu-delineatarum, nec non tabularum aere incisarum nobiliss. dom. maitland, per celeberrimos artis chalcographicae coryphaeos collectio secunda. Quorum auctio habebitur Londini, ad insigne ursi in vicodicto Ave-Mary Lane, prope Ludgatestreet, vicesimo octavo die Octobris, 1689 / 1
Z999 .L44 A Catalogue of the library of choice books, Latin and English, of ... Dr. Richard Lee of Kings-Hatfield in Hartfordshire, deceased : which will be exposed (to sale by way of auction, or out-cry, or who bids most) at the Parsonage-house in Hatfield, on Tuesday the 28th day of April, 1685. 1
Z999.L47 1996 The inventory of Ralph Geoffrey Newman, Inc. : as well as important and significant items from the private collection of Mr. Ralph Geoffrey Newman, Chicago, Illinois. 1
Z999 .L48 Bibliopolii Littleburiani. Pars quarta : continens philologos, poetas, oratores, philosophos, criticos &c., Græcos, Romanos, recentiores : quorum &c. auctio habebitur die Lunæ XV Martii, apud Tom's Coffee-House prope Ludgate / 1
Z999.L587 1946 Catalogue de très beaux livres : manuscrits à miniatures, incunables, livres du XVIe siècle, très belles reliures. 1
Z999.L85 1816 A catalogue of an extensive collection of old books, generally in unexceptionable condition, in the ancient and modern languages and various classes of literature, in which are included numerous articles of great rarity and value. 1
Z999.M2 A catalogue of Maggs catalogues 1918-1968. 1
Z999.M24 1923 Important and valuable books : historical, biographical and literary, with a supplement of books on printing, bibliographies, etc. / 1
Z999.M25 1930 Bibliotheca incunabulorum; a collection of books from one hundred towns illustrating the art & development of printing in the fifteenth century. 1
Z999.M35 Catalogue of the library of Philips van Marnix van Sint-Aldegonde : sold by auction (July 6th), Leiden, Christophorus Goyot, 1599 / 1
Z999 .M37 Bibliotheca Massoviana, sive, Catalogus variorum librorum in quavis lingua & facultate præ-cæteris excellentium : e Gallis in Angliam nupperrime advectorum : quos cum ingenti sumptu & summa cura variis temporibus & a diversis regionib. Europæ sibi procuravit doctissimus Massovius, consiliarius quondam Parliamenti mont-peliensis : quorum auctio habebitur Londini in ædibus Nigri Signi ex adverso australis porticus exxlesiæ cathedralis Paulinæ in cæmeriterio D. Pauli primo die Februarii 1687/8 / 1
Z999.M378 1929 Books. 1
Z999.M38 1934 Rare books in English literature. 1
Z999.M43 La cote internationale des livres et manuscrits. 1
Z999 .M43 A catalogue of English books in divinity, humanity, philology, history &c. of Mr. Charles Mearne's, late bookseller to His Majesty : which will be exposed to sale by auction at Richard's Coffee-House in Fleetstreet, near the Middle-Temple Gate on Thursday the 17th day of this instant Februay 1686/7 / 1